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Cal Jam Commentary
November 9-12, 2001
by Jason Robbins

 Cal Jam is one of those events you love to wind the season down with. Itís a fairly high profile event but itís relaxed enough that players just go to have fun. Over the last four years the event has grown in popularity, and this year it has attracted some well-known players.  

 Giovanni of SC Village promoted the event. For those of you that have been lucky enough to play at the SC Arenas know how fun, fast, and furious the fields can play out. This year they used their 3 Hyper Ball fields, the always-interesting Double Mounds field, their very fast Speed Ball field, and they also rolled out 2 Sup Air Ball fields. The event attracted a ton of teams, and Giovanni claimed that the event is now considered to be the second biggest of its kind. 

 The eventís festivities were spread out over four days. Friday was the first day of the event, and it was used for the 3-man competition. Friday felt more like a warm up for the three days that would follow. The 3-man teams were not using the Sup Air fields, and the semis and finals were eliminated all together. The top team in the prelims got bragging rights, and walked away with the prizes.

 Saturday was the start of the 5-man competition. The day was set-aside for the beginner, and rookie brackets. A local fire department brought out one of their old ladder trucks. They hoisted the ladder up high and at the end of it flew an American flag. Before the event started we all paid our respects as the National Anthem was sung. Following the anthem a group prayer was lead by the captain of a local Christian team. All this was in honor of our country, and the Sept. 11th tragedies. 

 Sunday was yet another day of 5-man competition. This time the Novís, and the Amís played. Ron Kilborn and his Bushwhackers would face Strange in the Amateur Finals. Strange beat out the Whackers by one body. But Ron had something else to be happy about. On Friday Ron received the SC Village Life Time Achievement award for all that he has done for the sport with in Southern California. 

 All that was happing over the last 3-days would be shadowed by the 7-man competition on Monday. Over the last month most of the teams at SC village were practicing for the 7-man. This is what everyone was waiting for. The amateur finals came down to the same two teams. Bushwhackers and Strange face to face again. Strange won with a controversial ending; a lot of the local teams were displeased with the way this one ended. 

 Cal Jam 4 was overall a great event. The prizes for this event were awesome. You could have opened a shop with all of the guns and paint that was given away. There were even freebies thrown into the crowed during the awards ceremony. Unfortunately some of the players acted very unprofessionally during the ceremony. I think us as players need to take the next step into professionalism. Letís leave the freebies for those who came to watch the event, and for the kids that have just started playing in competitions such as this.

 For all that it wasÖ it was great. It was the most fun I have ever had on a paintball field. There were a good number of vendors showing all of the latest and greatest. Some players came to end the season on a fun note, and others came to feel out their newly formed teams. Cal Jam 4 was a fun event. Most of us started playing paintball because it was fun, and it was nice to feel that once again.


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