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Warped Sportz

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ACE for the Angel LCD
from Warped Sportz LA
by Andrew Constant

Today's paintball markers are capable of firing at faster rates of fire than ever before. The anti chop eye (ACE) has become the latest development and now growing trend with new markers. ACEs are designed to allow a paintball marker to only fire when a paintball is detected to be in the ready to be fired position. This position can very from marker to marker but generally it is when a ball has completely fallen into place in front of the bolt.  Gun manufactures have stepped up and delivered to the paintball consumer several markers that come from the factory with the ACE installed. This modification until recently has only been available as a factory install, like the COPS anti-chop system on the Angel IR3. But now after market companies are offering their own ACE systems as upgrades.  Currently available on the WDP LCD Angel is the A.C.E. kit from Warped Sportz LA.  

In the past the ACE system was available to only a small circle of selected professional players. It took two to three months and your gun had to be sent overseas to Finland.  Today Glen Forester and his crew at Warped Sportz LA have created a partnership with the designer of the ACE system to be the sole US distributor. This partnership has given U.S. players a chance to own an ACE, at a reasonable cost, in a short amount of time, backed by excellent customer service from the guys at Warped Sportz LA.

The ACE system can only be installed by Warped Sportz LA, they do not sell the kit uninstalled. It is a permanent modification and the body of the gun does have to be milled.  To install the eyes of the system a hole is drilled on both sides of body just behind the ball detent.   The eyes are placed there to detect when there is a paintball in this position.  The eye set consists of an infrared emitter and detector.  When a paintball breaks the beam that is shining from the emitter to the detector, the detector sends a signal to the ACE electronics.  The operating logic is simple.  If the detector can see the beam, then a ball has not yet fed into the breech, so it prevents the Angel from firing.

The eyes are siliconed in place. The wires from the eyes then are run into the grip frame where holes are drilled in both sides. Then the wires are lead from there to the factory board.  An area just underneath the board is milled out to allow room for the ACE chip and wire harness. 

For this review an ACE system was installed on a 2k2 Angel LCD by  Pro Avalanche player Jingles Rapiz from Warped Sportz LA.  Receiving back the newly upgraded angel back I immediately noticed that the Max rate of fire setting had been changed to 20 BPS from the 14 BPS factory setting.  I asked Jingles if this was a mistake his reply was "your angel can now be fired at 20 Balls per second with no chopping problems as long as everything else is in good working order." 

“Everything else” means, a good working loader with new batterys, and a clean good working ball detent. The gun was set up using a View Loader Evolution 2 hopper, Smart Parts Freak kit, and an Air American Armageddon air system. 

The ACE system is always on when the gun is turned on.  To turn the ACE off just hold the trigger for 15 sec and the ACE is off. Remember though, the max rate is still set at 20 BPS so you do have to be careful not to outshoot the hopper and break paint when ACE is turned off. 

To test that the ACE is working hold down the trigger and turn the gun on. The LCD display will read with your serial numbers. Your angel will now be in test mode. Then remove your hopper and place a squeegee down the feed neck - your screen should read Safe. 

On the field the ACE performed flawlessly, using various colors of paintballs did not cause a hiccup. The gun was fired at various angles, even sideways and it did not chop a single ball. While rapid firing the Angel the loader was turned off, the gun fired the remaining stack of paintballs in the feed neck and stopped firing without a chop. The loader was turned back on and the angel was back shooting without a hitch.

The Warped Sports ACE is a great modification it gives players the technology to keep their markers shooting with the best.  Say good bye to broken balls, cleaning paint out of your breech, and missed shots.  Say hello to paintball at full speed. Play hard, Play Clean, Have Fun.

About the author:
Andrew constant is a tournament paintball player and engineering student residing in Central California.


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