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Bermuda Triangle
MXS Sportz Legends Series
by Carson 'Squeegie' Jenkins

Bermuda Triangle was held at Extreme Rage Paintball in Ft. Myers Florida, making the first time MXS has held a game in the sunshine state. If the first MXS game of the 2001 season is any indicator of things to come, then its time to call the airlines because you won’t want to miss a single game. The scenario was to pit the FBI against the Pirates for control over an island in the Caribbean. An easy enough task, or so it seemed. Our small four-man squad of FBI agents would soon try to reclaim the island at all cost. 

The road trip down to Extreme Rage was filled with questions. Extreme Rage is known better known for their speedball facilities, so concerns of field layout were top priority. A quick walk of the area snubbed any doubts we had. Todd & Tami Adamson had gone the extra mile to construct a field that was both challenging and easy to navigate; a formula that is not seen very often in the scenario industry.  With a blend of palmettos, grass plains and a huge two-story castle the arena was set and battle was about to commence. I donned my Ghille suit and made way through the 200 plus players to my home base. 

Base security was on the job. Once banded with our colors, our team was given a diversionary mission to harass the Pirates in the graveyard. This would allow our other forces to set up positions at the castle and give us the advantage. The graveyard was a flatland area surround on all sides by a four-foot tall birm. Palmetto bushes and bunkers peppered the playing field, making it easy to gain or lose ground quickly. Our four-man crew moved in and began to harass the enemy. Brief firefights began to spring up as the enemy moved into our area. The fight had spilled out of the graveyard and began to merge into a fight for the castle, aka the Abandoned Military Complex. The AMC had two flags, each belonging to its prospective owners. The objective was to grab your teams flag and raise it to the top of the command post. The FBI succeeded in grabbing the flag and moving it back to base. Alas, the AMC eventually fell into Pirate hands.

I spent the next hours slithering around the perimeter of the AMC, providing intel on enemy defenses for a counter attack. That’s when I heard a dull “thump” in the distance. The first rounds from a T&M Ordnance Thor paintball mortar had been fired. The incoming artillery only lasted for a few minutes. Luckily, the rounds had been aimed elsewhere. Throughout the remainder of the game, many players began to listen for telltale “thump”. MXS’s bigger, better, faster motto was in full force. Photo intel missions were being run to gather intel on the area known as the volcano. Players would have to take actual pictures of the area to complete the mission. An interesting and difficult task to say the least.

With the intel from the photo-recon mission in the hands of the generals, the fighting started to move out towards the volcano as both sides tried to gain control of the area. The volcano was set in the back of the field. Easy enough except that you had to get through a flatland area the size of a football field filled with knee high palms. Missions began to flow through the area and spawned many firefights between old friends. Air Assault, Bad Monkeys, & Doom Troopers all had their moments in the sun.  The open field also proved to be a sniper’s paradise. With Snooker and friends reffing the zone that I occupied & fair play running rampant, single shot eliminations were a breeze. Several snipers continued to play cat and mouse on the plains, each trying to hold out until the next patrol moved through. One such patrol made their way through my area. A squad had been sent out from the Pirates at the volcano.  Flip from Mayberry Maruaders and his crew made their way past my ambush. I managed to eliminate their engineer and a few others before taking a ball to the melon. With their mission foiled & myself eliminated I now could take a much-needed break. 

Back at the registration area, the air & paint lines were moving very quickly. The game stories were flying from one campsite to the other. The Extreme Rage staff was also on hand to help out or just shoot the tricycle. The feeling that you were a guest, not just a number was very refreshing. Good times were had by all. The referee staff was nothing short of perfection, the lines were very short, and game play was at a 10. The scenario was only half over and it had already been labeled a huge success. Unfortunately, previous family responsibilities prevented myself from staying for the second half. So I will leave you all with stats from the game (thanks Moo for providing the info). If an MXS game is near you in the future, I suggest you don’t miss it. 

FBI: 494
Pirates: 475

FBI: Joe “Top Gun” Hughes
Pirates: Alan “Snipe” Brink

FBI: Garry Nees, Hardball
Pirates: Dave Riel, Fugitives

Most Valuable Player:
FBI: Gary Neckers, Blitzkrieg
Pirates: Darrin Nicholl, Crazy Country Boyz

Most Valuable Team:
FBI: Misfits
Pirates: Mayberry Marauders

Most Valuable Judge:
FBI: Rick Mackey
Pirates: Todd Adamson

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