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PSP 2003 Las Vegas Open 5 Man tournament Schedule Click Here to return to
5 Man Preliminary Rounds - Wednesday April 30, 2003 - Ed Fountain Park, Las Vegas, NV
Top 8 Novice and Top 8 Rookie teams advance to semifinals to be held Thursday May 1.
Field 1 - DYE Field 2 - JT Field 1 - DYE Field 2 - JT
8:00 AM R_1_ACI_Turmoil R_4_Adrenalin_Rush 3:00 AM R_20_Vegas_Outkast N_8_Lava
N_12_Reflex N_9_Minutemen R_16_Team_Savage N_5_Demonic_Factory_X
8:10 AM R_5_Organized_Crime_B R_8_Hijack 3:10 AM R_2_Shadow_Company N_9_Minutemen
N_8_Lava N_5_Demonic_Factory_X N_11_Paintballa_com_Ice_Men N_4_Bad_Influence
8:20 AM R_21_Vegas_Pressure R_9_JT_Kidz 3:20 AM R_3_Method R_6_Docs_Raiders_Black
N_1_Femmes_Fatale N_4_Bad_Influence N_10_PL_Hurricanes N_7_Havok
8:30 AM R_17_Team_Ultimate R_16_Team_Savage 3:30 AM R_7_Fire_Skulls R_20_Vegas_Outkast
R_4_Adrenalin_Rush R_1_ACI_Turmoil N_6_Docs_Raiders R_13_Scream_Team
8:40 AM R_12_Ruffnecks R_13_Scream_Team 3:40 AM R_14_SoCal_Kids R_19_Vegas_Mafia
R_8_Hijack R_5_Organized_Crime_B R_11_Ringworm_Factory_Team N_2_Organized_Crime
8:50 AM R_9_JT_Kidz R_21_Vegas_Pressure 3:50 AM N_10_PL_Hurricanes R_18_Thug_Life
R_7_Fire_Skulls N_4_Bad_Influence N_5_Demonic_Factory_X N_7_Havok
9:00 AM R_4_Adrenalin_Rush R_1_ACI_Turmoil 4:00 AM R_15_Stricken R_10_Rat_Factory
N_12_Reflex N_1_Femmes_Fatale N_6_Docs_Raiders R_7_Fire_Skulls
9:10 AM R_8_Hijack R_5_Organized_Crime_B 4:10 AM R_19_Vegas_Mafia R_2_Shadow_Company
N_8_Lava N_9_Minutemen R_1_ACI_Turmoil N_3_Team_Ambush
9:20 AM R_9_JT_Kidz R_13_Scream_Team 4:20 AM R_6_Docs_Raiders_Black R_3_Method
N_5_Demonic_Factory_X R_12_Ruffnecks N_11_Paintballa_com_Ice_Men N_2_Organized_Crime
9:30 AM R_16_Team_Savage N_12_Reflex 4:30 AM R_15_Stricken R_7_Fire_Skulls
R_4_Adrenalin_Rush N_1_Femmes_Fatale R_11_Ringworm_Factory_Team N_10_PL_Hurricanes
9:40 AM R_21_Vegas_Pressure R_20_Vegas_Outkast 4:40 AM R_10_Rat_Factory R_19_Vegas_Mafia
N_8_Lava N_9_Minutemen R_2_Shadow_Company N_6_Docs_Raiders
9:50 AM R_17_Team_Ultimate R_12_Ruffnecks 4:50 AM R_18_Thug_Life  
R_13_Scream_Team R_9_JT_Kidz N_11_Paintballa_com_Ice_Men  
10:00 AM R_1_ACI_Turmoil R_4_Adrenalin_Rush 5:00 AM N_10_PL_Hurricanes R_11_Ringworm_Factory_Team
N_4_Bad_Influence N_1_Femmes_Fatale N_2_Organized_Crime R_7_Fire_Skulls
10:10 AM R_5_Organized_Crime_B R_8_Hijack 5:10 AM R_2_Shadow_Company R_14_SoCal_Kids
N_12_Reflex N_9_Minutemen N_7_Havok R_10_Rat_Factory
10:20 AM R_16_Team_Savage R_9_JT_Kidz 5:20 AM R_3_Method R_6_Docs_Raiders_Black
R_12_Ruffnecks N_8_Lava N_6_Docs_Raiders N_3_Team_Ambush
10:30 AM R_17_Team_Ultimate R_20_Vegas_Outkast 5:30 AM R_7_Fire_Skulls R_11_Ringworm_Factory_Team
R_1_ACI_Turmoil N_5_Demonic_Factory_X N_2_Organized_Crime N_10_PL_Hurricanes
