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PSP Mid Atlantic Open 2009

April 30-May 3, 2009
Rock Hill, SC

NXL - Los Angeles Ironmen

X-Ball Semi-Pro - Aftermath II

X-Ball D1 - Seattle CDR

X-Ball D2 - Team Unlimited

X-Ball D3 - Boom

5 Man D3 - Inertia

5 Man D4 - Coalition

The PSP heads back to Rock Hill, South Carolina for the Mid Atlantic Open the last weekend in April. After the league's season opener in Phoenix in February, teams were geared up and ready to take on the competition again under the sunny skies of the Carolina's. The draw was fairly balanced with the Phoenix event with thirteen Professional teams in the NXL rounds, 7 Semi-Pro X-Ball teams, 10 D1, 24 D2, and 37 D3. The Divisional X-Ball teams would hit the fields first thing on Thursday morning with the NXL games starting shortly after noon on Thursday. D3 and D4 5 man teams, with 23 and 28 teams respectively, would not see action until Saturday.

The PSP has made the Rock Hill facility, the home of PBC Sports Park, their field of choice for the MAO for four years running, the only drawback to the site being the tight parking area. The PBC facility is set up with excellent fields for playing with level grassy flats and netting to separate the spectators from the action on the field.

The NXL teams played throughout the afternoon on Thursday with the Bushwackers taking the field against the Hurricanes in a game that ended with the New England team winning 6-5. The Naughty Dogs beat out Edmonton Impact 7-4, San Diego Aftermath took down X-Factor 7-3, Los Angeles Ironmen beat LA Infamous by a point, 7-6. Boston Red Legion took down Chicago Aftershock 7-4, Dynasty beat the Hurricanes 5-3, Bushwackers received their second loss against Tampa Bay Damage 7-0 and the final game of the day saw Philly Americans, the winners of the Phoenix event, over the Dogs 7-4.

Divisional play continued on Friday, running them through their preliminary rounds while the NXL continued their games on Friday afternoon. The Ironmen beat out X-Factor 7-3 LA Infamous took down Aftermath 7-3, Dynasty continued their wins with a 5-4 game over Shock. Boston took down Edmonton 7-3 and Philly fell to Bushwackers 1-7. Naughty Dogs took down Damage 7-3, X-Factor won against Hurricanes 7-1 and the final game of the day went to Shock after a 7-4 game over Infamous.

Saturday would find the 5 man teams starting their preliminary rounds while the divisional x-ball teams would head into their ocho and quarter rounds.

The games got underway with the hope of good weather on Saturday with the prospect of stormy weather on Sunday for the final rounds. The NXL teams met with Edmonton Impact taking down Dynasty 7-6 in the first round. San Diego Aftermath fell to Philly's 6-5 match, Ironen took out Damage 7-6, Boston took down the Hurricanes 7-2 and Infamous beat the Dogs 7-2 as well. Aftershock beat X-Factor in a 7-3 game, then Edmonton and Bushwackers faced off in a close 5-4 match. Damage and Aftermath faced off in a 7-4 game going to Tampa Bay. Dynasty lost their second game of the day to the Ironmen 7-4 and Philly beat Boston 7-3 for the last game of the day.

D3 X-Ball sent 8 teams to the Ocho rounds to finalize the teams that would be moving on to the end games on Sunday. The X-Ball Quarterfinals saw 12 D3 teams, 12 D2 teams and 4 professional NXL teams. Tampa Bay Damage faced off against Boston Red Legion and came out on top after a 5-4 game, while Dynasty took down LA Infamous 7-6.

Quarterfinals for the five man teams saw the list culled down after a round of Ocho games and the D3 and D4 teams fought it out in a best of 3 games with 8 teams competing from each bracket.

Taking the winners of the NXL games on into the semi final round, Tampa Bay Damage was matched up against Phoenix winning team Philly Americans who won out of the Florida based team 7-5 while Dynasty and Ironmen went head to head with the same score going to Ironmen. This would pit Damage and Dynasty against each other in the finals for third and fourth place while Philly and the Men would battle for first and second place. Semi-Pro teams sent the four top finishers after the preliminary rounds to the semi finals with Aftermath II taking down Vicious 7-3, then RNT Allstarz beat out XSV 3-2. D1 TBD Fierce took down Palm Beach Venom in a shutout game 5-0 and Seattle CDR took out Cross Eyed Paintball 5-1. D2 x-Ball saw Team Unlimited with the top rank after semis with their game over Palm Beach Vipers Black ending at 5-2, joining them in the finals would be Cross Eyed Paintball Grey after their 4-1 game over Total Karnage. D3's Boom won 3-2 over Wired and would meet No Limit at the end of the day with their 3-2 game over Nor*Car Hype.

Semi-finals for the five men teams saw a best of three games again with D3 WiseGuys in the top spot heading into the finals after a tied game and two wins over East Coast Bullfighters. Joining them in the shot for first place was Inertia after two wins over Tyranny. D4's Amped took down Cincinnati Devestation Black after two wins and a loss for the chance at the top trophy, though they would have to battle Coalition after their trade of games with Team Unlimited.

Five man finals wrapped up early in the day on Sunday with D3 third and fourth place wins going to Tyranny and East Coast Bullfighters respectively. D4 third went to Team Unlimited after two wins over Cincinnati Devestation Black. First place for the D3 five man competition went to Inertia after a solid performance over WiseGuys. D4 team Coalition took down Amped for their first place bragging rights.

X-Ball finals saw semi-pro teams XSV and Vicious fighting for third place with XSV taking the game 5-4. First place was secured by Aftermath II over RNT Allstarz after a shutout 7-0 game. X-Ball divisional finals games saw D1 third going to Cross Eyed Paintball after a 2-0 game over Palm Beach Venom, first going to Seattle CDR after a 5-1 game over TBD Fierce. D2's Total Karnage took down Palm Beach Vipers Black 4-3 for third place. Team Unlimited beat Cross Eyed Paintball Grey for first place with a 5-2 game. D3 team Wired took third after a 4-0 game over Nor*Car Hype. Then another shutout game, Boom went 4-0 over No Limit for first. NXL teams Tampa Bay Damage and Dynasty fought for third place with Damage taking it with a 7-2 game over the boys in blue. First place in the NXL went to the Los Angeles Ironmen after their tight 5-4 win over the Philly Americans.

The PSP would head to Chicago for the week of June 24-28th for the third event of the season, a return to the Bollingbrook location that has become an industry standard.

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