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NPPL Super Seven
New Jersey 2003
August 2003

John Amodea - WARPIG Media Partner Paintball2 Xtremes
Jason Walker - Team Ultra Ego
Brenda Amodea
Sean Moore - Captain, Team RIP
Jason Walker

1st Place Winners
Rookie - Team RM
Novice - Vicious
Amateur - Evil Factory
Professional - Dynasty

For the fourth leg of the 2003 Super 7 Series, Pure Promotions and the NPPL chose an all new venue - The Old Bridge Township Raceway Park in New Jersey.  Scheduled simultaneously with the tournament was a drag racing competition which meant there was an ample opportunity for cross-over audience with drag racing fans finding themselves with the chance to watch a paintball tournament, much as beach-goers found themselves stopping to watch the action at the league's season opener in Huntington Beach.  Fields were open for walking on Thursday before the event started, as the rules require 4 hours of daylight time for players to inspect the fields before games start.

Returning were the standard and expected professional teams, Dynasty, Naughty Dogs and Bushwackers International all fighting for those top three spots in the rankings.  Avalanche and Bad Company returned, neck and neck for the fourth and fifth spot after the first three events.  Ton Tons returned after not playing in Chicago.  Rage, Brass Eagle Allstars, Nexus, both Redz teams and one of the Lockout teams joined Murder Inc. and Image in the line up.  In the amateur bracket, the top 14 teams returned with the exception of Maxim which is playing as the regular faces of Shocktech in the PSP.  One team moved from novice to amateur in NJ, more than likely hoping for a better shot at the podium with a smaller playing field to compete against.  All in all, 18 teams were set to compete in the Amateur bracket in NJ, a few teams less than the NPPL saw in Chicago.  Novice saw most of the top ranked teams returning to play in the NJ event with the forty teams, 8 down from Chicago's novice bracket.  Along with the number of novice teams returning, thirteen new teams decided to give the series a try in this fourth event.  Rookie's fielded 44 teams in NJ, the same number that was seen in Chicago.  They also saw over twenty new teams hitting the fields, to compete against the returning top rookie teams.  Team RM returned, their lead solid against the other rookie squads after their three wins thus far in the season.  Two rookie teams moved from rookie to novice in NJ, including Moneyshot, the second ranked team and Formula.

Consistent rain meant rough conditions on the fields, but Pure Promotions worked to keep the game site habitable, spreading wood chips to combat the mud.  Eight preliminary games were played over the course of Friday and Saturday, the top eight teams moving onto the quarter finals in professional and amateur brackets.  Sixteen teams moved onto quarter finals from novice and rookie.  Dynasty won all of their preliminary games, Dogs dropped one, and Nexus , Image and Rage all had great showings in NJ, moving on from preliminaries with only one loss each.  Bad Company dropped two games, Ton Tons and Brass Eagle Allstars dropped three of their games, setting the cut at 499 with eight professional teams going to the quarter finals.   Surprisingly Avalanche and Bushwackers International didn't make the break, both of them dropping four games during their preliminary round. 

In the Amateur bracket Evil Factory returned with vigor, coming out of the preliminaries on top with PPC, Next Level and Farside right behind them.  Viewloader, Static, KAPP Factory and Nasty rolled into the quarter finals with two games lost in preliminaries to set the cut at 596 for the amateurs.  STP, ranked first in the amateurs for the season, missed the cut by four points sending them home.  Next Level's showing in the preliminary round was a great feather in their cap, moving up from novice to amateur this event. 

Novice's five top scoring teams after preliminaries only dropped one game each, Atomix Red, Wicked, Vicious, BK Dogs and advanced to quarterfinals.  Bushwackers California, Twisted Factory, PBX Reaper and Mox Nix dropped two games each.  Tippmann Effect, Minor Threat, Formula, ACI Factory, Ultra Ego, Driven and Uprising set the cut for the preliminary novice teams at 461.  Three of the quarter finalists were new to the series this season as well as Formula proving themselves after their move up from Rookie.

Rookie squads sent sixteen teams to quarter finals after the preliminary games, newcomer BC Kidz taking the top spot, Team RM in second, the favored team for the rookie win.  Bad Habit, Demented Kidz, AZ Evil Red, newcomer Gravity, Untouchables, and returning series ranked 13th place team Atomix Factory Blue moved onto quarter finals.  Proving Grounds, another new team to the NPPL went onto quarters in 9th place, UQ Nation, Ballerz Inc., Team Xpress, DHP, Yard Dogs, True Colors and the team formerly known as G&C Electric but called Amp'd in New Jersey set the cut at 424 and four losses.

