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"This is all about choices" "player appreciation"

In Reply to: dec. player appreciation game posted by on June 16, 2004 at 20:44:44:

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Posted by:
"Viper Paintball Scenarios"

on June 18, 2004 at 12:40:21

I mention those two quotes because they have a direct bearing on this suggestion...

"Player appreciation" implies a reward for the players. Yet you mention the word "choices" which implies one OR the other. "One or the other" is not a is a predicament.

Now, think about this. Most scenario events are "Event paint only." Wayne's Grand Finale is no exception.

Combine these facts and you come to one obvious conclusion...If you want to be the good guy, reward the players, not step on toes, and REALLY give the players something extra why not have the event the weekend AFTER the Finale?

This accomplishes many things:
* You don't appear to be purposely thumbing your nose at a respected scenario director, and the guy who started this whole "scenario production" thing (You look good)

* You actually give the players a reward as opposed to perplexing them with a choice. You give them TWO weekends of fun (The players are happy)

* They will have somewhere to burn paint left over from the Finale (Another REAL reward for the players)

Some players love Wayne, some don't. But the fact remains that players want to play....ALOT. If you appreciate them why not give them another chance to play? If you're not focused on profit following him won't hurt you. If you want to truly reward the players this will save them money AND give them and EXTRA game.

Win/win? It sounds that way.

(I rarely post here anymore. There are too many trolls who will shoot anyone here down to feed their low self-esteem. However, I thought that this was a worthwhile suggestion, so I violated my self-imposed exile and posted it. So all you trolls, have fun. Push all the buttons and make all the snide remarks that have ruined this forum. I won't be replying. If you have a response/opinion about this suggestion email me.)

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