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PSP LA Open 2003
Pomona, California
March 5-9th

10 Man
Naughty Dogs - Professional
Evil Factory - Amateur
Justice - Novice
Rock It Kids - Rookie

5 Man
ACI Turmoil - Rookie
CP Factory Team - Novice

The Los Angeles Open marks the start of Paintball Sports Promotion's annual pro/am series.  In past years the season started with the Las Vegas Open, which was relocated to Los Angeles with the opening of the SC Arenas.  As ground breaking as the move to a site with paved and netted walkways was then, so the move to the Los Angeles County Fairplex is for 2003.  The Fairplex is no stranger to paintball, having been host to the 2002 and 2003 Paintball Expo trade shows.

For the LA Open, PSP took over the infield of the Fairplex's horse racing track.  This not only meant lush well cared for grass as a playing surface, but also stadium lighting so that games would not be limited to daylight hours alone.  The Fairplex facilities offered more than just the stadium.  Player staging was set up not under a tent, but under permanent awnings in the paved fairgrounds area, as were the vendor's displays - both in close proximity to the bathrooms with flush toilets, a luxury rarely connected with the sport of paintball.

'Super fluffy goodness,' said Floyd Rose, player for Maxim Shocktech when he saw the grass that made up the playing surface.

Ten man team lists were completed on Tuesday and the schedule generated and proofed.   Several notable teams were absent, choosing to play XBall format rather than 10 man ball.  Strange would field two teams, Jax Warriors and Texas Storm would also deplete the normal professional division of the ten man games leaving seven teams to play 10 man. 

Dynasty, first ranked from 2002 would play this event raising some eyebrows at their choice to play PSP when their captain was so heavily involved with the NPPL league split.  Impressions were that the kids - the young men who make up Dynasty's powerhouse team - simply want to play, not play politics. 

Fusion and Lockout would also remain in standard 10 man, both having made semi finals twice in the previous season, setting them up to make a good showing here with a different make-up of the professional division.  Naughty Dogs made the jump from Amateur.  They chose not play Amateur for another year where they would have been a shoe-in for the 2003 title with Trauma having moved up  to the  NXL. 

In 2002 Naughty Dogs and Trauma were in a constant battle throughout the series.  Trauma won every event while the Dogs played with two third place wins, and three second place wins.  Moving up will raise the bar for the Dogs, but after a solid finish in Amateur the prior season, they're primed to make a strong showing in the professional rank.

Bushwackers were another team that moved up from Amateur after a rough 2002 season, but they made a  promising start at the NPPL's Huntington Beach event, finishing 4th in the pro division.

The big news in the professional bracket was hands down the word that Legacy was moving up.  Legacy, a team made up of young men, average age of 21 from Southern California finished out the 2002 year in eleventh place in the Novice division.  They made the semifinals twice but did not break their way into the finals barrier throughout the year.  Legacy is a young team in not only age but in time spent together, 2003 being their second year as a team.  They are made up of a mix of players from the less known teams Flash Point and KAPP Kids.  Their advancement to professional shows a big step for them, but the team was pumped to compete and anxious to prove themselves. 

Last in the Professional bracket was a team from Colorado making another appearance after a year hiatus from competing.  Fury would once again play pro after their 13th place finish in 2001.

Amateur ten man was also hit by the switch of formats in 2003, with only sixteen teams taking to the field in comparison to the 24 that played in LA last year.  Evil Factory, comprised of most of members from Farside would show up to play amateur.  After their wins at both NPPL Huntington Beach and Mardi Gras this season, odds were high that they would make finals. 

Team Maxim Powered By Shocktech is made up primarily of players from last season's Team Shocktech would take second place starting rank after 2002's two trips to finals and their trip to semi finals in Vegas. solidly known now after the name switch from Check It would also continue on after a a ninth place finish from 2002.  Pinnacle Woods, Thunderstruck and Static would also remain amateur for 2003.  Moving up from Novice would be Cartel, big winners from World Cup and KAPP Factory who took first place in the Novice bracket last season. 

