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Derder Paintball Productions

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Obscure Influence
DVD Review By Bill Mills - Nov 2005
Images from Obscure Influence

Since their entrance into paintball, Derder Paintball Productions has been turning heads with their DVDs.  Their latest release, issued during World Cup 2005 is Obscure Influence.

Like most Derder DVDs Obscure Influence consists largely of fast action shots, cut at a rapid pace to fresh indie music, rather than a game by game format.  The result is non-stop action through the entire DVD.  At 105 minutes total length Obscure Influence is also almost twice as long as the typical one hour paintball DVD, so non-stop applies in more than one way.

The DVD does not cover a single tournament, but rather follows both the NPPL and PSP tournament series, with some of the best action captured by Derder’s cameras at each tournament.

The disk begins with previews from two upcoming DVDs – Running Riot, coverage of the 2005 XPSL season and Insult to Injury with the 2005 CFOA season.

From the main menu, playing the full DVD is just a click away, and this begins with an artistic black and white music video melding images of an urban chess game and a tournament paintball game in the style of an old European art film.  The introduction sets the tone for the disk with excellent camera work and lighting as well as editing.

For each tournament represented on the DVD a short comical scene about the area, or a prank pulled at the event, or voiced over poetic introductions by Matty Marshall set the tone for the event.  Then highlight clips come at a staccato pace to the driving music, with each tournament getting several minutes of screen time.

In addition to San Diego, Las Vegas, Orlando, Huntington Beach, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Amsterdam, Team Interviews and Bloopers add to the disk.  

The Blooper’s section is edited in the same Derder music video style, but instead of great bunkerings, it consists of the worst, and most comical moves - from trips and collisions to lost hoppers, spilled paint and shooting without a barrel.

The team interviews of Avalanche, Infamous, XSV and Dynasty all begin with very short clips of the players talking to the camera, followed by a music video highlighting that team’s progression through the season.  Another themed segment captured just some of the moments of anger, frustration, aggression and strong emotion that can be found in an intense tournament environment.  

Music featured on Obscure Influence is performed by End 7, ASG, Dirt, The S**t Sister, Strike Anywhere, Another Damn Dissapointment, Victory Mansion, Uptown Creepers, The Waking, Mnemonic, The Empire State, Belles in Monica, Soap Box Revolt, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead and Goldrush.  

Extra bonus sections at the end include footage from Nemacolin, Bunkerfest, a profile of the New York Raiders, and The Short Bus, some entertianing game commentary by Kevin "Catfish" Arcilla and Nicky Cuba.

Obscure influence is literally packed with nearly two hours of paintball action and music, and wraps a season of top US tournaments and then some into a single DVD.

Note: Obscure Influence contains strong language, and the brief appearance of a referee’s butt. 

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