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All Acrylic

Product testing performed with DraXxus Paintballs

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Quick Fill 2
By Bill Mills - June 2005

Acrylic designer and fabricator Skip Jacksopn of All Acrylic in Northern California has increased the company’s paintball offerings from gun stands to pod loaders with the Quick Fill and Quick Fill 2.

The Quick Fill pod loaders look at first glance as if they could hold coffee beans at the local grocery store, and in fact they work nearly the same way, with the difference being of course that they are designed to dispense paintballs.  They are basically rectangular in shape and constructed of clear and tinted acrylic panels.  Judged merely on appearance, the Quick Fill looks far more like a professional store display than something that one would expect to see crammed in the bottom of a player’s gear bag.

A sliding lid on top allows them to be filled with paint, and then closed to protect it from dust or rain.  While the lid will keep out splashes of water, it is not airtight, so paint stored in the Quick Fill for extended periods of time may suffer due to humidity.  The lower surface on the inside of the Quick Fills is slanted toward the front, so that gravity will do its job, and concentrate paintballs against the front edge of the container space.

The lower surface of the Quick Fill has an edge about six inches from the front.  This allows it to be placed on a table-top or counter top, so that it can be pushed on from the front without sliding backwards.  The thickness of the table does not matter, as the Quick Fill does not need to be clamped in place to operate, merely set on the edge of a flat surface.

On the bottom front surface is a sliding panel, or pair of panels in the case of the Quick Fill 2.  The sliding panels have a curved surface on the front, and are spring loaded.  

These panels act as gates for the paintballs.  When they are pushed back, the open a path for paintballs to pour out.  When released, metal springs return them to their closed position.  Pressing the mouth of an empty pod up against the gate opens it, and fills the pod with paintballs in about two seconds.

Aside from the number of feed gates, the Quick Fill and Quick Fill2 differ in another aspect – their width.  The Quick Fill 2 is twice as wide, meaning it can hold twice as much paint as the smaller model – a full case as opposed to half a case.  

Using the Quick Fill 2 for review, filling pods was a fast and easy process, as is the case with most of the similarly designed pod fillers on the market today.  However with its dual feed gates pods could be filled literally twice as fast by a single person, pressing two empties up to the fill ports and coming away full.  In this manner a case of paint was podded very quickly.  

The Quick Fill and Quick Fill 2 offer a new and stylish option in the still growing market segment of pod fillers.  The Quick Fill 2, with its dual feed gates stands as the reigning champion for high-speed pod filling.

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