Missouri Magic, Fatal Swoop and Robinhood would also make the jump from Novice to Amateur, the odds favoring a better showing in the smaller bracket.  Addicted making a reappearance after a year off along with five man team, ECX Factory and new teams to the PSP, Image and Team PPC.

Leading up to the tournament, DYE placed television commercials promoting the event to spectators in heavy rotation on Los Angeles area cable TV channels - including an insert during a Los Angeles Lakers game, in order to draw fans out to watch the games and visit the trade show.  The commercial is also available to be viewed online at PSP Event's website.


After sundown on Tuesday night temperatures dropped and rain fell.  In typical Southern California fashion the weather did a 180 on Wednesday morning.  Chilly air and fog were on hand as players began filtering into the Fairplex.  By 9:00 am, the sun burned off the fog to reveal clear skies and comfortably warm temperatures.  By the time 5 man games were due to start at 10:30, perfect paintball weather was in place. 

Games started without a hitch, air was up and filling tanks for the 20 teams playing five man with vendors trickling in to begin the setup for the week long event.  The tradeshow area was impressive - it encompassed a wider area than was normally seen at PSP events, and was on asphalt.  Players, having already seen photographs of the fields online, made their way to the infield of the racetrack to start their way through the 8 games that would be played on Wednesday.  Since there were only nine Rookie teams competing, one would be forced to go home and eight would advance to semi-finals to be played on Thursday.  Mexican team, Black Mamba played hard but unfortunately would not make the cut to move on.

Novices were fielding eleven 5 man teams, sending three home on Wednesday night.  Far East Dragons, a regular team for the LA and World Cup event from Japan would count the time spent playing 5 man as practice for the 10 man event.  Team Ambush would also likely make the trip home, their first four games posted as losses, but with four games yet to play, they could pull it off. 

After all was said and done on Wednesday night, Black Mamba did indeed make the trip home for the Rookie division leaving the other eight teams advancing to the two divisions in the semi finals.  Novice saw Far East Dragons, Team Ambush and Blitz take the walk despite Blitz's three wins, they missed the cut by 40 points.  Thursday planned to start at 10:30 with games for the semi-finals, each team playing three games, the top two teams with the highest points from each division advancing on to a four team finals round.  By seven o'clock, the television crew from Channel 13 was packed, the vendors were headed towards supper and the teams were packing gear and heading towards showers and beds, eager to return to another bright day.


The semifinals and finals for 5 man received the same excellent weather as the prelims.  Thursday's games started off not only with the 5 man semis, but the second event for the NXL, and the first competition for PSP Division 1 and Division 2 X Ball.  Division 1 started off, playing round robin format, while Division 2 played double elimination.

For 5 man, under the the league rules, when 8 teams or less compete in the prelims, 8 move on to the semifinals.  After semi final totals are tallied, the two brackets are then sorted based on total scores for each.  The top two teams from each division then advance on to a round robin finals round for 4 teams.  Thursday morning saw all 16 teams playing the semi finals on the DYE and JT fields, playing hard through semi finals.  When the morning was over, Cross, CP Factory, Femme Fatales and Oregon Outrage were taking Novice finals slots.  Rookies sent on ACI Turmoil, Adrenalin Rush, Method and Shadow Company.

