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Zap International Amateur Open 1998
Photos by Dawn Mills

Team Adrenaline takes their award

Angel representatives were on hand to tinker

Angles are an important factor

Know where your opponents are in the game

Arby's supported our arrival

Beauty and the Beast contest

Bonnie from JT came out to cheer everyone on

Brass Eagle had their normal throw-together team.  For the first time, the BE team scored a MAX!

Bill Mills on the Brass Eagle team

Bill exults at the max

The Rainmaker earns it's name as it rains paint up the hill

Blue from EMR also played on the BE squad

Eric from Leader - don't lose touch Eric, we love ya!

JJ Brookshire

Pretty Rainmaker

Rene Boucher from Paintball News

Good to know they think highly of us!

Constant Action - FANTASTIC reffing squad from Texas!

They checked from tools thoroughly

The Cossio Family

Craig Palmer tricked out this cocker...pretty!

Team Dangerous Toys

Bill Mills wonders if this Diamond Labs venturi bolt will fit in his aircannon.

Dislexic Dogs had the coolest shirts

Doyle in the lower field

Duck and cover

Eric Stork - all around nice guy

Far East Dragons

Feelin' Groovy

Got the flag

Flag Hang

Team Friendly Fire

Constant Action was on the ball

Check that face mask

Speedball was quick and dirty - this guy couldn't get off the field quickly enough

Since he couldn't play - Aftershock's Heavy D played with the water guns

Pete Robbo Robinson bore the brunt of Heavy's prank!


Highlander on the field

Before the games started, the industry had a meeting.  Tom Kaye at the podium discussing the new concerns of the super-semis

An inspirational speaker spoke to the 5 man captains

Jerry Dobbins was given a lifetime achievement award by the Xtreme Media Group.  Couldn't have found a nicer guy!

KAPP cockers

Missouri Magic take their awards

Their shirts are great - sponsors love them

Magic gets the flag hang

Marcella Cossio and son

Marty Tripes from Scott USA and Tim Schloss from Pursuit Products

Michael from PMI

Nemesis 3 Man team

Florida boys make good

Team Oh-No's

Paint in his pocket?

Patty Hale from Voodoo takes her shot

Constant Action ref and Patty

Team Rapid Fire

Red from Redz Packs delivers a stiring speech.

This guy has a cool vest with patches galore!  Remember the old days?


Rocky Grismore was there with his wit and great sense of humor.

Ronnie Howell shows off his inflatable bunker

Rose Griffith, the UNIQUE woman, says hi.

Even Superman plays paintball

Spring from Iron Maidens had to get a fix of PigChat


Pretty teal Angel

It is truly a team effort event.  Way to go gang!

Laurie, Ryan, Debra

Team Thor Omega - speedball players

Team Thunderstruck - an airbrushed banner instead of vinyl, very snappy guys

Jeff Orr and Tom Kaye - 'A' for Autococker

Tony worked very hard and did a fantastic job.  Keep smilin' Tony!

The Ultimate Case from Warrior Sports Gear.

Thanks to the Ultimates for their hard work

Team Vision

Team Voodoo

The youngest team

Young Guns

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