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International Amateur Open
New Product Introductions
by Bill Mills Photos by Dawn Mills
August 2001

Ennis Rustin from Ricochet

Blue Translucent Ricochet


Ricochet 2K

Introduced earlier in 2000, the Ricochet 2K loader has given players a long awaited alternative in the powered loader market.  It uses a traditional agitator concept to stir the paintballs in the loader each time a ball is dropped to prevent jams before they happen.  Powered by a single 9 volt battery, the Ricochet features an LCD display on the back and ball counter and game timer features.  Rustin announced new models of the loader with chromed and translucent colored shells, as well as a soon to be released lower cost version which forsakes the LCD for a single flashing LED to indicate modes and status.  Rustin also noted that with the varying sizes of feed necks on different paintguns, the Ricochet is molded oversized and includes a piece of sand paper so that the player can sand it to a perfect snug fit.

Section 8 Paintball
Section 8 Paintball

Section 8 Paintball which now provides service and support for the Nova paintguns from the now defunct Air Star has improved the Nova design into a new paintgun, the Dark Star.  The Dark Star sports an improved, higher volume regulator.  Additionally, the solenoid valve which acts as a pilot for the main spool valve is relocated to the rear of the grip frame for better protection.  An alternate breech section converts the Dark Star from its articulated barrel system to allow the use of Autococker threaded barrels.  The Dark Star sports an MSRP of $495, or $595 for the "Lunacy" model with fixed barrel.  Additionally Section 8 is planning a FROG (Field Rental Only Gun) model built for extreme durability and ease of maintenance with the field name engraved on the side and a $125 price tag.

Tony Corletto from Bauer

Bauer, a leading manufacturer of air compressors for SCBA and SCUBA applications is now targeting the paintball market.  Manufactured in both Munich, Germany and Norfolk, Virginia their player and shop series compressors range from 5,000 psi gas or electric portable models on up to 6,000 psi electronically controlled fixed units.  Because their primary market is air for breathing, all of Bauer's compressors feature full filtering systems and moisture traps to deliver clean, dry air.

Maximus Paintball Video

Nelson Columbano from Maximus Productions introduced the Maximus Paintball Video.  Columbano recognized that around the US there were paintball stores with televisions and VCRs that were sitting idle.  The Maximus paintball video features paintball action footage, news updates from, photo galleries from Paintball 2 Xtremes assistant editor Josh Silverman and more.  To top it off, it is free to paintball store owners who agree to play it a minimum number of hours in their store.  Funding for the video is provided by paintball companies advertising with onscreen logo placements and 30 second commercials. 

Mark Tromm demonstrates
the SNAPP pod
Allen Paintball Products (APP)

APP is one of the paintball industry's oldest manufacturers of molded products, and they continue to innovate.  Their widowmaker and firestick aluminum barrels represent a new move into machined aluminum accessories.  Their new squeegee holder lanyard features a c shaped clip that pops on or off of standard squeegees quick and easy yet holds them securely.  They are now producing pods to order.  Fields and stores who want their own 150 round pods can order them with custom logos molded in the side - minimum order 1,000 units.  Split grips are a new custom molded item.  They are wrap-around rubber grips and can have LCD windows placed in them, position and shape determined by the customer.  Also new was their SNAPP tube.  Its side flip lid stays securely shut, but allows for easy one hand loading. 

Laurent announces FAC3FULL

FAC3FULL photographer 
Fabrice Poujade is in danger
of being eaten by a giant Will
Arroyo from Ground Zero

Facefull Magazine

Laurent Hamet announced the launch of Facefull Magazine.  It has been described as a paintball magazine with the style of Maxim or other similar men's magazines.  The thick, lavishly photographed magazine is printed on heavy, glossy paper and due for full distribution in fall of 2001.  A pre-release issue was shown at the tournament.

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