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Adrenaline Games

Facefull Magazine

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Toulouse 2002 DVD
By Bill Mills

Adrenaline Games, producers of Sup’Air, Facefull magazine, and the Toulouse 7 Man World Cup entered the paintball video scene with their video tape documenting the 2001 7 Man Cup.  Building on their experiences producing that tape, they shot footage at the 2002 Toulouse tournament in July and had it prepared into a DVD in time for an October release at the Paintball World Cup in Orlando.

The 2002 DVD opens up with a splash screen of the Adrenaline and Facefull logos, and quickly jumps to an animated menu with driving background music.  The music itself is well edited to jump to new cuts as menu items are selected, giving a very good first impression to the DVD.

The first item from the main menu is entitled “Showtime.”  Selecting it plays a 10 minute documentary about the tournament.  In the past many critics of paintball have said it is a sport that in its present form will not translate well to television.  This portion of the DVD makes a good argument to the contrary.  It is some of the most professional paintball video produced to date.  With a professional sounding announcer, the use of 3 chip industrial video cameras, camera booms to allow points of view close to and above players, and commentaries from some of the top names in paintball, this video explains not only what happened at the tournament, but how paintball is played as well.  It is put together as an excellent introduction to tournament paintball for those who are completely unfamiliar with the sport.  Showtime also follows the tournament through its progress, as teams move from the prelims into the semifinals and finals, with highlights out of key games.  The only thing missing that separates this from a “dream” paintball television show are commercial breaks and an on-screen graphic representation of the tournament scoring and field layout.

The “Goggles On” selection from the main menu goes to a sub menu, where four selected games from the tournament can be viewed in their entirety, complete with play by play commentary.  Again, the use of the camera booms, and several professional cameras on field gives a ready for television quality.  If there is any complaint about this section it is that only four games were covered in their entirety, and it leaves the viewer wanting more.

The “Pro Zone” plays a team biography video that follows Dynasty from their arrival at the airport through walking fields and laying out strategy, on to the hotels, their games, and even delivering the street pizza.  

“The Villiage” segment is about four minutes in length and focuses on the village of tents surrounding the tournament site.  This includes a quick look at the trade show of paintball products, and the snack and restaurant tents.

An extras section features 2 minute commercial for Adrenaline’s new paintball strategy planning board game, Paintcheck, and a collection of Facefull Magazine’s photographs of the tournament set as a slideshow to music.  An extra bonus, almost hidden away in this section is the 21 minute Adrenaline Games video of the 2001 Toulouse 7 Man World Cup, making this DVD like getting two videos in one.

The DVD is available through paintball dealers in the US, with ordering information at Adrenaline’s web site –, and a preview can be viewed on the internet at


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