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Pan Am Circuit Las Vegas 2000
March 24-26 - On Scene Coverage

Rookie Division - Sitting Ducks Orange
Novice Division - Tombstone Nomads
Amateur Division - Iron Kids Diggers
Young Guns - Armageddon
Stock Class - Phoenix Heat Short Bus (Beg) & Demon Knights (Adv)


Pan Am Homepage
Back to the desert.  The Pan Am Circuit, expanded from the long running Great Western Series took to the desert east of Las Vegas.

The field area, familiar to NPPL players from the previous season, has new fields laid out ranging from desert scrub to concept designs that have been in use by Paintball Asylum for roughly three months prior to the event.

With new homes constructed since the last Las Vegas NPPL, the staging and parking area were moved further east, with different road access.  A large clearing was cut to provide room for three concept fields.  A Sup'Air ball field provided excitement for many southwest teams who had not yet been able to experience of the inflatable format.  A traditional open bunker field was set up with plywood bunkers, while a third field constructed entirely of 50 gallon steel storage drums proved to be designed for fast action.

4 brush fields were set up with the natural vegetation.  Trees and low scrub were very thick providing much cover and concealment while clearly defined paths allowed for fast movement between the flag stations.

Starting on Friday, the weather proved to be excellent, with clear skies, little wind and plenty of sunshine.  As always, the desert dust seemed to find its way into everything.  42 Novice teams, 16 Amateur team, and 52 Rookie teams came out to compete. 

Preliminary and Novice rounds played through the day, and stayed to schedule, finishing up Saturday afternoon in time for the Rookie games to begin.  With the heavy rookie turnout, a surprising number of teams were seen with blowback semis and CO2, for a tournament of its size. 
The vendor turn-out was also a sign of growth as the Great Western Series has expanded into the Pan Am Circuit.  GWS Las Vegas events had, in the past, had one or two vendors attending with little product.  This year a tent was filled with Custom Products, Warrior Sports Gear, Big Boy Toys, Paintball Junkies, and  Full Speed Paintball which was making their event debut.  FSP showed a line of paintball apparel, and was on field taking high resolution digital photos to offer for sale to players.  Outside the main tent JT had a player support tent where Kenny Chamberlain provided customer service, and Diggers showed their paintball cleats.

Main paint sponsor, Diablo paintballs had one of their semi trailers on location to supply paint, and field operator, Paintball Asylum provided food from their own tent.

The 200 ball limited paint format has proved effective in the GWS, but has raised concerns from players who haven't done it before in areas where the Pan Am will be holding events this year.  While the limit does affect game play, it keeps the paint usage down, with most players using less than a case of paint for the complete tournament. 

To make things easier on the referees tracking the amount of paint brought onto the field, all players were required to carry their paint in clear 100 round ViewLoader tubes which were provided for free to the teams - two per player.

16 of the top Novice teams, and 6 of the Amateur were placed into the semi-final brackets Saturday, scheduled to play Sunday afternoon.  Late Sunday morning, while Novice prelims continued the Young Guns and Stock Class events began. 

The Young Guns event is a 5 minute 3 player format for players under 15 (through the season players who turned 15 after January 1st are allowed).  The Stock Class games were similarly a 3 player format, split into beginner and advanced divisions of 5 teams each.  The stock class competitions which have long been a part of GWS tournaments are hoped to spark interest in the limited technology format as the Pan Am takes them nation wide.

Stay Tuned for complete event coverage as is on scene in Las Vegas....


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