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World Cup NPPL 1998 - Photo Gallery
 Photos by Dawn Mills

Pete Robinson of Aftershock vs. Primal Fear - BL Ironmen & Cougars reffing

Avalanche vs. Ton Ton Flingueurs


Bob Long's Ironmen & Ground Zero  reffed

Team Aftershock - First Place Pro Division - 10 man

Team Avalanche - First Place Pro Division - 5 man

More Avalanche vs Ton Tons

Team Brass Eagle - 2nd Place - 5 man Am!  A new beginning for the company backed team.

Bob Long's Ironmen - First Place overall Champs of the 1998 NPPL series

Diablo Factory Team

KAPP Factory Team vs Diablo Factory Team


Bob Long's Men and Ground Zero reffed this game - Oh got smart with the big hat.

Far East Dragon telling his team where NRG was hiding.

Far East vs. Shock Command

Farside vs. Jacksonville Warriors

Farside peeking

Grab the flag and run!

Jax Warrior coming to get him

Slide into the bunker

Farside vs Lockout on Sup Air Ball

He's asking, "Is he right there?" 

Team First Class - the Captain of the team has a tux shop.

Far East Dragons vs NRG

Team Fusion - First Place - 10 man Amateur

Grassy Knoll Gunmen vs Guns of Paradise

Grassy Knoll Gunmen

Ground Zero w/ Billy Ceranski from Aftershock 2nd Place - 5 man Pro

Image vs. Addicted

NWC & Lockout reffing

Diving for cover - surprise!

Image - 4th Place - 10 man Pro

Image - 3rd Place - 5 man Pro

Ironmen's Billy Wing takes on Rage

KAPP Factory team vs Addicted

This guy is a snap shooting diety - got his gun up on target but covered in his bunker...then

WHAM!  Leans out, takes the shot and ducks back in.

KAPP bunkers an Addicted player.

Montero vs First Class

Montero is from Columbia

Ref watches First Class player

Micah McGlockin and me - old friends.
Photo by KAPP Factory team member

Team Naughty Dogs brought along a cute support staff.

Team Naughty Dogs - 2nd Place in 10 man Amateur - good job guys - the GWS taught you well.

Outta Control - 1st Place 10 man Am B

Outta Control also took Overall Champs of the 1998 Am B series.

Personal Vendetta vs Camp Tigers

A Camp Tiger from France

Camp Tigers used the Hyperball field to the best advantage.

New mid-range semi auto - the Piranha - from PMI

Rebellion - 5th Place - 10 man Am B

Rich Telford prepares to set the game time

Rod from AGD with is custom Automag.
Photo by Bill Mills

Turbulence vs Constant Pursuit - Red from Redz Comfort Packs squeegies his 'gun.

Constant Pursuit

Ton Ton Flingueurs - no codes for these guys - their French confuses the teams enough!

Ultimate Force vs Diamond Dogs

Jacksonville Warriors - 1st Place - 5 man Amateur

Washington Reign vs Red Fox

Raining on the Russians

Weasel from Bobby's Ironmen proposed - she said yes.

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