10:40 AM R_11_Ringworm_Factory_Team R_15_Stricken 5:40 AM R_14_SoCal_Kids R_15_Stricken
R_10_Rat_Factory R_3_Method N_11_Paintballa_com_Ice_Men R_10_Rat_Factory
10:50 AM R_18_Thug_Life N_8_Lava 5:50 AM   R_18_Thug_Life
R_6_Docs_Raiders_Black N_4_Bad_Influence   N_3_Team_Ambush
11:00 AM R_12_Ruffnecks R_1_ACI_Turmoil 6:00 AM N_7_Havok N_10_PL_Hurricanes
N_1_Femmes_Fatale R_21_Vegas_Pressure N_2_Organized_Crime N_6_Docs_Raiders
11:10 AM R_8_Hijack R_13_Scream_Team 6:10 AM R_14_SoCal_Kids R_2_Shadow_Company
R_5_Organized_Crime_B N_12_Reflex R_3_Method R_19_Vegas_Mafia
11:20 AM R_16_Team_Savage R_17_Team_Ultimate 6:20 AM R_10_Rat_Factory R_18_Thug_Life
N_9_Minutemen N_8_Lava N_3_Team_Ambush R_8_Hijack
11:30 AM R_20_Vegas_Outkast R_21_Vegas_Pressure 6:30 AM R_11_Ringworm_Factory_Team R_7_Fire_Skulls
R_4_Adrenalin_Rush N_5_Demonic_Factory_X N_2_Organized_Crime R_6_Docs_Raiders_Black
11:40 AM R_9_JT_Kidz N_12_Reflex 6:40 AM R_14_SoCal_Kids R_15_Stricken
R_8_Hijack N_4_Bad_Influence R_2_Shadow_Company N_10_PL_Hurricanes
11:50 AM R_15_Stricken R_17_Team_Ultimate 6:50 AM   N_7_Havok
R_6_Docs_Raiders_Black R_5_Organized_Crime_B   N_3_Team_Ambush
12:00 PM R_1_ACI_Turmoil R_4_Adrenalin_Rush 7:00 AM N_11_Paintballa_com_Ice_Men
R_20_Vegas_Outkast R_21_Vegas_Pressure N_2_Organized_Crime
12:10 PM R_13_Scream_Team R_12_Ruffnecks 7:10 AM R_2_Shadow_Company R_3_Method
N_1_Femmes_Fatale N_4_Bad_Influence R_18_Thug_Life R_19_Vegas_Mafia
12:20 PM R_17_Team_Ultimate R_16_Team_Savage 7:20 AM R_14_SoCal_Kids R_10_Rat_Factory
N_9_Minutemen N_12_Reflex N_3_Team_Ambush N_7_Havok
12:30 PM N_5_Demonic_Factory_X R_20_Vegas_Outkast 7:30 AM   R_11_Ringworm_Factory_Team
N_3_Team_Ambush R_5_Organized_Crime_B   N_6_Docs_Raiders
12:40 PM R_19_Vegas_Mafia R_9_JT_Kidz 7:40 AM R_15_Stricken R_19_Vegas_Mafia
R_6_Docs_Raiders_Black R_3_Method N_2_Organized_Crime R_7_Fire_Skulls
12:50 PM N_9_Minutemen R_21_Vegas_Pressure 7:50 AM N_7_Havok R_14_SoCal_Kids
N_1_Femmes_Fatale R_16_Team_Savage N_6_Docs_Raiders R_6_Docs_Raiders_Black
1:00 PM R_20_Vegas_Outkast R_8_Hijack 8:00 AM R_18_Thug_Life N_11_Paintballa_com_Ice_Men
N_8_Lava R_4_Adrenalin_Rush R_11_Ringworm_Factory_Team N_3_Team_Ambush
1:10 PM R_12_Ruffnecks R_13_Scream_Team 8:10 AM R_15_Stricken R_19_Vegas_Mafia
N_5_Demonic_Factory_X N_4_Bad_Influence R_2_Shadow_Company N_10_PL_Hurricanes
1:20 PM R_16_Team_Savage R_17_Team_Ultimate 8:20 AM R_10_Rat_Factory R_14_SoCal_Kids
N_1_Femmes_Fatale N_12_Reflex N_11_Paintballa_com_Ice_Men N_7_Havok
1:30 PM R_21_Vegas_Pressure R_18_Thug_Life 8:30 AM    
R_5_Organized_Crime_B R_3_Method    
1:40 PM R_13_Scream_Team R_17_Team_Ultimate 8:40 AM N_11_Paintballa_com_Ice_Men
R_9_JT_Kidz R_12_Ruffnecks N_6_Docs_Raiders
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