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1998 World Cup, Orlando Florida
October 25 update 

Aftershock wins pro 10 man.  Jax Warriors win back to back 5 Man World Cup championships!  Brass Eagle takes 2nd in Amateur A!

In the 5 player competition Avalanche took first place Pro, with The Jacksonville Warriors winning the Amateur A title.  Car-Fonics took first place in Amateur B.  Team Brass Eagle is ecstatic with their first appearance in the finals - pulling 2nd in Amateur A. 

10 Man Coverage - Aftershock regains their status with a first place win in the Professional Division. Fusion took the Amateur A title for the event with Outta Control finishing up with the event Amateur B honors.

Weasel pops the question
Bob Long's Ironmen took series overall Championships in the Professional Division, OBR was the overall Amateur A champs while Outta Control took overall in Amateur B.  During the awards ceremony, the Ironmen doused their captain with champagne.  "Weasel" took advantage of the spotlight to make a marriage proposal to his girlfriend who immediately accepted.

The much awaited Robbo vs. Oh one on one challenge has been postponed by mutual agreement until the Vegas NPPL 99.  It seems Robbo was a little too busy winning the tournament with Aftershock to have time for the challenge match. 

Click the link on the left for the full score breakdown.

Equipment Standards

 1998 has seen some changes in what kind of gear is allowed at NPPL events. At the Portland event insurance restrictions did not allow the Shocker Turbo mode or Reactive Trigger function of the Automag RT. Portland was also the first NPPL event to allow no cutting of the masks. For the World Cup, the tournament rules have been modified to allow paintguns which enhance firing rates beyond individual "intentional" pulls of the trigger, as long as they are not full-automatics and do not fire more than 8.75 shots per second. All goggle/masks used must be brands/models which have been tested by independent laboratories to verify that they conform to the ASTM standard. They may not be cut down. See the complete wording of the rule modifications here at the official World Cup Homepage.  While at previous events, and at present, Scott maintains that their internal tests indicate that their goggles and masks comply fully with the ASTM standards, independent lab tests were not completed prior to the tournament, so their goggles were not allowed on the field.  In order to minimize the inconvenience to sponsored teams and customers, Marty Tripes from Scott supplied teams and players who normally wear Scott products with JT Spectra goggle systems. 

New Location, New Look

In years past, the World Cup has consisted of game fields at Paintball World, and arena (Hyperball, Sup'Air, etc.) style fields and vendors tents next door at "Old Town".  This year, Tournament promoter Jerry Braun has moved all facilities into Paintball World, clearing sections of forest, and building new fields.  According to NPPL prize coordinator Jim Anderson, the move made a lot of financial sense.  Any improvements to the Old Town location were temporary, while moving everything to Paintball World means that the site can be built and improved upon year after year.  Like 1997, the 98 Cup fields consist of jungle fields, a Hyperball field, and an improved Sup'Air Ball field.  The newly improved Sup'Air system, which was also featured at this year's Zap International Masters uses cloth air hoses and electric blowers to provide constant inflation to all of the field's bunkers. For the 10 player competition, the Sup'Air field was moved out onto the grass behind Old Town providing a larger field layout. 

Vendors arriving in style

The main vendors tent housed the majority of the tournament's sponsoring vendors.  Familiar companies like Air America, Airgun Designs, KAPP, Warrior Sports Gear, Palmer's Pursuit Shop, Smart Parts, Planet Paintball and others showed their products.  There were also some new faces as well.  The Online Paintball Network had a PC system running Headgame's software's new paintball video game, and Pearce Grips displayed their 3 piece 45 grip system and composite molded 45 frames.  In their own tent next door, Brass Eagle was living in luxury.  Under the power of a massive diesel generator, their yellow and white stripe tent was fully air conditioned.  It offered a break from the heat for visitors, members of Team Brass Eagle, and Brass Eagle sponsored teams.  A key item on display was Brass Eagle's new paint.  While Brass Eagle brand paint has been on the market for years, it is now actually manufactured by Brass Eagle rather than contracted.  The "glitter shell" paint has a rougher exterior than most paintballs, which may have some aerodynamic advantages by creating turbulence to disrupt the boundary layer of drag behind the ball.  It certainly is worth investigating.  Brass Eagle was not the only new paint making a splat at the tournament. Diablo from Procaps was visible everywhere.  The wildly painted Diablo semi trailer drew a lot of attention.  PMI Distributing brought a semi full of RP Scherer which had a tent of their products along side.  The main feature there was the Piranha semi-auto, a rear-cocking blowback paintgun made in the US with an MSRP of $150.   Nearby JT's new 5th wheel trailer was decked out in very colorful graphics.  John Gregory, and Chuck Hendsch (who recently joined the JT team) provided gear and goggles to players out of the back.  Between the Hyperball and Sup'Air fields, DYE Precision's tent was set up with cool zone fans for players and cool barrels and gear for them to view.

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