Finals saw some stiff competition in the Novice bracket.  Cross and CP Factory established themselves as early leaders, Cross beating the Femmes with 2 bodies alive, Oregon Outrage with five alive and CP Factory making out Femmes and Oregon Outrage.  Femmes won their last game against Oregon Outrage with 3 bodies alive.  The final novice game came down to CP Factory versus Cross, the six point spread between the two making the game critical.  Playing on the JT field, the CP crew broke fast into the middle, two of them making the fifty on the break, a man staying in their back left can to shoot down the length of the field along the snake.  Another two CP players were spread out around their 30.  On the break the Cross team sent a man straight for the flag hoping for the pull and bodies to gain the points necessary to win the game.  He was given the pull, a bonus of twenty points but was thoroughly shot and forced to stand, Statue of Liberty style throughout the rest of the game.  Cross opted to stay at their back line through much of the game, spread along their back 10 and 20, guns rolling.  One by one CP knocked them out, a few bonus balls accompanying the eliminations when players were slower to get off of the field.  The last Cross player was in their far right 30 can when Dan from CP made the move to bunker him, sealing the win with the flag hang for CP and five live players. 

The win against Cross sealed the Novice first place win for CP Factory, Cross taking second, the ladies, the Femmes in third and Oregon Outrage in fourth.  Prize value was set beforehand, published on the PSP's website, CP Factory would go home with gift certificates of $1000 Shocktech, $1000 DYE, $500 PMI, $500 Smart Parts, $500 Nexed, and $500 from National Paintball Supply.  Novice 2nd $2500 value - Cross took home $500 Shocktech, $1000 DYE, $500 PMI, and $500 from Smart Parts.  Novice 3rd place, the Femme Fatales received $1500 value - $500 Shocktech and $1000 DYE.   Novice 4th yielded a $1000 value for Oregon Outrage $500 Shocktech, and $500 Nexed

Rookie finals saw ACI Turmoil solidly controlling their three games, losing only four bodies throughout the finals.  Method showed a win against Adrenalin Rush and Shadow Company posted two wins against both Method and Adrenalin Rush.  Games were not as tight in the final round for the Rookies but no less exciting for the teams.  ACI Turmoil took the top rank followed by Shadow Company, Method and Adrenalin Rush. 

ACI Turmoil, placing in Rookie 1st $3000 received prize certificates including - $500 Shocktech, $500 PMI, $500 Nexed, $500 National Paintball Supply, $500 Generation E, and $500 from JT.  Rookie 2nd garnered a $2000 value - Shadow Company took home $500 Shocktech, $500 Smart Parts, $500 National Paintball Supply, and $500 Generation E.  Rookie 3rd earned a $750 value - Method won $300 Shocktech, $450 JT.  The rookie 4th place prize was a$500 value - Adrenalin Rush received $200 Shocktech and $300 Generation E.

On the XBall fields, NXL saw the first two matches played by mid afternoon.  Los Angeles Ironmen triumphed over the Miami Effect team, gaining a solid lead after a fairly even first half, leaving Miami with a 10 point difference to make up with 15 minutes remaining on the clock.  Ironmen cycled in some of the newer, younger players to give them a chance to size up the field and Miami made a good attempt at catching up, the final score standing at 15-10 in favor of the Ironmen. 

Chicago Aftershock thoroughly beat Detroit Thunder, the score ending at 17-4, a disappointing loss for Detroit, but a good start for the Shock guys after the difficult time at Mardi Gras. 

NY Xtreme had a tight match against the Philadelphia Americans 8-7, in fact it was the closest match yet in the NXL. 

Oakland Assassins won over Baltimore Trauma in an equally tight match scoring  10-8.  Wrapping up the day was a good match for Miami Effect 15-8 against Detroit Thunder.  This match was played lights at night - the first NXL night game ever played.  The two teams started off evenly, exchanging point, but then Miami took a good lead in the first half.  Only near the end of the second half did Detroit get back in the game and hang flag after flag.  Had they managed that aggressiveness in the first half, the match would have gone the other way.  The  games wrapped up just before 7:30 in the evening on Thursday night.

