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The Zap International Masters 1998
Photo Gallery
Photos by Dawn Mills
Aces Wild - 2nd Place - 3 man
Aces Wild - 3rd Place - 5 man
Team Adrenalin - 6th Place - 5 man
The celebrities came out and painted each other and some canvas to auction to charity.
Randy Belcher - Daily Winner - Top Gun
A Bezerker crawling
up the hillside.
Dan Caswell - Daily Winner - Tippmann Pop Up Course
Celebrity morning show radio guy gets gogged
The Tippmann tent proved very entertaining with the Pop Up targets and these on a conveyor belt.
PGP from Darkside - 7th place - 3 man
Gerry Delrio - Daily Winner - Bike & Shoot
Pretty new patterns on the F4 Illustrators by ACI.
Fish playing for The Family crawls on the hillside - they never knew what hit them!
The Hastings Boyz
Good reffing - laying down out of the way, and not missing a thing!
Graffiti Barrels from ACI
Hayes Noel and Bud Orr - icons of our sport
Another icon - and a good sport!  Magician King brought him on stage to fulfill his illusion.
Legion of Doom - 6th place - 3 man
Maiden on the new Sup Air Ball field
Justice McKinney - Overall & Daily Winner - Bad Ass Competition 

Melanie Sinclair from 99.7 WTN Ankarlo Mornings.  Why is she smiling?  She had just nailed her ex-SWAT honey in a duel!

Melanie in action.

Melanie's honey ... about to get whacked

Nemesis - DYE and Air America - 1st and 2nd Place - 5 man

Nemesis - Air America - 1st Place - 3 man

Nemesis - Air America - 2nd Place - 5 man

Nemesis - DYE - 4th Place - 3 man

Nemesis - DYE - 1st - 5 man

Nemesis player in action

NY Dogs - 5th Place - 5 man

Paul PGP Bollenbeck (Overall Top Gun) and Chip Stanford* thanks to Armson (2nd Place Top Gun) 

The prizes given away during the Players Party were unusual, very cool and certainly elicited a response!  VCRs, Walkmans, Radar Detectors, pocket TVs, Web TV, ADCO sights, and of course paintguns!

Pure Insanity - 8th place - 3 man

Rapid Fire - 8th place - 5 man

Sliding into a bunker on the Sup Air Ball field.

The Squad agreed that banner shots were passe - and attempted a pyramid.  Good bunch of guys!

The Squad - 7th Place - 5 man

Stingers II - 4th Place - 5 man

Toni from Lively's staff helped me greatly - thanks a bunch Toni - and congratulations on your engagement!

Refs check Waldo (playing for The Family) after he gets the hang.

Big Winner during the Players Party!

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