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Circuito Brasileiro de Paintball

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CBP # 3  
August 16-17, 2008 
Information and Photos Courtesy Karina Simões.

First Place Open Class - Suminami
Firet Place D4 - Adrenaline Pura
First Place D5 - Tissunami

paintballCircuito Brasileiro De Paintball headed to the Megaplay Paintball Field in Sao Paulo Brazil for their third tournament of the year on August 16th and 17th. Blessed with a weekend of good weather, the tournament had Osvalto Lopez from the Jungle Boyz serving as ultimate judge.

The first round of the event started on Saturday with teams playing in three divisions each fighting for ranking within their classification.

In the D5 category (rookie) there were 6 teams, most of which came from outside of Sao Paolo. Two of these teams, BSB Guardians and Tissunami were brand new to the league and gave a solid showing being among the teams that made the cut to the semifinals. Rapinas Rookie finished the day with the top ranking with Monkey Paintball joining the other three on their way to the semis. The preliminary round was were the competition ended for Commando Blackout and Shockers.

paintballAt the next level of competition, D4, AGP-Guaipecas and AC/DC played the first game of the preliminary round. Here 8 teams were competing for four slots to advance into the semifinals. The Chan Team lead the pack at the end of the round followed by Adrenalina Pura, Ronin Black and AGP-Guaipecas. Bushido, Lemings, AC/DC and Ninjinhas Jr were the four teams cut by their finish in the prelims.

The “big show” in the CBP is the open class competition. Here thirteen teams had signed up, but Cojotes and Angers ran into roster problems that prevented them from competing. The result was 11 teams fighting for 10 advancement slots in the prelims. After playing through the preliminary rounds it was Rapinas Silver that fell on hard luck and was cut from the competition while the remaining teams moved up to the quarterfinals.

paintballThe 10 teams that cleared the open class prelims were then split into two divisions of 5 teams each. In the quarterfinals each team played the other four in its division, with the top teams moving on to the semifinals.

In the best 2 out of 3 semifinals round, Rapinas Rookie played Tissunami for D5. Tissunami found victory in two consecutive games. Monkey beat BSB Guardans in their first game, and in the next, securing their spot in the finals against Tissunami.

The D4 semifinals saw Chan and Adrenalina Pura each winning their best 2 of 3 games, meaning that they would battle for first and second in the finals while Ronin Black and AGP-Guaipecas played to decide third and fourth place.

paintballThe open class had fourth ranked Suminami defeating first ranked Ninjinhas White in back to back games, as a surprise to many in the grandstands.

In the D5 finals Rapinas Rookie played the BSB Guardians for third place, and brought home the trophy. Tissunami lost their first game against Monkey Paintball, but did not lose heart. Tissunami won their next two games, earning the first place trophy.

In the D4 finals, most games ran long in the clock, as hard fought and well-matched battles. AGP-Guaipecas defeated Ronin Black for third place. Adrenalin Pura and Chan were well matched, but two wins gave Adrenaline Pura the first place D4 title.

paintballThe “big show” was the open class finals round. Ninjinhas Delta defeated Ninjinhas White securing a third place finish to the tournament. The big match up came between Suminami and Ninjinhas Bravo. With eight years tournament experience, Suminami is known for it's team captain and owner Paul Suminami's strong attitudes. This year the team has been playing under a sponsorship from DYE. Ninjinhas Bravo has been strong all season, usually present into the semifinals round. It only took two games to decide the open class first place champion, and that was Suminami.

paintball suminami cbpThe next stop for the CBP will be their 4th event, held at the Gorilaz Field on September 27th and 28th.




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