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Chicago Open NPPL 
June 20-24, 2001

10 Man Semi Final Schedule

Semi-Final Schedule
Field 1
Field 2
Field 3
Field 4
B1-B16 Ravage vs Mr Blonde
B8-B9 Xmen vs Ignition
B2-B15 Justice vs Centerflag
B7-B10 Sonic Rage vs Static
B3-B14 Outta Control vs Exile
B6-B11 Gridlock vs Chaos
B4-B13 Family vs Funktion
B5-B12 Hurricanes vs Warped Kids
A1-A8 Naughty Dogs - Tidewater
A4-A5 Thunderstruck vs Freak Factory
A2-A7 Strange vs. All As 2
A3-A6 KAPP Factory vs. Trauma
P1-P8 Bobby vs Bad Co
P4-P5 Dynasty vs Avalanche
P2-P7 GZ vs Rage
P3-P6 Ironmen vs All As
B2-B10 Justice vs Static
B7-B15 Sonic Rage vs Centerflag
B1-B9 Ravage vs Ignition
B8-B16 Xmen vs Mr Blonde
B4-B12 Family vs Warped
B5-B13 Hurricanes vs Funktion
B3-B11 Outta Control vs Chaos
B6-B14 Gridlock vs Exile
A2-A6 Strange vs Trauma
A3-A7 KAPP vs All As 2
A1-A5 Naughty Dogs v Freak Fac
A4-A8 Thunderstruck vs Tidewater
P2-P6 GZ vs All A
P3-P7 Ironmen vs Rage
P1-P5 Bobby vs Avalanche
P4-P8 Dynasty vs BC
B1-B8 Ravage vs Xmen
B9-B16 Ignition vs Mr Blonde
B2-B7 Justicevs Sonic Rage
B10-B15 Static vs Centerflag
B3-B6 Outta Control vs Gridlock
B11-B14 Chaos vs Exile
B4-B5 Family vs Hurricanes
B12-B13 Warped Kids vs Funktion
A1-A4 Naughty vs Thunderstruck
A5-A8 Freak Fac vs Tidewater
A2-A3 Strange vs KAPP
A6-A7 Trauma vs All As 2
P1-P4 Bobby vs Dynasty
P5-P8 Avalanche vs BC
P2-P3 GZ vs Ironmen
P6-P7All As vs Rage

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