Quarterfinal games in the NPPL are set up much like the semi-final games are held in the PSP and previous NPPL 5 and 10 man competitions.  The teams are broken up into divisions and as in the case of the professional and amateur teams, the eight teams play against each other in two divisions.  The top two teams from each division move onto the semi-finals after quarter finals are tallied.  Novice and rookie teams face off with four divisions of four teams, taking the top team from each division to play in the semi finals.

Eight games in the preliminaries, three games in the quarter finals and thousands of balls later, the deciding four teams in each bracket were decided.  The NPPL style of semi-finals and finals follow a different path than standard ball in paintball.  The top team plays the lowest ranked team for three games.  The second and third ranked teams play themselves for three games as well, the outcome of those match ups settling who would would battle for first and second in the finals.  Bad Company came out of quarter finals in first place, Dynasty in second, Naughty Dogs in third and Image in fourth.  Going into semi-finals, Bad Company and Image would face off, fighting to be the winner of the most games to put them into the top slot for finals. 

Amateurs saw the expected results, the top four series ranked teams moving on.  KAPP Factory, Viewloader Allstars, Evil Factory and Static going onto semi-finals. 

Novice teams after quarter finals were more spread out from what had been anticipated.  Vicious, making their expected return to the final four followed by 9th ranked Wicked, 14th ranked BK Dogs and new comer Mox Nix. 

Rookie's first place series team RM saw them going into semi-finals in first, 11th team Yard Dogs in second, 15th team AZ Evil Red in third and 13th team Atomix Factory Blue in fourth.

As with all of the Super 7 tournaments of the year, live music and a trade show were part of the event.  Stand out products at the trade show included the US debut of the Angel 4, and demonstrations of the new QLoader.

The Angel Field and NPPL field, arguably the worst in terms of mud had straw spread on them to help make them more playable, giving the consistency of wet adobe.  In the semifinals Image defeated Bad Company twice in a row, similarly the Naughty Dogs fell twice to Dynasty.  This meant that Image and Dynasty would play for first and second place in the finals, but even if the Dogs were in shape to beat Image, they would be locked into a third place finish at best.

KAPP Factory lost their first game against Static, but came back with two more wins to go for the top amateur finals bracket, while Evil Factory dropped their first game against the ViewLoader All Stars but won the second and third.

In the novice semis Vicious bested Mox Nix two out of three times.  Wicked tied with BK Dogs, 17 to 17 for their first game.  The second game was won by BK Dogs and the third by Wicked - neither team getting their two wins.  Wicked, with a total score of 127 was advanced over BK Dogs who had only earned 119 points in the three games.

Team RM lost their first game to Atomix Factory Blue, but won the next to, and AZ Evil Red scored a win, a loss, and then another win against  the Yard Dogs.

It all came down to the finals.  In the first round of games Dynasty defeated Image, Naughty Dogs Defeated Bad Company, Evil Factory beat KAPP Factory, Static beat Viewloader All Stars, Vicious took down Wicked, Mox Nix defeated the BK Dogs, Team RM beat AZ Evil Red, and the Yard Dogs beat Atomix factory 2.

In the second round Dynasty beat Image only losing a single body giving them their third win for the series.  Bad Company beat Naughty Dogs, sending them to a third game.  Evil Factory beat KAPP again, giving them the first place amateur title.  Static beat out over Viewloader for the second time, wrapping up amateur games.  Vicious beat Wicked the second match, giving them first place novice while BK Dogs beat Mox Nix sending them to a third match.  Atomix Blue turned it around and beat the Yard Dogs.  Team RM beat AZ Evil Red.  Two wins in a row earned the first place Rookie trophy for RM, and second place for AZ Evil Red.

For the third round matches Naughty Dogs and Bad Company stalemated, tying with 17 points, giving the Dogs third place of the boys of Company based on points alone since there wasn't an outcome of win/loss in the game.  Mox Nix beat BK Dogs giving Mox Nix third place after two wins.  Atomix Blue scored more points over Yard Dogs in the last match for the rookies, putting Atomix in third, Yard Dogs in fourth.


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