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Canadian National Speedball Championships
January 27-28, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
 By Richard
Novice-B.C. Supernaturals II
Amateur- Darkside
Masters- Shockwave

The Canadian Amateur Speedball Championships were held in Calgary, Alberta Canada at the Calgary Stampede Fairgrounds. A sawdust covered field made for somewhat slippery conditions but an enjoyable playing experience. The two fields were accommodated in a large stable-like building, with a restaurant inside, made feeding the 70 some odd teams an easy task. The Championships held in Calgary for the 8th year had teams from British Columbia to Newfoundland and some American teams such as Total Eclipse from Montana. The event was spread over two days seeing the Novice division start the day and then mix in with the Amateur and Masters rounds. The Novice competition was a round robin with no finals, as was the Masters. The Amateur division was the only division to have a semi-final and finals.  The event sponsored by Zap and Paintball Paradise was run smoothly from beginning to end. Zap paint was the only paint used and shoot clean and true, to most of us surprising. Reffing was excellent with Personal Vendetta.

The Novice division saw the B.C. Supernaturals in first after eight rounds
and leading into the second day. Icemen II followed in second with Mixed
Nutz rounding out the top three. The amateur games were round robin
events with semi-finals and finals. The play was more intense, giving the
Novice teams something to look forward to next year. The round robin
ended late Saturday night with the Cowboys leading group A, followed by
A.B.V and in third Havoc I. Group B was led by Liquid (Frontline) followed
by Warped Vision and Havoc II. The Master division ended off the day with
Shockwave dominating the division with the B.C. Supernaturals I, Masters
Of Mayhem and Total Eclipse rounding off day one.

Day two saw the Novice division take center stage with the final eight rounds
of the sixteen. The B.C. Supernaturals II never relinquished their lead taking
the Novice division with a total of 1174. Mixed Nutz took second with 989
and finally Icemen II with 844 rounded off the Novice division. Zap paint,
P.M.I gloves and butt backs were awarded to the winning teams along with a
custom made glass trophy. The Amateurs then finished off their semi finals
and finals with American team Darkside taking first place. Liquid (Frontline)
took second and Warped Vision finished off the Amateur with a third place
showing. Dye stainless steel and Boomsticks were awarded to the top three
Amateur teams along with P.M.I jerseys and cases of Zap paint.

The Master only played a round robin which saw team Shockwave never
release their stranglehold on first, finishing with a score of 1187 after
fourteen games. B.C. Supernaturals II finished in second with 1027 and third
was grabbed by Skydome veterans Masters Of Mayhem. The Masters teams
took home Gladiator regs, JT Sponsorships packages and Zap paint. 

This event was fully covered and also had a protective net around both fields
to allow spectators to enjoy Canada's best as they fought it out for national
supremacy. Zap representatives were on hand for a victory speech at the end
and to wish all teams the best of luck in the future. Vending machines and
paintball vendors along with World Cup video's kept the players and fans
entertained for both days. 


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