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Airgun Designs / Worr Games Products Technical Seminar

Article by: Alexander Gum, Team Captain NRG / President of United Ambition Marketing Group Tech Certified: Advanced AGD Automag, Advanced WGP Autococker, and Basic AGD RT Automag.

Day One SaturdaySyllabus for the Tech Certification Conference/Washington D.C/February 20-22, 1998

How the products are to presented, SELLING and PRESENTATION

Gun Theory Troubleshooting People Problems and Home Brew modifications AND that was just the first day! With over 200 plus people in attendance ranging from field owners, storeowners, to gun techs, the conference room was packed. The sheer number amazed Tom Kaye (Airgun Designs), Bud Orr (Worr Games Products), & Mike Peverill (PCRI). When we finally broke for the evening, finding a restaurant in DC was an adventure in itself best left for a tale or two in some other articles. After dinner, we found ourselves back in the conference room, chatting person to person with Tom and Bud. We formed 2 "tiny" factions and discussed the future of paintball to Tom and Bud's grass roots. A head count proved that there were at least 80 people in the evening session. And our talks lasted into the wee hours of the night… 1:30 am!

Day Two

Someone stole the syllabus? Tom had to "wing it". We covered the Automag already; he discussed the difference between the cocker and the mag. We went on to RT 101. We were enlightened about the internal operation of the RT. The end of the session was the test. I haven't taken a test in 10 years! A few of my colleagues even admitted to "freezing" up, at the thought of taking the test. The luncheon was in the Stars Lounge, located in the penthouse of the Sheraton National Hotel. In the afternoon Bud introduced new products like the "Mega-Booster" from Paintball Mania manufactured by Teledyne.

The evening attendance was just about the same size of the day before if not, larger. This time it was more confrontational. Tom, Bud, and Pev were asking for suggestions for holding future seminars. Whether to include a tradeshow, or more certifications in other high end products on the market including the Angel, Tippman, Smart Parts, Pneuventures, and Air America. Since this was a pioneer event, the groundwork was being laid out via questions posed by Tom and Pev. On the downside, which looked more like a town lynch mob or a tenant/owner association meeting, the question was posed about the certification itself. They wanted to know what we wanted the certification to say! Given, that there has never been a class of this magnitude before and that we were setting the benchmark for future classes to come, this was not the time to ask this kind of question. It's like asking the student what kind of degree the teacher should give upon completion of the class. It was settled after I suggested 1 for Advanced Automag, 1 for Advanced Autococker, and 1 for RT 101 (Basic RT), totaling for 3 certifications in all. In the future, we will be anticipating a certification class for Advanced Automag RT.

Day Three

Monday was exhausting. To try to make the session more interesting, Bud decided to change up the lecture between his three techs, Jeff, Mike, and Rick. Jeff and Mike were the standup routine; Jeff was the straight man, and Mike was comic relief. The tech manuals they handed out were a great resource. The session encompassed the manufacture of the autococker to the take down of the ram and 3 way… timing, and customizing the gun, and so on. Greatfully, there wasn't a test. I was exhausted; stress from driving in DC, to cramming so much in so little time was enough. But I was glad, because I did absorb it all, and am still able to write an article about it.

Perhaps one week in the future, an entity was to compile a course that encompasses the history, the theory, the dynamics, the mechanics, and the entire unbiased product knowledge and present it in a conference with elective sessions, free hands-on tutorials, and Professional Certifications. The "pulse" of the industry cries out for solidarity. Internet post boards scream for more industry involvement in large events, not just in a sponsor/business way, but in forming an independent organization to provide a standard for events and seminars. This seminar was to be a one-time event, its' success proved that the paintball community hungers for knowledge and training. From big picture views to focused product demonstrations, a seminar that would deliver the tools and training, anyone can't afford to miss. To be able to stay connected to up-to-minute product updates through the use of online web resources such as Without change there is no progress, without progress there is no change. Today, is the stepping stone to the future. It's up to us to decide to take the first step.

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