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World Cup 2000 Product Showcase
by Bill Mills
Photos by Dawn Mills

World Cup is a huge event, and it brings out not just the players, but the paintball industry as well, take a look at several of the products shown.
Crossfire 51 ci

One of the drawbacks to compressed air systems has long been their size.  Crossfire's new steel 51ci tank with integrated regulator is TINY.  In fact the tank is 2.25 inches shorter than a standard 47 cubic inch tank.

V Force Morph and Shield

They're back in the game with a new name.  The V-Force Shield goggle and the new Morph (pictured) offer a streamlined mask with open eye space to prevent fogging, and optical clarity provided by a molded, curved lens.  V Force goggles are being distributed by Diablo Direct.  The unveiling included week long competitions to find the fastest lens changer.  The top finalists were under 10 seconds, and the winner walked away with $1,000 cash.

Point Blank Paintballs

So yet another brand of paint isn't amazing innovation, but it is more choice and more competition in an ever expanding market.

Invincible gear from Redz

Redz Comfort gear is doing more than just packs with the Invincible clothing line including jerseys and gloves.

Warrior Sports Gear

Warrior has a different take on ball blocking safety.  Instead of a plug that won't always fit right, the Barrel Condom is a reinforced cloth bag that is held in place by an adjustable drawstring over the paintgun's feed port.  Of course they also have their full line of paintball shirts* too.

* Model not included

Warp Feed kits from Pro Team

Airgun Designs developed the Warp Feed to provide fast, reliable feeding, while keeping the hopper below the paintgun.  They left it to Pro Team Products to sell adapter kits so that the Warp Feed will work on non-AGD paintguns - the first units were available for sale at World Cup.  The Warp Feed uses a piezoelectric sensor to activate when the paintgun vibrates from firing.

OTP Breech Sizer Barrels

The fit of the paintball in the barrel is important for accuracy.  Instead of changing barrels to fit the ball, On Target Products uses a set of breech sizers so you can select the perfect fit.

Worr Paint

With the purchase of the Bruizer line of paintguns, Worr Game Products not only has the legendary Autococker line, but a beginner/intermediate paintgun as well.  Now their product line includes Worr Paint paintballs.

Cobra Paintball

The Cobra Angel LCD paintguns are custom modified by Cobra Paintball for top looks and performance.

New from Cobra is the Cobra ball detent (third picture).  The Cobra detent is threaded for both Angel and Autococker use.  What sets it aside from the stock detent is its two piece nut which allows the ball brearing and reversible spring (for adjustable pressure) for cleaning.

If you're sick of the sound of paintguns firing indoors at a paintball shop or tournament vendor's tent this one's a winner.  Cobra's paintgun muffler allows a tech to test fire a paintgun without all the noise.  Presently available with Angel and Bushmaster threads - Autococker coming soon.

Custom Products

They're more than barrels.  CP's new drop forward features a hot-rod flame cut-out for a wild new look.

CP is milling the bodies for the Dan Bonebrake custom Autococker.  The result is a lightweight cocker with cool organic curves.

Adjustable fit barrel plug.  Two sets of o-ring grooves let you choose the diameter to which the o-rings will be stretched.

Dressy buttons for the LCD Angel.  These nickel plated brass buttons replace the colored plastic buttons that come stock on the LCD for a more durable, custom look.

Bunker Buddy

Strapping a couple of pods into a "football" to carry onto the field is a common practice.  The Bunker Buddy from Unique Sporting is a dual or triple sleeve to strap two or three pods together.  Rules committee interpretation at World Cup allowed two pods to be strapped together and tossed when empty, but declared that 3 or more would be "equipment" which means you're eliminated if you get more than 5 feet away from it.

New Planet Pods

OK, they work the same as the old ones, but the chrome look coloring is new, and proved pretty popular amongst the players.  They fit the Jacko Packs (that's Jacko in the pic) and other standard sized packs.

New Gear from Mac Development

The air systems from down under have a new twist - or flip as the case may be.  The new adjuster knob for the Max Attack regulator includes a flip out lever.  Once the regulator pressure has been set and locked with the wheel, flipping out the lever turns off the regulator and degasses the downstream gas line while preserving the pressure setting.

More than just air.  Max Attack is bringing to market custom Bushmasters with their own internals, and their new, super compact pneumatics regulator for the Autococker under the Sonic brand name.

Tiny gauges.  These new gauges have a slightly magnified cover, and place the gauge pivot point off center to allow a more detailed scale in a smaller package.  Check out the quarter in the picture for a size comparison.

The classic is back!

Sheridan, which has been getting back into paintball has revived the venerable PGP, the paintgun on which many of the "old timers" started playing.  10 shots in the parallel feed tube, pump action, and a 12 gram CO2 cartridge make this paintgun stock class legal.

Benchmark beavertail

In order for an Autococker to be tournament legal it needs to have a beavertail guard around the cocking rod.  Last year Benchmark integrated this stylish dual rod model into their grip frames.  This year's it's available bolt on accessory compatible with most (including the stock) trigger frames.

New souvenir trophies from Morgan Awards

Morgan Awards provides the trophies for North America's leading tournaments.  But what if you've gone all the way to World Cup and weren't a top finisher?  The World Cup momento trophies (top) and medals (middle) were available to players who wanted something extra to remember the event.

Aluminum Apocalypse

For years, the Apocalypse HPA/N2 regulator was the regulator to have, for reliability on 3,000 psi systems, and for its ability to run at 4,500 psi as well, with its blocky steel construction it was a heavyweight.  Air America's next high end model was the Armageddon two piece design with Aluminum construction.  The classic performance and styling of the Apocalypse is back, but now it is available in a lighter aluminum body with lightening grooves.  Installed on a 68ci 4,500 psi tank it delivers a lot of power in a compact, light weight package.

Animal Paintball

Jerseys don't have the same old look anymore.  Animal Paintball's designs feature color fades and animal/tribal designs.  Their lightning jersey is definitely unique looking.


Another option in jerseys, BlackStar features sharp edged geometric patterns that are sure to turn heads.

Angel Air

The long awaited Angel Air, companion to the Angel LCD, made a strong appearance at the Cup.  It's rubber tank armor provides impact and scratch protection for the bottle, bottle neck and regulator base, but may prove a bit of a problem in the US where air fill providers must visually inspect the tank body exterior prior to filling.  The computer enhanced regulator is what really sets this 4,500 psi system aside as the most advanced HPA system ever.  The mechanical regulator is packaged with an electronic pressure sensor and computer.  Not only does the LCD display tank pressure, but it measures the pressure drop with each shot fired and computes how many shots worth of gas is remaining in the tank.  The Angel Air is expected to ship in quantity in early November 2000.

The latest from Smart Parts

If you checked out our photo galleries from the 2000 Zap International Open you've already seen Smart Parts' Freak - the modular barrel system with inserts of various inner diameters. 

Rase is the new soft goods line Smart Parts launched this year, including packs, and jerseys.  Pictured third from the top is the Rase neoprene tank cover.  The Rase packs are open ended to accept pods of differing lengths, and use an elasticized pocket so you won't loose the pod the moment you pull the flap.  Optional zip-on pockets allow for adjustable carrying capacities.  Pictured below is Ivan, one of the Smart Parts staffers behind the Rase designs.

Extreme Rage and KAPP

These two teamed up in their own tent which had not just their products, but a luau buffet, dining area and beach vollyball court.

DYE Precision

Two words - Boomstick Titanium - the exotic metal that gets people's attention is used to form the rear portion of DYE's top of the line barrel.  Also new at the event are the DYE packs with removable lumbar support cushion.


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