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Smart Parts


Product Testing performed with DraXxus Paintballs

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Smart Parts' Vibe
by Bill Mills - Photos by Dawn Mills - Aug 2008


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Disassembly of the Vibe begins with removing the bolt, which comprises the valve system.

paintball vibe disassembly cleaningWith the marker unloaded and degassed, a hex-wrench is used to unscrew the bolt sleeve from the rear of the marker.



paintball vibe bolt sleeve lubeThe bolt sleeve is lifted out, and the bolt can be pushed out from the front, or gripped gently from the back and removed. For those with short fingers a soft, non-marring tool like a chopstick can be used to push the bolt out from the front.

paintball vibe greaseThe bolt will bring the bolt stop out with it.

When removed the parts of the valve system can be cleaned and inspected, the body can be cleaned with a swab having access to go straight through. After a light lubrication with Smart Parts' recommended grease, SL33K, the three parts go back in the reverse of the way they came out.

paintballIon, SP-8 and Epiphany owners who have ever had the frustration of re-assembling their marker, only to find out that the body breech didn't line up with the grip frame for the very last screw to go back into place because their bolt stop went back in backwards will be happy to know that such a mistake is impossible with the Vibe. The bolt stop is the same on both sides, so it can't go in backwards.

painball vibe internalsThat's it. Since removing the bolt takes out the whole valve system, that is all the disassembly that Smart Parts explains in the Vibe's printed manual. In fact, the company recommends against further disassembly, due to the risk of damage if done improperly.


But we looked a little further inside.

paintball vibe max flo rThe Max-Flo R vertical regulator is easily removed by taking the bottom line ASA off of its wedge mount, and unscrewing the regulator. A small mesh screen sits in the Vibe's vertical ASA, acting as a filter to protect the solenoid valve. Care must be taken not to bend or kink this screen when reinstalling the regulator.

Although not covered in the Vibe's multi-language instruction sheet, Smart Parts has a separate downloadable manual for the Max Flo R regulator available on their web site, which provides instructions on disassembly and maintenance.

paintball vibeDisassembly of the remainder of the Vibe is straightforward. It begins by opening the grip and removing the 9-volt battery. It is worth noting, that like the Ion, a weak battery can prevent the Vibe from opening its solenoid valve long enough to create a full-velocity shot, or a shot at all. Firing one good shot, and then weak or non-firing shots immediately after is a sure sign of a weak battery. Smart Parts recommends the use of brand-name alkaline batteries or their Lithium Polymer rechargeables.

paintball vibe disassemblyTwo grip frame screws connect the grip frame to the receiver. Taking care not to catch the battery cable in the grip frame, the grip frame can be removed from the body by simply sliding it off.


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