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MXS Scenario presents
by Clair Stewart 
Sin Sity Raiders

Here is the desert dry and barren as far as the eye can see with patches of sage here and there growing like uneven hair on old man's face.  No escape from the sun just the occasional dust devil spinning across the dusty landscape.  As you blink from the impact of the sun you see a shiny object in the distance.  As you stumble up and down the hills the glint of steel becomes your focus.  Parched from the heat you wonder if your mind has played a cruel trick on you and that this destination will disappear like so many mirages in the past.  You reach out your hand at the doorway and a man appears and clasps you and says, " Welcome to Herbies".  It’s no delusion you have just arrived to the site of MXS’s Chronicles of War scenario, "Fallout".  

Located approximately 5 miles outside of Fernley, Nevada is Herbies Paintball run by Neal and Susan Herbert.  They've been operating this facility for 5 years and have 14 fields for both tournament and recreational player alike.  Herbies is the largest paintball field in Nevada and for most of the Northern California region as well.  Neal holds 13 paintball tournaments a year from one on one event to 7 men and may become the site for some Pan Am affiliate games.   The "Fallout" game is the 4th MXS scenario event held at this site.  As Neal remarked " our field is about the players and what they want is what we give them."  

Unless you've been in a bomb shelter for the past few years you've heard about MXS scenarios.  Owned and operated by Patrick "Pacman" McKinnon and Diane "Mother" Howe McKinnon they travel the paintball fields of America in search of paintball's finest.  Each weekend they travel to a different site with a different storyline.  This week's event was a post apocalyptic tale between a group of "Vault Survivors" coming out of their shelters after the radiation has abided.  They find they have to compete against the "Mutant Raiders”, who survived the atomic holocaust by adapting to their surroundings.  Being that the Nevada desert depicts a wasteland it was an appropriate setting.   

The generals for this event were the infamous Brent "Preacher" Johnson of Evil Inc. commanding the Mutant Raiders and Jason Siever, "Rubber Ducky", leading the Vault Survivors.  This was Jason's first effort in a General position and he was up against the experience leadership of Preacher and his cohorts in Evil.  In addition to Evil Inc there were several other scenario teams such as Bound By Honor, Stonecutters, and a small contingent from the Sin Sity Raiders that attended.  While these teams lent their experience to the respective sides Herbies field and advertisement drew many other regular recreational and tournament players for the weekend event.

At the pregame festivities in addition to the free stuff raffled off to the crowd Pacman explained the rules of engagement to all the players.  He also introduced the Ultimate Judge Bobby Gogolin and explained his function to insure that each side followed the rules.  Mother indicated that the rules were in place to protect everyone but creativity could and would be rewarded.  With that said each side listened to their generals’ introduction and prepared to get their game on.  Myself, and the rest of the Sin Sity Raiders, were placed with the Mutant Raiders.  We picked up our paint and the rest of our equipment and headed to the field.  

Herbies has 14 different fields with a variety of bunkers from tires to corrugated pipes.  In between each field there were dirt berms that extended 4-5 feet in height.  These berms made it difficult to move from field to field without being exposed while crossing over.  The fields ran East and West and for the scenario the field ran North and South with the slope of the land.  Naturally the Mutant Raiders had the bottom and the rest of the scenario would be fought uphill.  Preacher in his first pep talk to the troops mentioned how no one had won from the lower side of the field.  He wanted to change that history.  

As part of the Mutant strategy Preacher divided his troops into thirds.  The first third composed of several of the scenario characters would run missions sent in from Mother.  This third included individuals like Marty “Cable” Jeffers, Brian “Burphel” Vassar and Shawn “Elmo” Imbach.  They were key in accomplishing their assigned missions and collecting props throughout the field.  This became points in our favor.  

The 2nd third of the Mutant Raiders ran base security for Preacher.  This third was mainly composed of the team “Rat Pack” who stayed with Preacher for the full 24 hours.  They not only protected the home base from would be assassins but they helped organize the troop bands and made sure information was passed quickly to the men.

The last portion of the Raiders was the D&D squad of which my team was particularly cut out for.  D&D stood for distract and destroy.  Our objective was to cause Blue to loose out on mission points by attacking all Blue team members wherever and whenever possible.  By causing Jason to divert more troops to his own base security it kept the Vault Survivors from accomplishing their missions and also kept him running from the paint.

