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1999 Zap Masters
October 7-10
Nashville, TN

Team High Voltage (Novice) & Team Surge (Amateur) win 5 Man!!

Gunmen-TH (Novice) & TBA-F (Amateur) win 3 Man!!

Ultra Ego (Novice) & Nemesis (Amateur) win 7 Man!!

Team Xtreme wins Young Guns!!

The 1999 Zap Masters is underway.  Thursday saw the first games of the 5 player competition, as well as the first round of Top-Gun games.  The action occurred under clear skies and with mild temperatures.  The vendor's tent was packed with exhibitors from amongst the event sponsors.  Outside, under separate tents were some of the major sponsors including Zap, Scott, Tippmann, and National Paintball Supply.

A little over a year ago, National Paintball Supply of New Jersey outfitted a semi with player support equipment, and covered the outside with distinctive graphics that broadcast to the world that it was headed to a paintball event.  In essence it is a rolling billboard for the sport.  The idea certainly caught on.  At the Masters, players wandered between the National truck, Scott's bus, the JT-USA trailer, Extreme Rage's truck, and National Paintball Supply South Carolina's three trucks which supported their own pavilion tent and sponsored race cars from the Genesis Racing team.  At NPS South's display the new Automag Z body was catching a fair amount of attention.  This milled aluminum body accepts Automag internals, and an Autococker style barrel.  It features an adjustable rubber nubbin that imparts a backspin on the paintball in order to develop a flatter trajectory.

Tippmann's tent which included their pop-up target town unveiled the year before, also was marked by their now famous hell-hound, an off-road buggy with pneumatic paint grenade catapult and 10 barrel gatlin gun.  The Tippmann Challenge booth had a long enclosed shooting range where players could try their paintguns side by side with the Tippmann Flatshot backspin system to see the performance advantages it provides. 

The teams hit the fields under the lights at night for the 3 player competition, and played into the night.

Friday saw the completion of the 5 man, with Team Surge of Colorado edging out Adrenalin for first place Amateur, while High Voltage took top honors for the Novice Division.

Friday night the rain came and continued ranging from a light drizzle to a mild downpour.  The constant flow of water meant mud everywhere, and the event staff kept pace with fresh bales of hay in the vendor's tent and main stage tent, keeping the floor's walkable. 

Unique Pro-Gear's new mascot, a tiny baby aligator snapping turtle measuring no more than two inches across its back surfaced through the mud to greet visitors.

This event has seen a return of the WDP Tech Theatre in which Angel designer John Rice gave multimedia presentations on how the Angel works, how to diagnose and repair Angel problems, and the new features of the Angel LCD and Angel Air systems.

Paintball Junkies who made their paintball debut at the Zap Amateur Open had their new clothing lines for men and women on or off field.  They're gearing up to put on quite a show at World Cup.

Mike Cassady of Component Concepts manned his booth full of phantoms.  He was pleased that the first day's Top Gun Winner, Mike Abbot, managed to overcome Angels, Cockers and Mags with a super-stock Phantom pump.

Both Mike Wood, and Bruce Gillette from Air Star demonstrated the Nova 700, Super Nova, and the ET SuperNova with its light electronic trigger.

As usual the techno music was pounding out of both the Bad Boyz Toyz and Extreme Rage booths, a few items flew across the tent.  Footballs, loaders and other tossables kept people looking overhead.  Fortunately with the damp weather the squirtguns stayed home.

At the AKALMP booth, the usual low pressure accessories were on display, but the item turning a lot of heads was the Excalibur.  A working prototype of this new closed bolt, low pressure, electropneumatic paintgun demonstrated its light trigger pull and high rate of fire.

The crew from P8NT magazine displayed their two most recent issues, and the P8NT creature.  In a new tradition, editor Chris Hass is picking up a plastic toy monster at each event.  This time it was a cyborg-gorilla.

Redz comfort packs arrived Friday night, with their accessory line, and were across from Warrior Sports gear's t-shirts gear bags and soft goods. 

Nearby Kingman International displayed the new editions of the Spyder Compact and Spyder TL - both featuring double triggers with trigger guards.  They also had prototypes of Spyders with billet milled 45 frames and slick glossy finishes that are being considered for production.

PMI's booth displayed the PMI Piranha in various configurations, as well as samples of the plethora of supplies they have available to dealers and field owners.

Pro Team Products and Benchmark took the South end of the tent.  ProTeam unveiled new splash anodizing patterns for their f/x custom paintguns, and Benchmarks displayed a new cocker grip frame with integrated beaver tail and an inexpensive and hard to loose air fill nipple cap.

Distributor and manufacturer ACI showed their product line including some of the new fill stations for both compressed air and CO2.  Nearby Exotic Sportz had a table with thier new barrel "Your Ugly Stick"  -  20 inches of steel and aluminum for 'cockers, 'mags and Spyders.

The Palmer's Pursuit booth had father and son, Glenn and Craig with their custom built paintguns, airsmithing work, and production Blazers.

Across from them Charlie, "Happy" Holton of intense marketing had his usual collection of new and used goodies for the player. 

Indian Creek Design had a full staff, and looking on the fields, the popularity of their Bushmaster 2000 is increasing. 

Airgun Designs techs Brad and Rod provided the free tournament tech service AGD customers have come to expect.  We also had a sneak peek, dryfiring a new prototype from AGD.  Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

At the Worr Games Products booth, Jeff Orr provided personal tech support, and displayed the new STO Autocockers, as well as 'cocker custom body kits.  Bud Orr made appearences in the booth throughout the weekend.

Diablo Direct's staff showed their product line which is quickly growing to include more than paintballs.  Wait til you see what's coming.

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