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Pan Am Circuit

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Pan Am Seattle 2000

Rookie - Aftermath
Novice - Armageddon Gold
Amateur - Genesis

Beginners - Hot Boyz
Advanced - Ripoff

Young Guns

Special thanks to the hardworking and excellent refs
No Limit, Phoenix Heat, Wildcards and Sudden Impact

The Pan Am Circuit has continued its national tour in the Pacific Northwest, at Paradise Paintball in Port Orchard, Washington, just outside Seattle.

79 teams gathered to compete on the wooded and Sup'Air fields, making the Seattle stop one of the largest events of the spring.  Paradise Paintball is owned and operated by Ed and Margaret Wood.  Its location in a community park puts it in close proximity to other activity areas including softball, BMX, skating, and model steam trains.

Despite weather forecasts of rain, dry overcast skies were the norm for most of Friday, while the first of the preliminary round games were played.  Light sprinkles came and went, with full rain coming down only on the last few games of the day.  Two Sup'Air fields provided games in view of the vendor's tent.  Broadsword Productions video crew shot multi-camera footage in preparation for a video to be shown at the player's party on Saturday night, and released later on videotape.

Friday saw the first half of the preliminary games with the second half being played on Saturday.  With a few exceptions the reffing received praise from participating teams, more so than is typical at a PanAm/GWS event, which is in itself often higher than other series. 

Exile was a shining star in the Amateur prelims with a strong lead heading into the semis.  CCM also drew some attention shooting their Chipley Custom Machine customized WGP Sniper pump guns.  With the 200 round limit of the Pan Am Circuit, the firepower difference between semi and pump is not quite as overwhelming as with unlimited paint - the game comes down to player skill.  CCM's victory over the Naughty Dogs - one of the top amateur teams in the world, was a subject of much discussion.

The novice prelims proved to be full of action with Trainwreck, Tombstone Nomad and Ravage bringing in high scores after a series of solid games.

The rookie prelims, which got underway Saturday afternoon faced more wet weather than the amateur games.  Fortunately the pine canopy over the wooded fields provided protection from the water and wind, while the two Sup'Air fields simply got wet.  TKO took tore through the prelims like a rocket sled on steroids finishing winning all of their games for a total of 855 points.  They finished their games with a 291 point lead over the next highest ranked team, Riptide.

In the semifinal rounds with only 2 games to play, small point differences are magnified.  Through Sunday's unrelenting light rain TKO came out of the semifinals behind the first ranked Aftermath.  Outrage topped the Novice division followed close behind by Armageddon Gold and Check Yourself.

In the Amateur division Asylum topped the charts 4 points ahead of Genesis.  Exile and Naughty Dogs both finished out with 186 points.  Under the Pan Am rules, the first tie breaking factor is victory against each other within that round.  Since the two teams had not played each other in the semifinals, the next step was to compare their scores from the preliminaries.  Since Exile had finished ahead of the Dogs in the prelims, they went on to the finals, placing Naughty Dogs in 4th place.

Between the vendor tent and the two Sup'Air fields, a smaller field with Game On Gear bunkers was set up for the young gun and stock class games.  The GOG bunkers consist of PVC and ABS framing with banner material stretched out over them for a simple, lightweight and easily mobile bunker.

The Pan Am Young Gun Series is for players who are 15 years or younger at the start of the season, and who are not experienced tournament players.  The 3 on three format makes a nice stepping stone for them to move into tournament play, and combining the event with rookie, novice and amateur competitions gives the young players a chance to meet teams that may pick them up the next season.

The 10 young gun teams played 3 games each, narrowing the field down to 3 teams for the finals.  After two finals games, RIP from Fresno, CA finished in first with Vipers II in second and Vipers in third.  Between Vipers and Vipers II, the second squad had the smaller players, which proved to be an advantage on the GOG field.

The 5 man finals utilized the two Sup'Air fields and one of the woods fields.  Aftermath finished on top in the rookie division, with Team Hydro in second, and TKO in third.  The novice finish saw Armageddon Gold in first place followed by Outrage and Check Yourself.  Genesis, a strong team in the league finished as the first place amateur team.  Exile took second and Asylum third.

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