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Cal Jam 2003 Recap
by Julio Lagos
November 14-16, 2003

CAL JAM has ended and here are the official stats of those who took the gold and dished out a gallon of paint against their opponents.


1st - The Edge
2nd - Mutiny
3rd - Shockwave L.A
4th - Naughty By Nature

1st - WGP Nitro
2nd - Splat Factory
3rd - Wicked
4th - ANS Factory

1st - Dark Matter
2nd - Volcano
3rd - Sunrise
4th - Bone Squad


1st - Crush
2nd - ACI Turmoil
3rd - Skurge
4th - INC

1st - ACI Splat Factory
2nd - Bad Influence
3rd - Imerican Kids
4th - ANS Factory

1st - Bob Long Intimidators
2nd - Brick
3rd - Bob Long Ironmen
4th - Take 1

SC VILLAGE hosted the tournament this year, a change from the 2002 host, -Hollywood Sports Park. CAL JAM promoters along with SC Village and Hollywood Sports Park want to make it clear that, “CAL JAM is a tournament by the sponsors for the players.” Dennis 
Bukowski and Giovanni D’Egidio (co-owners of Hollywood Sports and SC Village) continue to say, “Support those who support you.”

To wrap up the coverage on CAL JAM, it was truly breathtaking! Everything was Rock & Roll, -the games, the spectators, the paint, the music, the girls and the chilidogs. Everything was awesome! –Well, maybe except for the chilidogs. I’ve seen better chilidogs at a high school cafeteria! Besides that though, everything else was FUN-TASTIC! The rush of competition that athletes of CAL JAM had within them was unlike any other. Never before have I seen players 
shout and scream at one another as fierce as they did, -“get him out ref! Get him out! Check his shoulder ref! Check it! Go for it! Move up! Move up!! MOVE UP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!” Not only were paintballs being abused, but so were tonsils! All I can say is that CAL JAM athletes are truly a one of a kind species. This is probably why CAL JAM has come to be known as the freshest tournament to splatter in to the world of tourneys.

Countless of free prizes were given out to the herd of players that gathered at the stage, which held not only the scoreboard but also the beautiful CAL JAM trophies. There were several hundred people gathered around the stage, looking up, with eyes fixated on the gift about to be thrown like a piece of meat to the lions. Mr. Razzle Dazzle (Giovanni D’Egidio) and The Builder Bukowski (Dennis Bukowski) began to throw out free gifts to the crowd that had gathered around the stage. Prizes that were thrown out to the audience were more than just barrel plugs and t-shirts. High dollar prizes that were thrown in to the crowd included brand new Halo’s, 
expensive type barrels, and yes –even MARKERS! Can you believe that Mr. Razzle Dazzle and The Builder Bukowski threw perfectly new & expensive type paint markers? –I couldn’t! -And I witnessed the occurrence! Well, I suppose it’s a testament of how CAL JAM is BY THE SPONSORS FOR THE PLAYERS: Support those who support YOU! No other tourney in the world keeps it as fresh as CAL JAM and as down to earth as CAL JAM.

The winning teams received several thousands of dollars in prizes. Unlike cheap-o tournaments that only give to maybe first or second, -and if your lucky third place, CAL JAM was handing our prizes sometimes even up to 7th place! “CAL JAM is a great investment for paintball teams!” –member of West Coast Ballers. Many made their way out of the crowd with a great deal of many boxes filled expensive gifts, awesome prizes, duffel bags filled with more thousands of dollars worth of goodies, girls on their shoulders, barrels, paint, plugs, and many markers. Each team received approximately $7,000 worth in prizes. –Not too shabby. By the end of the day, teams had money in their pockets and had gained recognition as CAL JAM 
Athletes. For more information on SCVILLAGE please visit SCVILLAGE.COM or dial 562-867-9600. For information on Hollywood Sports please visit HOLLYWOODSPORTS.COM or dial 

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