Division 1 X Ball games started a bit late in the morning of Thursday, the first match against Strange and Nasty favoring Strange 10-0 giving Strange the 2 points, and Nasty a zero.  In the round robin X Ball format points from the match don't matter - the points that go on the scoreboard are 2 points for a win, 1 point to each team for a tie (no overtime is used) or 0 points for a loss.  Jax Worriors played Smoke and beat them by 3 flag hangs, eight to five giving Jax the two points.  Then Strange took to the field again, this time in a grudge match against Storm.  In the last games of the Mardi Gras Open, Storm pulled a dead man's walk against Strange, something that Team Strange has always vocally opposed.  In fact, they have gone so far as to say that if a Strange player did a dead man's walk that player would be cut.  The game on Thursday went as many suspected, Strange winning with 4 flag hangs, 8-4 giving the boys from Florida another 2 points.

Division 2 had another Strange team against Drive in a sure showing of the team work that has made strange famous.  Beating Drive 11-2, they would advance to the winner's bracket in the standard X Ball double elimination format, pairing them up against First Strike for Friday's games after First Strike's 10-2 win against TKO.  Drive would face TKO in the mid-afternoon on Friday.  Tippmann Effect dropped to Twisted Factory, 7-4.  Bill Ayers of Tippmann Effect said of his game against Twisted Factory, "We lost, but that was the most fun paintball I've played in a long time."   Hurricanes finished out the day, winning 8-2 over the NCPA Allstars setting them up to play Twisted Factory and Tippmann Effect to play NCPA Allstars in the evening on Friday.


The tournament kicked into full swing on Friday morning with the continuation of the NXL, Division 1 and Division 2 X Ball competitions, and the start of the 10 man rookie, novice, amateur and pro tournament.  Like the rest of the event, games did not start until 10:30 in the morning.  This was due to the Fairplex track being used to run thoroughbred horses in the mornings.   The result was a day that started at a more comfortable hour, and ran into the evening under lights.  This shift in timing, like what has been done at the Aruba Open for the past several years was well received by the players if for no other reason than it means not having to get up as early in the morning.  "I didn't have to get up at 5:00am," said Dale Price of the Turtles, who commented that the late start was OK, as long as the lighting worked out to cover play in the evening.

The first NXL match of the day was Chicago Aftershock versus the Philadelphia Americans.  Shock took that match 12 to 6.  Los Angeles Ironmen were victorious over Baltimore Trauma 11 to 9.

Division 1 X Ball started out with Nasty versus Jax Worriors.  The Worriors came out on top doubling Nasty's score, 8 to 4.  Smoke topped Texas Storm 7 to 2. 

In Division 2 X Ball Strange 2 defeated First Strike, TKO defeated Drive handing them their second loss knocking them out of the running and setting up TKO to face First Strike on Saturday morning. 

By late afternoon Dynasty Bushwackers and Naughty Dogs were the first 10 man pros to have played more than a single game.  Dynasty and the Dogs had identical score averages of 96.5, putting them neck and neck, while Bushwackers dropped a game averaging at 80.

Oakland Assassins played against New York Xtreme on the NXL field showing themselves strong and still undefeated with a score of 14-5.  Still to play on Friday afternoon and into the evening was Philadelphia against Detroit, Baltimore and Miami and wrapping up the day with a 6:30 start of the Los Angeles Men versus the Chicago Aftershock boys, a much anticipated game.

Evil Factory was clearly the amateur leader, averaging 96.4 points after their first 5 games.  Similarly Justice was the Novice standout averaging 96.25 points after their first five games - the only teams with higher averages had only played a single game at that point.  None of the rookies who had played several games had outstanding averages, but that would change as they moved into their games against other rookies later in the schedule.

In Division 1 X Ball Jax Worriors fell to Strange with a score of 3 to 8.  In Division 2 Twisted Factory beat the Hurricanes 9 to 4.  Tippmann trounced the NCPA All Stars 12 to 2, knocking the All Stars out of the running.

