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  New Products from the 1998 Zap Amateur Open

 Between the industry conference and the trade show booth at the tournament, a number of new products made their debuts. 


Air Concepts Industries ACI has been making paintball products for years, though only more recently have they been marketing them under their own name (they manufacture products for other companies). The F4 Illustrator and the Zero Gravity barrels are two of their best known products. Now, they have combined the accuracy of the Zero Gravity barrel with patterned anodizing for a product that is very visually appealing. The Graffiti barrels have eye catching graphic designs anodized onto them. Because it is anodized, it does not suffer the chipping or flaking associated with painted or dipped pattern graphics. The hard anodized finish is actually harder than stainless steel. The Graffiti barrels are currently into production, and ACI sponsored Outsiders put them to use at the tournament ACI's Greg Sullivan says that in addition to the first patterns, they plan to release a new pattern about once a month. Dealers can contact ACI or their distributors for more information. 


Xtreme Paintball  The ProMag 600 feed system from Xtreme Paintball has been a few years in the making. Sgt. Splatter fans will be tempted to call it the Auto-Lotto-Balls. Using a proprietary ball sensor system, the ProMag feeder detects the absence of a paintball at the feed port of the paintgun, then unleashes a burst of compressed air (from the self-contained compressed air system) to carry a steady supply of paintballs from the backpack, down the hose, to the paintgun. In a demonstration at the Zap Am Open shooting range, several hundred paintballs were fired through the system even with the paintgun held upside down. There is no scheduled release date or pricing, as Xtreme Paintball is negotiating with various manufacturers at this time. 


ADCO The HotShot represents a new step in the ADCO line in-between the Imp the Vision 2000. The design is very similar to the Imp, but the reflective lens is substantially larger, providing a greater field of view which means faster target acquisition. Also, the Hot Shot comes with another important feature - a solid warranty. Unlike other ADCO sights, the Hot Shot is warranted against any type of damage, including paintball. According to ADCO rep Al DaPoli, "They can drop it out of a helicopter, or run it over with a tank, and send it back with $8 for shipping and handling, and we'll replace it." Dealers can contact ADCO directly, or their distributor for more information. 


USA Performance Products USA Performance Products is stepping out with their VXT product line. While initially marketing their VXT accessories, like the 45 grip frame and bottom line system for their Viper M1 semi-auto, they are expanding to accessorize other paintguns as well. A number of the VXT products already fit other paintguns, and the new Icebox is specifically built for the Brass Eagle Rainmaker. Designed by WARPIG webmaster Bill Mills, the icebox replaces the factory regulator and allows after market regulators such as the Unireg, Stabilizer, or MightyMax as the main regulator. Expected to ship in late August retail pricing has not been set. Dealers can contact USA Performance Products for more information on the icebox. Also new from USA Performance are VXT barrels for the Viper M1, in 12" and 14" lengths featuring straight line porting, micro honed interior and hard anodized Teflon(R) finish. 


Air Star The Nova 700 is one of the handful of paintguns which can truly claim to be made of a unique design. Its valve system is not based on any existing paintguns, but rather on industrial pneumatic concepts. With an expansion chamber and regulator integrated into the receiver, the Nova 700 feeds very low pressure gas (95 psi) into a fixed volume chamber. The trigger, which actuates a compact spool valve, re-routes gas flow so that the main spool valve can vent the gas chamber firing a ball out of the barrel. Using fixed timing under pneumatic control, the Nova moves the barrel after the shot has been fired. The barrel slides forward approximately 3/4 of an inch, allowing the next ball to fall into place. When the trigger is released, the components reset for the next shot. You may have noticed no mention of a bolt, that's because the Nova 700 does not have a bolt. The Articulated Barrel System consists of an outer barrel sleeve, barrel, and pressure chamber system. Gas fed from control ports on the main spool valve moved the barrel forward and back to chamber each shot. The Nova 700 is expected to retail at around $400 and ship in the third quarter of 1998. It is distributed exclusively by National Paintball Supply. 


Tippmann Pneumatics Tippmann has a new head turner. The Model 98 features the valve and internals made famous in the Carbine. The new Model 98 receiver is made of a single metal casting. Casting construction means that some of the more intricate shapes like the shark gill ridges can be produced at a much lower price than via milling. The receiver features an integrated contoured fore grip which can be replaced with an expansion chamber which can connect to the valve with internal hard lines. The feed port unlatches quickly and flips out to the side for fast cleaning access. The shining feature of the Model 98 is its trigger. Compared to the 9 pound trigger pull of the Carbine, the Model 98's 3 pound trigger pull is feather light. With the new features, and high performance trigger, the Model 98 is expected to retail for $15 less than the Carbine, and ship in September 98. Dealers can contact Tippmann or their distributor for more information. 


AKA Performance Paintball The Tornado valves from AKA have become popular for the Autococker and Spyder for low pressure operation. The new Angel low pressure kit includes an Angel Tornado valve and tuned hammer and bolt to bring the benefits of low pressure operation to the Angel's high rate of fire. Also soon to appear from AKA is a similar low pressure kit for the Rainmaker. The Angel Tornado valve is expected to ship in September 98. Dealers can contact AKA for pricing and availability. 


 Teflon is a registered trademark of the DuPont Corporation. They send us letters of complaint if we don't mention that.

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