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Skyball 1999 Photo Gallery
By Dawn Mills

The Sky Dome hotel and stadium.

The Captain and Ref meetings were held in a lecture room in the stadium.

GDL from Michican vs. Fallout from Ohio.

Fallout won this game.

Sharp Shooters (CO) vs. Elite Force (MD)

At the center flag.

Elite Force gets the hang.

Tippmann Effect vs. Oh No's 2 (PA)

Thunderstruck Black wins against Wasaga Beach Boyz

G-Force One vs. No Shelter

G-Force prevails - with the hang.

G-Force showed good communication skills as well as an excellent back field.

Adrenalin Rush (NY) vs. Scorp 2

Group Therapy vs. Elite Force

The flag snatch!

Sharp Shooters vs. G-Force One

G-Force snatched the flag for the hang.

Oh No's vs. Wasaga Beach Boyz

No Shelter

Guns of Paradise vs. SOB's 
The game was very unique.  Because of the time constraint you had to be in the box on time or you were eliminated.  When this young man couldn't get his gun working - he went on field without it.  He made a quick dash (being unencumbered), grabbed the flag and hung it while calling positions to his team mates.  It was brilliant.

Krimson Knights Black vs. International Bounty Hunters

The Bounty Hunters were the victors in this game - fast action prevailed.

Goodfellas Red vs. Drexel University

Chris Devanzo - a Goodfella

Belgium Demoniacs (hi Frank!) wins over Chaos All Stars

Scream vs. The Family

A decisive win for the Scream team.

Express vs. Maidens

The new flooring wasn't as slideable as the astroturf was - but it did work well.

Flag carrier coming to bunker a Maiden.

NY Dogs vs. Outta Focus

Florida team - Maniacs

Maniacs (FL) vs. Shogun (VA)

Scorpions vs. International Iron Maidens Silver

Jacksonville Warriors in game against Wall.

G-Force vs. Bezerkers

Oh No's vs. Social Damage 

All American's 2 vs. Fusion

Ref calls out a player

Extreme Heat vs. Microburst

ATV vs. Ground Zero Gold

Team Posse Refs

P&L Factory Team 2

Scream vs. Express

The Family prevailed over the Chaos All Stars with the coaching help from the Sharp Shooters in the stands.

Belgium Demoniacs vs. NY Dogs

The Dogs won this game - I was quite impressed with them - very nice group of guys.

Special Forces and Bob Long's Ironmen

National Iron Maidens Bronze in their game against Brazil Redskins.

Constant Pursuit vs. Bad Company

Todd Adamson is outfitted with a goggle mounted camera for the Make-A-Wish exhibition game.

The Exhibition Crew (left to right) 
Ed Poorman, Richmond Italia, Bill Mills, Travis Jenks, Bob Long, Todd Adamson, Jerry Braun, Pete Robinson 
Chris Lasoya, Mark McManus, Weasel, Ron Kilbourne

A wish come true - Travis

The television show Real TV interviewed Travis about his story.

Mike Ratco from ZAP Paintball - a great guy!

Bob Long's new baby - the Defiant.

The Defiant's little brother - from Indian Creek Design - Bushmaster 2000.

Lockout refs had to work really hard - all day!  So our friend here on the left went for a little ride.

In the bunker!

The Internet made a big splash - it was nice to have faces to go with the names.

Team No Shelter

Alan Raetzman from Texas Ambush - Thanks Jinx1311!

The scoreboard staff was courteous, pleasant and above all, still smiling!  Good work Beatrice :)

Jacksonville Warriors celebrate at the players party.


Colorado Comrades - Ryan Norton (Rocky Mountain Warriors) and Frank Watson (The Family)

At the last minute the Focus staff asked Bill Mills to MC the Jumbo Tron and the Players Party - he won't be giving up his day job!

Hard Rock Cafe sponsored the Skyball 99 event and even closed their establishment for the Players Party.  They also raffled off this great jacket!

All American's 1 - First place Professional

Sandridge / Tin Cup

Team OBR Red

Iron Maidens Gold

Canadian Express B

Midwest Scorpions 1

Team Coiotes

Jacksonville Warriors - 1st place Amateur

Keely Watson congratulating Kenny the Warrior.

Aftershock was gracious and offered their trophy to Travis as a memento.

Adrian Vilaca and Travis Jenks.

In a stirring speech - Travis moved us all.  Keep playing hard Trav!

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