Baltimore Trauma lost to Miami Effect in their five o'clock though not by a crushing defeat, 9-12.  The final game of Chicago Aftershock and Los Angeles Ironmen was a great game for the men from LA.  Twice Shock thought they'd eliminated all of the Ironmen, and when running the flag in were eliminated by the remaining Ironman, giving the Men the point.  In the first half the Men set the score at a solid lead of 12-3.  When the half ended the stands emptied, the Ironmen side trooping over to their side of the field.  Peg Green, Generation E superstar orchestrated many cheers, crowd waves and even getting the fans to sing in Beach Boys style, "I wish they all could be California boys."  At the five minute break, when the clock would stop at each flag hang, Shock started sending Todd Adamson strong up the middle, straight to the X at the fifty.  This tactic seemed to work well for them, scoring two points in quick secession.  Into the end of the last five minutes Ironmen earned a penalty, giving them only four men onto the field for the last minutes of the game.  At a minute, forty-six seconds the fellows from Shock had caught up 13/8.  The final two flag concessions were at 1:12 when Ironmen had eliminated all of the Shock men, a flag was tossed in, then the final point was given with Matty Marshall walking the flag in, uncontested, Shock ready to end the game, the clock winding down.

The weather remained as glorious as the previous days on Saturday, the ten man games progressing on schedule along with the Division 1 and 2 XBall games as well as the NXL games of Oakland facing Chicago, tying 9 to 9 and New York dropping to Los Angeles 13-6.

The ten man schedule got a bit behind on Saturday morning, not for any definable reason other than teams being a bit sluggish getting to the fields on time.  The DYE field suffered especially, games false starting multiple times, leading to the teams who made the break wanting to re-air, gear back up and get their faces back on.  Delays with teams backing up in this way were detrimental to the schedule sticking, though the teams were definitely getting into the swing of things and moving out to their games as the morning division preliminary games began to wrap up.  Early predictions started mid-afternoon about who would make the cut of the four professional teams that would move to the finals round. 

Having only seven professional teams playing ten man meant that after the 8 preliminary games, the pros would advance straight to a four team finals round based on the top preliminary scores.  Early assumptions were that Dynasty, Naughty Dogs and Bushwackers would make it despite their having only played half of their games.  The question on everyone's mind was whether Legacy or Lockout would take the fourth slot.  Even after Lockout's win against Fallout, it didn't look as though they'd make the cut unless something drastic occurred to the Dogs, Dynasty or Wackers, giving Legacy a good shot, their last game scheduled for 7:00pm.  The new crew of professional ballers, Legacy would need to eliminate six players in their last game to make it in, though of course, their plan was to win with 10 alive.

Brimstone Smoke and Nasty faced each other on the Division 1 X Ball field first thing on Saturday, the game ending in a tie of 5-5 giving each of them a 1 on the scoreboard.  Division 2 faced off TKO and First Strike again, this time with TKO triumphing 7-6, sending First Strike home and advancing TKO on to play later in the evening on Saturday against the winner of the Tippmann Effect and Hurricanes game. 

Jax Worriors remained steadfast in their quest to X Ball greatness, beating out Texas Storm in a 12-3 victory, keeping them behind Strange's undefeated record, three and one, but with a solid seating.  In Division 2 Hurricanes beat the boys from Tippmann 7-5.  This game advanced Hurricanes to a match set for 7:15 Saturday night against TKO and sent the Tippmann Effect team home after this, their second loss.  Smoke dropped to Strange, 10-2 keeping Strange undefeated through four games.

As the day wound down after sunny skies and beautiful 70 degree southern California weather, teams started congregating around the scoreboard, calculating their last games, what other teams would need to lose to enable their advancement and how many bodies they'd have to shoot. 

In the Professional bracket things remained on target and in the Amateur bracket, things were solid for the eight teams advancing, ECX Factory not even needing to play their last game to make the cut.  When the Amateur games wrapped up, ECX Factory did take the 8th slot with a relatively low cut of 504.  KAPP Factory, Evil Factory,, Static, Cartel, Hostile Takeover, and Maxim Powered by Shocktech joined them in the pack.

