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Re: Choices..

In Reply to: posted by on June 15, 2004 at 07:56:48:

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Posted by:

on June 16, 2004 at 11:05:25

Yeh Dave - I hear ya... it's no fun when two interesting sales get scheduled on the same day either :( I mean, when I have to choose between 'Buy 1/ Get 1' and 'Two For the Price of One'---------- MAN!! It is SO frustrating!!!

Man Dave - YOU are lucky! Being able to afford flying around the country AND play paintball?!? Are you a lawyer or something? Are you single?

I think WarPig needs to start a new Forum just for the RICH paintball players. Maybe you're just not in the right Forum here, Dave, for people to hear ya and be able to relate. They could call it 'Ritchin' & Bitchin', or something like that. What say you about this?

For me, it is about the money... I want the BEST of everything I can get for my dollars spent. Now that's an idea! Why can't WalMart, Winn Dixie, Publix, and others post their sales a year in advance?? That way, I could save my pennies found in the couch cushions, recycle all my aluminum cans and newspapers, sell my old clothes, have my son visit his relatives in LA and TN to mow their lawns, and have enough time to convince all three of my kids that they should tithe to their mother. THAT way, I'd have probably just enough money to hit an extra sale or two!

Unfortunately, Dave --- it IS about choices. Why can't life, paintball, and grocery stores work the way WE want them to? It is just not FAIR!! Let me ask you something, Dave... are you as familiar with psych hospitals as I am? Can you relate to "Nothing could be finer, than a Thorazine Mainliner ..." ?

Oh - by the way - I did see WarWagon Paul just the other day at PUBLIX!! (traitor!) He was there for the '.50 cents off a pound of grapes' sale.. he says grapes are cheaper than paintballs these days and they don't break as often (especially when frozen). He was just a little ticked because the sale only applied to the 'seedless variety,' and he had planned on growing his own, so he could cut his paintball expenses further :(
So I guess we'll be seeing Paul soon at the hospital..

: well could be i want to do both i travel the country to play games not everyone can do that but i have the frequent flyer miles to take advantage of this -- its no fun when two interesting games get scheduled on same day
: good example is black cats corn maze game its always same weekend as grand finale so i dont go --- now his game is 1500 miles away from florida and is limited in players --- game in south ga there is good chance i could go -- but i dont want to miss the screncio event of the year to do it

: so while i have no issues with other games i am not impressed when they run the same dates -- form my point of view it limits my options they may have a screncio i like or a location i want to go to and i have to make a choice to quote your example -- publix and kash and kary are open hours that i could go to both thier sales -- i dont have to choose one or the other if i have the money to spend i can visit both since they provide hours of operation that allow me to do that --

: thats my issue here -- provide hours of operation that allow me to take advandage -- not force me to decide

: i will say this about waynes games

: he posts early in the year a schedule nationwide (pacman also does this) that lets me plan both air travel time off from work and money to go to events

: in my opinion the promotor that schedules an event within 200 miles of another on the same weekend makes a bad business decision

: on the war wagon -- i havent seen paul and the war wagon since the ft myers games that duncan ran last year before paintball park closed

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