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Photo Gallery by Rusty

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Millenium Series
Portugal 2001
Commentary by Chris Remuzzi

This tournament was a combination of the old and new it was the last
leg of  the Millennium Series 2000 and first of the 2001 season. It was full of 48 teams some vying to finish the series and others trying to start strong. 

The 48 teams were broken down into 8 divisions of 6 and they all
played round robin. The first four divisions were on hand early on Saturday  as a beautiful Portuguese morning broke on a day of fast and furious paintball.  With teams from Sweden, USA, England, France, Germany, Russia, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Switzerland this event definitely  had some flavor. With players from S.C. Ironmen guesting on Joy Division and Image and Chuck Hendsch from JT Dynasty on the Worms as well as some
Lockout  players on Canadian Shockwave. GZ had their normal complement of the two  Swedish Brothers. The European teams looked strong as well, rounding out the pro division to 16 teams. The stage was set for some great games.

The field was located minutes from downtown Lisbon, and was a
beautiful setup. There were four fully netted SupAir ball fields on a soccer field making the field of play flat and level.  There was a clear space in the middle of the four fields so spectating was easy and indeed on both Saturday and Sunday there were a lot of well dressed Portuguese locals out around the whole site as they enjoyed the fine weather and even better paintball.

There were several vendors on hand including Center Flag Products,
Smart Parts UK, and Estratego Paintball, all with some hot new gear to tempt the  people walking around.

After the first day several teams looked strong for the Pros with
Avalanche, Joy Division and the surprise favorite the Russian Legion. For Amateurs Ignition, Grave Diggers, the Worms.  For the novice teams Tunnel Rat and Elfes wrapped up first and second respectively

Also playing at the end of the regular tournament was the Nations
Cup, with the best player from every team Photo courtesy Sebastian from Rush Hourcombining into their home country teams.  After some serious battling the Swedish team took home the trophy. 

At the end of another gorgeous Portuguese day the final 8 for each
division were decided.  For the Pros Joy Division led the charge followed by the All  Americans, Ugly Ducklings Avalanche, Ton Ton Flingeurs, Russian Legion, and Image. Bad Company squeezed into the 8th spot by 8 points having to send one of their American brethren, Ground Zero home.  While for the amateur side the Worms breezed through having maxed all of their pro games Consilium Dei, Shockwave Canada, Ignition who maxed GZ to stop them from going on, Endurance, Grave diggers, Cyclone, and the Scalps from France.

The day of the finals dawned wet and windy, as the rain would
sometimes be going sideways and sometimes just stop. The games were just as hard though and as the rain finally stopped, and the sun shone through the clouds the final 4 were Image, Avalanche, Russian Legion, and Bad Company. Of the amateurs Shockwave of Canada won by 12 points, followed by Endurance from Belgium, Scalps ,and the highest placing Portuguese team the Grave Diggers.
Overall this event set an incredibly high standard for a site. It was hoped by all attedeing that the US leagues can take a page from our cousins across the pond and step up the presentation of our tournaments this year.

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