The afternoon and evening NXL games were packed with action.  Miami Effect faced the Philadelphia Americans taking an early lead.  The Americans turned it around and built a lead that strengthened as the match progressed to a 13 to 10 finish. 

In the audience for this match were a number of people from the Hollywood television and motion picture production industry, a notable person among them was Penny Marshall, who's directing credits include Big, A League of Their Own and Awakenings.  Following the Miami-Philly match a special 3 game match was held between Effect and the Americans, this time with a new roster for Philadelphia.  With special exhibition rules the Americans' team suddenly swelled to 7 members - all from the VIPs in attendance.  Before the start of the match, Chris LaSoya's birthday was announced, LaSoya claiming it was his twenty first, those in the know figuring another 9 years need to be added in to that number.

The exhibition match progressed well, the American's new players defeating Miami 3 to zero in entertaining and often comical moves - one player barely big enough to carry his paintgun made a Dorito bunker on the 50 yard line off the break - riding piggy back on Spesh.

The next match up was between Detroit Thunder and the Oakland Assassins.  Oakland, still undefeated in the NXL ran into Detroit like a Mack truck hitting a compact car.  It wasn't until nearly the end of the first half that Detroit was able to score a single point - to screams and applause from the crowd.  They gained another flag hang in the second half to a similar response from the audience, but these two points were overshadowed by Oakland's 17.

The final match of the day was between New York Xtreme and Baltimore Trauma.  An impromptu poll of the audience, asking them to cheer for their favorite side yielded screams for Trauma, and near silence for Xtreme - definitely Trauma had the crowd on their side.  Trauma started out gaining early points with Xtreme catching up, and the two teams going back and forth before Trauma took a decisive lead.  In the second half Trauma was solidly ahead, but New York closed the gap.  With a minute and a half left on the clock the score was 9 to 10 in favor of Trauma.  Xtreme made a flag hang tying up the game with 11 seconds left.  The next game was stopped by the clock with no points earned leaving the match tied at 10 to 10 - both teams earning a single point in the league rankings.

Texas Storm lost to Nasty 4-9 in the Division 1 X Ball field, while Twisted Factory beat out Strange 9-3 on the Division 2 field.  Twisted Factory would advance to the finals.  Hurricanes beat out TKO, sending them home and setting themselves up to play Strange 2 first thing in the morning on Sunday, the winner of that match to advance to the final round against Twisted Factory.

Novice's factored in sixteen teams advancing to the semi-finals, the games wrapping up shortly before 8 o'clock, the cut being 427, edging out good contender Havok from making the semi finals by just one point.  KAPP Factory and Evil Factory coming in first and second placement after 8 wins during preliminaries.  Rookies wrapped up with eight teams moving onto semi finals, their cut remarkably low at 254 points, the highest rank team Mayhem with a 590, a new team following in the footsteps of the old Image and X Ball's Trauma.


The perfect paintball weather that eluded the Mardi Gras Open continued on to the last day of the LA Open as the 10 man pro teams went straight into their finals.  Simultaneously the 10 man amateur, novice and rookie teams played their semi finals games.  Dogs and Dynasty won their first two finals games, both beating out Legacy and Bushwackers.  The last games for the Professionals would pit the Dogs against Dynasty as well as Legacy against Bushwackers.  The spread between first and second place was only 3 points. 

Not surprisingly, KAPP and Evil showed themselves strong winning their first two games and guaranteeing a slot for themselves in the finals.  In the Novice bracket, Atomix won all three of their games, giving them a spot in finals. In the second division for the Novice, the games were definitely tighter.  Justice and Platinum headed into the game against each other with only 5 point difference.  Team No Name from division 3 was the only team set to knock out the Bad Company Kids and Fat City looked pretty solid after two games in the fourth division.  Novice semi finals were definitely tighter with only one team advancing from each division. 

