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ISC Paintball

Bob Long Technologies

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Paintball Bob Long ISC Paintball Pants
ISC PP-003 Pants
Dec 2010
by Bill Mills - Photos by Dawn Mills

Located between India and Afghanistan, Pakistan sees textiles (clothing, bed linens, cloth and yarn) as its primary export, shipping an estimated $17.87 billion dollars in textiles, about 1/6th of their exports heading to the United States. It should come as no surprise then that a decent amount of the clothing worn by paintballers originates from this part of the Middle East – even if it was designed in the US or Europe and may be from recognized brands in those countries.

ISC Paintball PP-003 Paintball PantsISC Paintball, billing themselves as a “Paint Partner” is a Pakistani clothing manufacturer which specializes in gloves, pants, shirts and other durable wear for paintball and other outdoor activities including fishing, hunting and motocross. ISC manufactures for multiple paintball brands, and makes their designs available to new customers, changing brand identity and customizing designs to their customer's needs as necessary.

Although ISC Paintball does not sell their clothing directly to retail customers, their paintball pants and gloves are available in paintball stores, and paintball distributors, manufacturers and even stores themselves can buy from them building their own brand name in the process. ISC Paintball's stock catalog includes 22 style and fabric combinations for paintball pants and slider shorts and 6 styles of paintball gloves including one that is reminiscent of JT's original glove – the first made specifically for paintball.

Paintball Paints ISC Paintball - Inner CuffISC's PP-003 Pant is typical of their product offerings, and an outer shell of nylon and polyester interior, and brand identification is represented with logo silk-screen printed side panels, thermal transfers on the waistband, interior labeling, ruberized logo medallions and embroidery on the cuffs. The sample ISC Paintball provided for review was branded for Bob Long Technologies. The color scheme of the PP-003 pant is predominantly black with winter grey camouflage highlights.

Bob Long Technologies Paintball Pants ReviewThe pants are durably built, with double-stitching on all the exterior structural seams. Like many of the more advanced paintball pants on the market, these feature a two layer design. The outer-shell delivers the pant's durable shape, and protective padding, while the inner pant is a lightweight mesh offering breathability and comfort. At the shins, the inner pant switches from mesh polyester fabric with an elastic cuff. This arrangement allows the outer cuff to hang over a boot, while the inner cuff is tucked in. Although the mesh higher up won't block tick entry, the inner cuff system will keep gravel twigs and chunks of dirt from getting up into the pants during slides and reverse crawling.

Paintball pants Bob Long strapWhile looseness and baginess benefits players with an increased chance of a paintball that bounces instead of breaking and taking them out of the game, the pant's outer cuffs also feature an elastic draw string with spring-loaded clip so they can be cinched tight to a boot, reducing the chance of entry by ticks or chiggers. A nice plus to the design is a hook and loop tab that holds the ends of the drawstring in place so they don't hang loose as a tripping hazard.

Bob Long Paintball Pants Review - Padded FlyThe PP-003 pants feature a zipper fly that is tucked behind a padded fly panel that offers additional groin protection from the waist down to a few inches from the center of the inseam. Hook and loop cinch straps on the front of each hip attach to a hidden elastic waistband in the rear. Additional loop fastening material on the top of the waist in the back provides added adjustment range, so the pants can be warn large, cinching the waist for an extra-baggy fit that benefits tournament players with an increase in bounce-factor.

Bob Long Technologies Tournament Pants Review - Thigh Vent DetailLike many paintball pants, these pants lack back pockets, but do include standard front pockets, and each thigh has a squeegee pocket sized appropriately for a folded fleece swab style squeegee.

Tournament Paintball Player - DLX LuxeThe knees of the pant are padded from mid-thight to mid-shin from the outer seam to an inch from the inseam. At the top of the knee pad area is a flap where the thigh material overlaps the pad, the gap being filled with a lighter more breathable fabric forming a vent that is downward facing so it won't catch and allow in rainwater when playing in foul weather. The top of the seat features a similar but much larger concealed vent where a large padded section lies over the top of breathable fabric. The pant's venting system is by a line of five quarter-inch metal grommeted vent holes going down the back of each thigh.

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