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PSP New Jersey Open

Aug 12-14, 2011, Top Gun Paintball, Cream Ridge, NJ


Pro - First Place - Tampa Bay Damage
Div I Race To 5 - First Place - upTon 187 cRew
Div 2 Race To 5 - First Place - Static
Div 3 Race To 4 - First Place - Team No Name
Div 4 Race To 4 - Revo II
Div 3 Race To 2 - Plan B
Div 4 Race To 2 - CRU Army

For its third tournament of 2011, Paintball Sports Promotions returned to New Jersey, the state where it produced the Mid Atlantic Open at the Atlanta City Racetrack and later in open fields in the city of Egg Harbor. For 2011, PSP headed to Top Gun Paintball in Cream Ridge, New Jersey. Top Gun Paintball was founded by old-school paintballer Ray Gong in 1988 directly following a legal battle to ensure that 68 caliber paintguns would not be interpreted as firearms under New Jersey law, facing their same restrictions for ownership and use (a paintball game would not be much of a game if it was a crime to shoot at another player). Jessica Sparks, Russ Maynard and Bud Orr served as expert witnesses in the two days of hearings, and the friendship that developed between Gong and Orr had positive effects on the rest of the paintball industry. In an interview with, Bud Orr, father of the Autococker, commented that Ray Gong's support had a significant positive impact on the growth and success of Worr Game Products, which in turn supported numerous series and leagues around the world. Today, Top Gun Paintball is owned and operated by Carl Atkins, and remains one of the major fields of the Northeastern US.

As has become common, Division 4 Race To 2 competition (5-man best two out of three matches format) drew a lot of teams, as it's a starting point for those with less experience. Thirty teams competed in the division playing a four-match preliminary round, after which the top four teams, ranked by total score took a break, waiting for the quarterfinals, while the next 8 teams played a single win or go home match in the ochofinals. The ochofinal winners met up with the top four in the quarterfinals. This round also consisted of a single match, with the losing teams being eliminated from the competition. The surviving four teams went to the semifinals where the highest ranked team played the lowest, and the middle two played each other. The winning two teams moved on to compete for first and second place in the finals, and the two losing teams went on to play for third and fourth. In the finals, Edge Army II lost their first game to Galveston Island Paintball, but won the next two for third place. CRU_Army earned back to back wins over GSP All Stars for first place.

Twenty teams took to the fields for Division 3 Race to 2. After a four match prelim round the teams of this division also moved forward trough ochofinals, quarterfinals and the semifinals and finals. Here Seek and Destroy took Richmond Rage for third place and Plan B's pair of wins against CRU LT gave them first place.

In the full Race to games, Division IV teams raced to four points. Fourteen teams played four preliminary matches each before the top 2 teams were selected for semis and finals, while the next four played a singe elimination quarterfinal round. The semifinals re-ordered the remaining four teams before North Texas Shockwave took NJ Jesters Kids 2-1 for third place and Revo II defeated Central Florida Paintball 3-2 for first place in the finals.

The twenty-three teams of Division III played four preliminary round games in a race to four points. While the top four teams advanced straight to quarterfinals, the next four played in a single game knock-out ochofinal round. The quarterfinals also relied on a single game to send home half the teams before the remaining four went on to the semis and finals. In the finals, NCPA All-Stars finished in third place by beating Boom II 4 to 1. Team No Name also posted a 4 to 1 score, beating Revo for first place in the division.

In Division II, fifteen teams played a four game preliminary round of race to 5 point games. The top two teams went straight to the semis and finals, while the next four played a singe-game quarterfinal round, the winning teams advancing and the losing teams being eliminated from the competition. The four remaining teams met in the semifinals and finals. The division wrapped up with Distortion taking Rhythm 4-1 for third place, and Static ran the game to the clock, beating Boom 2 to 1 for first place.

Ten teams competed in Division I, racing to 5 points in their games. With the smaller division, the top four teams went straight to the semis and finals after completing the preliminary round. In the finals, the Hurricanes finished in third place by defeating Assault 5 to 4. UpTon 187 cRew beat out T1 Top Gun Union for first place.

As always, the "big show' was the pro competition. Ten pro teams played in two divisions with four preliminary round games each, with the top two from each division moving on to the semis and finals. In the finals, it was Tampa Bay Damage defeating San Diego Dynasty for first place.

From New Jersey, the PSP road show heads to the Paintball World Cup in Polk City, FL October 20-23.  

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