Rookies saw Mayhem and Outlaws advancing despite Sin and Lockdown not having played their last games.  Both teams had dropped to the R1 and R4 teams.  Cartel Empire and Rock It Kids also saw themselves settled in the finals despite the third game not having been played for the second division.

Professional finals had an exciting game for Naughty Dogs.  They faced off against Dynasty for their last game, only losing one body to seal the win of the first place Professional bracket.  This was a solid win for them, losing only 23 bodies in the preliminary games and eleven in the finals.

Legacy beat out the Bushwackers in the last professional game, putting them in the third place seat behind Dynasty, the Wackers taking fourth.  An awesome showing from the boys of DYE, moving up from eleventh place Novice to take third Professionally.

Rumors circulated that the PSP was discontinuing 10 man pro.  This was not entirely correct.  5 of the 7 pro teams competing in 10 man had expressed a desire to move over to division 1 X Ball.  If these teams did move over and the resulting number of teams wanting to play 10 man pro were not enough, then it is most likely that 10 man pro will be a thing of the past.

Amateur finals started out with Evil Factory and KAPP  Factory both without losses in their 11 games to be joined by Hostile Takeover and Static.  Novice finals were fielded by Justice, Atomix Factory, BC Kids, and Next Level Factory.  Rookies showed out Rock It Kids, Outlaws, Cartel Empire and Mayhem.  Games started about 3:30 on Sunday afternoon while X Bal games continued to be played both on the Division 1 and 2 field as well as NXL.

Division 2 X Ball culminated in a match between Twisted Factory and Strange 2.  Strange 2 won the match taking home first place and putting Twisted in second.  Hurricanes placed third and TKO placed fourth.  Division 1 wrapped up with Strange ranking first having played the weekend undefeated, Jax Worriors in second with only a single loss, Brimstone Smoke in third with a win, two losses and a tie, Nasty X in fourth with a win and a tie, and Storm in fifth place.

In the 10 man rookie finals Rock It Kids won by taking all three of their finals games.  Mayhem finished second with a pair of wins and Cartel Enterprise was third with OutLaws finishing fourth.

The novice 10 man had Justice finishing with a strong lead - 288 over Next Level Factory's 192, followed by BC Kids and then Atomix Factory.

The Amateur finish was as close as close could be.  First place hinged on a game between KAPP and the Evil Factory Team.  KAPP won the game 93 to 14, and that left the two team's totals at 204 for Evil and 203 for KAPP.  Evil took home the first place trophy by a single point lead.  Static finished third with 197 points and Hostile Takeover placed fourth.

Division 1 X Ball saw Strange against Nasty in the first game, Strange winning by ten points, 12-2 giving them a win in the single elimination round.  Next up was Jax Worriors and Smoke, a close game ending up with Jax at 6-5.  The final Division 1 game was played at 3:30 on Sunday, Strange taking home the title after the 7-2 game.  Second place was Jax Worriors, Brimstone Smoke was third, Nasty fourth and Storm fifth.

Division 2 X Ball Hurricanes and Strange 2 faced off, the game ending 6-3 in favor of Strange 2.  This put them in a finals game against Twisted Factory.  Twisted ended with a four, Strange 2 with a seven giving the sister Strange team the win for Division 2.  Twisted Factory took second place, Hurricanes in third, TKO in fourth, First Strike in fifth, Tippmann Effect in sixth, Drive in seventh and NCPA Allstars in eighth place.

NXL had tighter games throughout the day, the teams seeming to have learned the fields a bit more, the team's strategies and just a geling of the groups.  Oakland faced off against Philadelphia, retaining their undeafeated status, 10-9.  LA won against Chicago 12-7, Miami keeping up with their track record 12-9 against New York.  Baltimore faced off against Chicago for the last game of the day, the LA vs. Detroit game cancelled, Chicago winning 14-10.

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