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NPPL Atlantic City 2002
August 21-25, 2002
Egg Harbor, New Jersey


10 Man Rookie 1st Place
AGD,Black Emag,1 of 1
Ricochet,10 Hoppers,AC_RD_0014 & 0015

10 Man Rookie 2nd Place
Xtreme Enterprises,10 Barrels,AC_XE_005
Ricochet,10 Hoppers,AC_RD_0016 & 0007
NPS,10 Cs Team

10 Man Rookie 3rd Place
Kingman/Raven,10 OBG Hydro Packs,JES_AC:1651 & 1650
Animal Paintball,10 Headwraps,AC-AP-0017 & 16
Ricochet,10 Hoppers,AC-RD-0009 & 0010

10 Man Rookie 4th Place
Animal Paintball,10 Headwraps,AC-AP-0018 & 0019
Xtreme Enterprises,10 Barrels,AC-XE-004
Ricochet,10 Hoppers,ac-rd-0011 & 0012

10 Man Amateur 1st Place
CP,10 Pro Barrel Kits,AC_CP_001
JT USA,10 Proteus Gold,08005

10 Man Amateur 2nd Place
ZAP,10 Edge Emarkers,AC_0009
CP,10 Alum Barrels,AC-CP-014 & 013
JT USA,10 Proteus Blue,08009

10 Man Amateur 3rd Place
ZAP,10 Cases Chronic,AC_012 & 011
CP,10 Alum Barrels,AC-CP-015 & 002
JT USA,10 Proteus Clear,08001
PMI,10 Pure Nrg HPA,PMI_AC_002

10 Man Amateur 4th Place
Kingman/Raven,10 PBG BackPacks,JES_AC: 1652 & 1653
PMI,5 Piranha Markers,PMI_AC_005
CP,10 Alum Barrels,AC-CP-004
Crossfire,10 HPA,AC_Crossfire_1
JT USA,10 Ize Masks,08006

10 Man Novice 1st Place
Air America,10 Jerseys,AC-AA-0024 & 0023
JT USA,10 Ize Masks,08007
TC Paintballs,10 Cases Paint,AC-TC-014
Smart Parts,10 Base Impulses,025 & '028

10 Man Novice 2nd Place
Kingman/Raven,5 AMG Classic,JES_AC: 1641
Air America,10 Tool Boxes,AC-AA-0029 & 0028
PMI,10 Cases Marbs,PMI_AC_001
JT USA,10 Pro Series Jerseys,08010

10 Man Novice 3rd Place
JT USA,10 ProSeries Pants,08011
Animal Paintball,10 Sock Hats,AC-AP-0026 & 0025
CP,10 Alum Barrels,AC-CP-012 & 003
PBJunkies,10 Jerseys,AC-PJ-005 & 003
TC Paintballs,10 Cases ,AC-TC-012
CP,10 MicroLine Dforwards,AC-CP-016 & 017
Air America,10 Guardian Reg Testers,AC-AA-0026 & 0025
TraumaHeads,10 Videos,JES_02

10 Man Novice 4th Place
PSI,10 Subscriptions,JES_PSI_01 & 02
TC Paintballs,10 Cases ,AC_TC_013
Kingman/Raven,Java 4+1,JES_AC:1646 & 1647
ZAP,10 Cases Chronic,AC_014 & 014
ACI,$500 Gift Certificates
Paintball Junkies,10 Jerseys,AC_PJ_004 & 001
Xtreme Enterprises,10 Barrels,AC-XE-002
Animal Paintball,10 Headwraps,AC_AP_0020 & 0022

10 Man Novice 5th Place
SPPLAT,10 Memberships
Kingman/Raven,6+1 Packs,JES_AC: 1741
Kingman/Raven,Knee/Shin Pads,JES_AC: 1742
ZAP,10 Cases Chronic,AC017 & 016
ACI,$500 Gift Certificates
ZAP,10 Jerseys,AC_007 & 008
Xtreme Enterprises,10 Barrels,AC-XE-001
FaceFul,10 Subscriptions

10 Man Novice 6th Place
SPPLAT,10 Memberships
PMI,10 PE Regs,PMI_AC_003 & 004
ZAP,10 Cases Chronic,AC_013 & 010
ACI,$650 Gift Certificates
JT USA,10 Prem. Jerseys,08004
Xtreme Enterprises,10 Barrels,ac-xe-003

10 Man Novice 7th Place
Kingman/Raven,10 Java Revs,JES_AC: 1644m 1645
Aul Tec,3 Mines
ACI,$500 Gift Certificates
Wicked Mpluse,10 Jerseys,0020 & 0021
Custom Products,10 2-Piece Barrels,AC-CP-010 & 009
JT USA,Destroyer Pants,08002

10 Man Novice 8th Place
Ricochet,10 Hoppers,ac-rd-0013
JT USA,10 Lenses,08008
ZAP,10 Cases Paint,AC_002 & 001
ACI,$250 Gift Certificates
Wicked Mpluse,10 Jerseys,0019 & 0022
Animal Paintball,10 Sock Hats,AC-AP-0024 & 0023

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