Finishing in 3rd was Grizwald. The final game played was Griz vs. TASO, heading into that game, the Kamikaze Shooters were favorites for third, but Griz got the max, and cleared the shooters by 5 points, edging them down a notch to fourth. You may recognize some well known faces in this photo. Jim "The duk" Reible (back row left - and cover of the April 1996 APG - check page 36 for this author's favorite article that issue ), captain of Grizwald, rode a lawn chair on the sidelines during most of the turney due to injury. To Jim's right, Jessica Sparks, editor of Action Pursuit Games, on the other side of the camera. Framing the bottom row are Eric Blundell, and Key Vandyken, featured on the February 1996 APG cover, on SC Village's "Bosnia" field.

Photo by Bill Mills