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Re: So?

In Reply to: posted by on June 09, 2004 at 09:56:50:

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Posted by:

on June 09, 2004 at 11:17:29

The distance between Wayne's World and Low Country Paintball, is between 150-175 miles.

The impressions one gets when hearing this bit of gossip, is first, to question its veracity or accuracy. Second, would be to understand that Ben's and Wayne's partnership did not end on amicable terms. I have talked to both of them since the split, and both camps say the other is dirty, rotten, no good, and low down, and those are their GOOD points.

Next, this information was released for a reason. Or was it? It could be 100% true. It could be someone out there with a big paddle, trying to stir the pot, and create even more emnity than there already is.

Since Ben is the one accused of dropping his event on top of Wayne's, one must ask "Is Ben capable of doing this?" To get the answer to that one, you have to know Ben, and what motivates him. I have my own opinions, but I have not gotten to retirement yet, and so, will refrain from making any comment on that particular point until after 31 July.

Next, if your answer to the question is "No, Ben is not capable of doing this," then you forget about it, and ignore any future posts on the matter. If the answer is "Yes," then the next question, would be "Why?"

I've often said that producers who put on events within 200 miles of another, similar event, need to have their heads examined. Both events get hurt, and it's a lousy business decision. One must remember, that the object of producing a tournament, big game, or scenario game, is to make money. That's the bottom line. Would PMI put its Pure Energy Series, or would Bullseye Paintball Productions put its Southeast Regionals, on the same weekend as the World Cup? C'mon, folks, that's not rocket science.

The smart producer is going to schedule his game for a time and place that affords him the best opportunity to attract the greatest number of players. If he does anything else, he's either dumber than a crate of hammers, or has some ulterior motive.

Thus, since the Grand Finale is established, and will attract at least 1400, and possibly as many as 2000, dumping another game on the same weekend, 170 miles away, does not make fiscal sense. Wayne's numbers might come down from last year's 1700 +, but probably not significantly. His game is still going to be a big draw, and there's little or nothing that will change that.

Ben may be a lot of things, but one thing he is not, is stupid. He knows damn well that he'll take a financial hit if he schedules a game the same weekend as the Grand Finale, 170 miles away, especially if he offers free admission. If he does, he'll get the "Wayne haters," and others that would not attend Wayne's game anyway. And he'll get the locals who don't want to travel. After that, maybe a few who would come just out of curiosity. But I would be surprised if such a game drew more than 175-250 paid, and if Wayne's numbers were off by more than five percent from last year, because of it.

Opinions are cheap, and there you have mine. To recap, the probability of Ben holding a game at Low Country Paintball, 170 miles from the Grand Finale, on the same weekend, is small, for two reasons: First, it's a dumb business decision, and second, the people at Low Country Paintball have been coming to Wayne's events for years, and are on good terms. I don't think they would want to jeopardize that.

But, I could be wrong.


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