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1999 Great Western Series Hawaii Tournament
November 18-21, 1999

Genesis/Swoop wins Amateur 5 Man
KAPP wins Novice 5 Man
Urban Quest II wins Rookie 5 Man

Quack Attack wins Beginner Stock
NIB wins Advanced Stock

Diablo wins Amateur 10 Man
KAPP wins Novice 10 Man

Scoreboard: The 1999 Great Western Series broke from its traditional Southern California location to be held on the Island of Oahu, Hawaii on the grounds of the Turtle Bay Resort.  Located on the Island's north shore, famous for its rolling surf, the resort grounds include tennis courts, a golf course, horse back riding trails, and semi wilderness area where the games were held.

Diverse is the best way to describe the fields,  Out in the open on grass, abutting the vendor's tent was Diablo's Sup'Air ball field.  In Hawaiian jungle, the Great Western Series staff carefully cleared coconuts and low branches to build a balanced field.  Between it and the beach lay a more open wooded field, its seaside edge screened off to allow spectators to wander between the beach and field edge only a few yards apart.  The most unique field was dominated by banyon trees.  One main tree near the center had branches radiating out, dropping runners which form natural barricades.

Thursday saw the stock class tournament.  Typically stock class tournaments are few and far between, but the Great Western Series has included stock class in its major events for the past several years.  Stock Class remains strong in Hawaii, with Hawaiian teams typically making a solid showing in mainland stock class events.  The tournament's 3 player stock competition brought out fifteen teams in both beginner and advanced divisions.  Event sponsor Component Concepts provided stock class Phantom paintguns for teams that did not own their own stock gear.

All of the preliminary games were held on the jungle field where The Odyssey and X-Men Old solidly led their divisions.  The finals were moved out to the SupAir field.  This meant that the teams not in the competition had more room to watch and cheer.  The change in field format also meant a change in playing styles.  The open SupAir field had players moving a bit faster with more than one game going topsey-turvey, teams both sweeping opposite sides and holding far ends.  When the dust settled Quack-Attack topped The Odyssey and Diablo for the beginner title while NIB beat out X-Men Old and Combat Crew II in the Advanced division.

The 10 player competition was played on Friday, with four amateur teams and nine novice teams competing.  With only four teams the amateur division was played in a single round robin for total points with no semi-finals or finals.  Team Damage and Diablo came out of the gates strong with the first wins, but Damage held thier lead while Diablo began trailing.  By the time the games were over though, Diablo had the most points at 457, followed by Team Damage at 383, Shockwave and The Dawgz.  The last game between The Dawgz and Diablo ended in a player playing on which precipitated overshooting, and was followed by a fight off the field.  The two players who instigated the action were banned from future GWS events.  One player was banned for a year, and the other who had just returned from a one year ban will not be allowed at any future GWS tournaments.

The two stand-out leaders in the novice pack were Hostile Takeover and KAPP.  After the third of four games in the prelims, both were undefeated, but Hostile didn't make their fourth game, so they ranked second going into the finals, behind KAPP and ahead of Jesters.  Team Jesters were fielding a diverse lineup with players from California, Florida, and Hawaii.  In the finals, KAPP was once again undefeated, winning every game of the tournament, a very rare occurance in the GWS.  Following KAPP was the Jesters, and a third place finish for Hostile Takeover.

After the tournament games were finished, players took advantage of the Diablo SupAir Ball field for pick-up games mixing together players on throw-together teams.  A number of the local players enjoyed thier first chance to play this style of paintball.

Saturday also marked the appearance of the majority of the sponsors and vendors.  Underneath the main tent AKALMP displayed thier product line, Stealth Paintballs offered thier paint and event shirts, Paintball Junkies offered event shirts, and Cobra Paintball provided Angel tech support.  Outside John and Rita Gregory of JT set up a number of JT tents to provide staging area for teams.  Mike Cassady of Component Concepts made a number of appearances as did Bud and Jeff Orr.  The Worr Game Products father and son were scheduled to play 5 man with Fallen Angels, but were sidelined by untimely colds.  Providing support for thier air systems at "The Air Guy's" fill station were Dianne and Warrick MacMullen of Australia's Max Attack.  Players dined on burgers hot-dogs and other goodies served up by Red Nan, Brian Lucas and the rest of the Stealth crew.

Thirty-four amateur, novice and rookie teams took to the fields for the 5 player competition.  Of the amateurs, Iron Kids finished first, followed by the Outsiders and the combined Genesis/Swoop.  In the novice division Asylum had a very solid first start, maxing thier first four games and going on to lead the division with 628 points.  Only 12 points behind was KAPP with a string of wins of thier own.  The rookie division was led into the semi-finals by Outkast, then ACP Psychos and OTP. 

Storm L pulled ahead in the Novice semis leading the pack into the finals.  The fompetition was fierce with KAPP and Asylem matching scores to move on.  ACP Psychos went into the rookie finals with a 15 point lead on Urban Quest II and Toxic Shock, while the Amateur division was topped by Outsiders, Iron Kids and Genessis/Swoop.

In the finals, anything goes, starting from a clean slate Kapp grabbed novice first place.  Urban Quest II took first place in the rookie division, and Genesis/Swoop topped the Amateur bracket.  It is interesting to note that no 5 man team maxed both of thier finals games, so teams were on edge waiting to see points totals at the end of the day.

Once again, players hit the field after the tournament games for walk-on play, with far more players than the previous day.  A never-ending game developed with new players coming in for the ones which were eliminated.  An extra level of excitement arose when Dan Bonebrake dropped a case of Diablo paint in the center of the field that went to the first player who could grab it.  Occasionally a player would decide it was time to switch teams and spin around shooting all of the players on thier side of the field.

After time to clean up, the teams gathered in the Turtle Bay Hilton for a banquet which was immediately followed by the awards ceremony where tournament, and 1999 series winners were recognized.  After the awards, the players and members of the industry were treated to a luau sponsored by Stealth Paintballs.  A local dance group performed Hawaiian and Tahitian dances, and got a number of players and industry people in on the act.

On a personal note, we would like to thank Russ Maynard and Dan and Liz Bonebrake for recognizing the WARPIG project at the awards ceremony, as well as the Outsiders for the same while receiving thier trophy. 

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