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Product testing performed with DraXxus Paintballs

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Infinity Legend
by Bill Mills - Photos by Dawn Mills - April 2007

Overview - How It Works - Disassembly - Testing - Raw Test Data


Field stripping the Legend is fast and easy, and consists simply of pulling up and back on the link pin to remove the bolt.

Further disassembly starts by removing the rubber grip. Four screws secure it in place. It should be noted for reassembly, that the upper pair of screws are shorter than the lower.

The 9-volt battery can be removed from the grip frame and unplugged from its connector.

With the marker completely degassed and unloaded, the barrel may be removed, and a hex wrench used to unscrew the rear grip frame screw.

After a few turns, the rear screw will have backed out of the ram housing. The complete ram assembly and mainspring can be removed out the back of the receiver at this point.

The front grip frame screw must also be removed so that the grip frame may be separated from the receiver. Somewhat fragile wiring will connect the receiver to the grip frame at this point, so care must be taken. The solenoid valve will come out with the body, since they are connected by hoses. It should be noted that the solenoid valve is not actually mounted to any part of the Legend, it is simply suspended by the hoses that link it to the front block and QEV – this allows for a fairly wide variety of replacement solenoid valve shapes to be used.

The solenoid's two wires must be disconnected from the circuit board, be separating its two-pin connector. A pair of similar connectors link the wires for the anti-chop eye system. These are also easily disconnected.

Care should be taken to separate the connector bodies, rather than pulling on the wires as the latter may pull the wires out of their connectors. The pairs of wires are color coded, so that they will not be confused during reassembly.

With the receiver free of the grip frame the hose between the solenoid valve and the QEV can be unplugged from either end. Then a small hex-head screw can be removed from the bottom front of the receiver to unlock the front block.

The front block slides out allowing the valve spring, cup seal and valve pin to be removed and inspected. A final hex-head screw, located between the bottoms of the two eye covers.

Removing this allows the valve body to be accessed. A non-marring object (a wooden dowel, plastic pen, or any long slender tool soft enough to not scratch the aluminum body) can be used to slide the valve body out in either direction – though the front is easiest as there is less distance.

Removing the eye covers and eye components, and sliding the Wicked Air Sports circuit board out of its billet machined mounts is all that remains for complete disassembly of the Legend.

Assembly is achieved in the reverse order. The valve must be inserted, and pushed into place, being careful that its larger face is towards the front, and the smaller of its two side holes lines up with the screw hole in the bottom of the receiver, where its lock screw secures it.

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