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Houston Rookie League (HRL)
November 3, 2003
Richmond, TX

Report and Photos by Charles “Sully” Sullivan

The Houston Rookie League (HRL) made it’s way to Richmond, Texas for the second tournament of the Series, November 3, 2002.  This time, 36 three-player teams, 13 youth teams and 23 rookie teams, made their way out for what would prove to be a day of fun in the mud.
The forecast for the day called for rain, but it looked as though the tourney at Brazos Survival Games might catch a break from it. 
Teams were walking the field early, sloshing through the mud and water that was still present from the previous days of rain.  Cars lined the road to Brazos and the parking lot was full, as teams set up for the day’s events.  The concession stand was up and running again, 
filling the stomachs of hungry players, parents, and staff that didn’t have a chance to eat on their way.  National Paintball Supply was on 
hand to provide paint for the tournament.
Three fields were used for this event, a spools field, a pipes hyper-ball field, and a concept hyper-ball field.  Each field was well 
designed, with each bunker placed in great position.  All the fields had a new elements added to them for the day though, water and 
At 8 o’clock a players meeting was held, going over the rules for the day, a modified NPPL 100 point system, changed from last 
year’s 50-point system.  Boundaries were explained, and with all the water and mud everyone was reminded to watch their step, and 
watch out for fire ants floating in the water.
After everyone was chronoed the first games of the prelims started off at 9 o’clock, with every team playing hard.  Many parents 
and teams watched the fierce competition, as every team tried to max each game.  The mud made for some interesting games.  The 
rain started to come down shortly after the prelims started and players were sliding into bunkers hard, in a spray of water, and 
occasionally a player over slid the bunker they were running for.
Unfortunately, the day was not with out its problems.  Many of the players were having gun problems due to all the rain, and a few 
teams had to forfeit the tournament because they ran out of guns and couldn’t keep them up and running.
At the end of the 36 game prelims, each team playing 6 games, the points were totaled, giving everyone a break from the rain and 
cold.  Some teams sat around a campfire started to try and help them warm up and dry off a bit.  Many players went out to their vehicles to change and get out of their drenched clothes.  A raffle prize drawing was held.  Competitors were given tickets as part of their entry, and the tickets couldn’t be bought.
The results of the prelims were ready, and the players eagerly awaited the announcement, wanting to know if they made the cut. 
Eight teams from Youth and 12 from Rookie took the field.  The competition got tougher; every team wanted their shot for the finals. 
The Youth finals saw PBZK taking first.  2nd, Team Wipeout.  3rd, F8 Blue.  4th, Z-RO.  5th, Guys on The Couch.  The Youth division allows a player who is under 15 to compete with the same rules as the Rookie division.
The Rookie finals had F8 Black taking first.  2nd, Alliance.  3rd, Glacier Rush.  4th, Command Post.  5th, FUBAR Scenarios.
Even after the winner’s were announced, that wasn’t the end of the fun in the mud.  As everyone knows, where there’s mud, there’s 
almost always someone stuck in it, even National Paintball.  Players and spectator got behind the National truck to push as a four-wheel 
drive truck was pulling it out.  They then went to help anyone in need of getting out of the mud.
New players are always welcome to HRL, friendly players with a good attitude are the only requirements.  It’s an unlimited, tournament paint only event.  There are four events left in the season.  The HRL will make its way back to Tanks World of Paintball on December 8th for the next tournament in the series.  The deadline for registrations is December 6th.  More information can be found at  Special thanks to National Paintball Supply for their support, and to Paintball Maxx, JT USA, Worr Games, Odyssey, and Redz for helping sponsor the tourney.

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