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NPPL 2002
Professional Rosters

Todd Adamson
Bryan Benini
Mike Bruno
Billy Ceranski
Manny Francia
Roland Isaacs
Kenny Klamper
Danny Love
Richie Maliszewski
Greg Pozzi
Aaron Rosen
Ronnie Simpkins
Brad Waterman
Ryan Williams

All Americans
Bill Gardner - Captain
Mark Biletnikoff
Dave Boyzk
Frank Connell
George Davison
Adam Gardner
Jason Green
Dan Kerszencwejg
Kevin Kline
Roddy MacDonald
Spesh Robinson
Hans Semelsberger

Rocky Cagnoni
Shawn Ellis
Brian LB Fow
Rusty Glaze
Mark Knop
Chris Lasoya
Travis Lemanski
Todd Martinez
Ed Poorman
Steve Rabackoff
Jon Richardson
Eric Roberts
Jeremy Salm

Bad Company
Tom Cole - Captain
Jason Andre
Gary Arbaugh
Rusty Bowling
Jim Coleman
Mike Frey
Jackie George
Rob Lessner
Danny Manning
Mike McDowell
Steve Pisek
Chris Remuzzi
Eric Town
JC Whittington

Bob Long's Ironmen
Bob Long - Captain
Mike Carey
Arnold Franciso
Craig Fronsoe
Dustin Hansen
Roland Huyng
Kevin Jones
Zach Long
Tyler Michand
Mark Nelson
Ron Nelson

Chuck Hendsch - Captain
Kevin Bredthauer
Brian Cole
Glenn Forster
Angel Fragoza
Alex Fraige
Ryan Greenspan
Oliver Lang
Richard Loughran
Brad Maughan
Jonny Pershek
Rodney Squires

Cesare Pizzo - Captain
Max Axmith
Will Burson
Billy Colliver
Robert Fellenstein
Erik Hamre
Ken Leneve
Paul McCord
Matt Page
Troy Radcliffe
Mark Worrell
Jamie Wright

Ground Zero Black
Fritz Renner - Captain
Dennis Mood - Co-Captain
Will Arroyo
Chris Cole
Nicky Cuba
Alex Lundqvist
Max Lundqvist
Danny Mac Monnigal
Jim Murray
Marcus Neilsien
Peter Reilly
Bob Rose
Lane Wright

Ground Zero Gold
Tommy Agulara
Carmen Borgia
Steve Cusano
Anthony Cuocco
Chris DiPalmo
Greg Hastings
Tim Furlong
Julio Rivera
Joe Latronico
Mike McDowell
Pete Utschig
Scott Santos
Albert Smith

Kevin Arcilla
Mike Foss
Andy Kopcok
Matt Marshall
Micah McGlocklin
Yosh Rau
Brian Ravenel
Matt Schuster
Rich Telford
Davie Williams
Billy Wing

Jacksonville Warriors
Paul Bollenbach -Owner
Frank Connell  Captain
Kevin Ackman
Skip Chandler
Dave Connell
Matt Davis
Steve Hamman
Chris Huffnagle
Mike Machaud
Larry Veahman
Ziggy Moon Beam (Paul Zaehringer)

Mitch Karn - Captain
Ethan Steiner
Wally Donner
Kevin Hopkins
Dalton Hansen
Dustin Hansen
Paul O'Malley
Dan Wenschhof
Rob Cole
Chad Ruhl
Justin Meese

Tommy Alvarez
Peter Bofill
Danny Bonura
Chino Carbajal
Blaine Fernandes
Albert Fernandez
Angel Fernandez
Jesse Fernandez
Rico Fernandez
Matt Helgeson
Andy Lageyre
Tony Mineo
Nilo Sierra

Ton Ton Flinguers
Laurent Hamet - Captain
Olivier Cabanis
Jerome Cuviliez
Steeve DiPietro
Moana Dubray
Fabrice Halmone
Fred Halmone
Olivier Liard
Franck Nouren
Edouard Pellicci
Nicolas Perez
Sebastien Semet
Jean-Louis Vie
Siegfried Willmes


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