Game on came with a loud screech and a flare pop.  My team headed up field towards the Blue base looking for Blue personnel to pop.  We moved mainly unopposed until we arrived at a section of the field where there was a house blocking the path before the Blue base.  At this point our team spread out and trapped the Blue players from moving from their own entry point.  This allowed our team to accomplish several mission unopposed.  

While we trapped Blue in its base Preacher led one mission to meet with the bridge keeper, “Burphel” in a plot from Monty Python.  In this mission, each leader was to answer 3 questions, which if answered correctly would allow their side to pass over the bridge and collect the props beyond.  As Blue was otherwise engaged back at his base Preacher answered his questions and collected his prize.

Just before the dinner break we moved to the tire field to fight one battle for the field.  As our forces were somewhat depleted from containing Blue for most of the day we lacked the numbers that the Vault Survivors had.  Making the most of their opportunity to move freely on the field the Survivors overran the Raiders and won the points for the battle.  As we left the field the Raiders were up on missions accomplished and props obtained.  Blue tried to overcome their disadvantages by purchasing a tank to use but the Raiders tricked them into buying a counterfeit fuel accelerator from Preacher.  Without the fuel source the tank turned into a stationary bunker, which did not help the Survivors as much.  Preacher’s experience in negotiation won the day.

The night play was fast and furious filled with some great flares and special effects from Pacman.  While visibility was reduced, the Survivors were able to complete more missions and gained 2 missions over the Dark Raiders.  Around 2 am the stand down order was given and the players retired for the night.

By 8 am Sunday morning, both teams were back at it with several missions being accomplished on both sides.  Several times the Survivors sent individual bombers out to self detonate their props when they got within range of Dark Raider troops.  One such individual got within 50 feet of the Raider base before he was shot out by base security.  This made for difficult negotiations and communications between both sides as each distrusted the other.  The Survivors ran several helicopter missions in an effort to break out of their base stranglehold.  This allowed them to accomplish some missions but still put them behind with the Final Battle upcoming.

The Final battle required each team to hold a specific bunker within the tire field.  Each team had a regeneration point on either side of the field so they could replenish their team as quickly as they were shot out.  For the first 15 minutes the fighting was mainly long ball shots from behind the berms outside the field.  Suddenly several members of the Raiders team made a quick move to the interior bunkers and even though several were shot out two survived to provide cover fire for other movements.  By the 30-minute mark the marked bunkers were filled with Raider players with one smaller player actually getting inside the tire area.  The Survivors sent wave upon wave of attacking players against the tire bunkers but each were shot out.  As the time expired Preacher himself was leading the defense shooting his marker without paint to distract the Survivors.  Dark Raiders had won.

At the closing ceremonies, the General announced their awards:

 Dark Raiders

 Most Valuable Player Dark Jedi of 214
 Most Valuable Team  Rat Pack
 Sportsmanship  Todd “Snake” Bradford of Rat Pack
 Most Valuable Referee Mike Panel

 Vault Survivors

 Most Valuable Player Pierce Deermony
 Most Valuable Team  Soul Assasins
 Sportsmanship  Holly Yadon
 Most Valuable Referee Jason Two Dogs

Throughout the year MXS had been raising money for the Kayliegh Wilkes Fund for her cancer treatment.  As part of that fund raising Cable and Preacher or Evil Inc.  sold their haircuts to raise $666.66 for Kayliegh.  The Grand Prize went to David Lewis of Reno who received a $2500 gift certificate for paint and free play at Herbies.  The Final scores were Vault Survivors 15 missions accomplished for 347 points and one general kill, Dark Raiders 23 missions accomplished for 466 points, one general kill, and the final battle won.  Raiders win which allowed them to corrupt the last Garden of Eden kit dooming the Vaulties to radiation poisoning.  

Thanks to MXS for a great event, to Herbies for a wonderful field with amenitities that rivaled Hollywood Park or SC Village.  I would like to thank our sponsors Worr Games Products, JT Sports,, and Wayne Dollack Scenarios Games.


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