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Florida Paintball Productions Presents:
A Wayne Dollack 24 Hour Role Playing Scenario Game
 Photo Gallery
by Dawn Mills

The player's party got going with a live band.

Ben Toricelli - the real reson he helps produce games as part of the Florida Paintball Productions team - so he can play in them!

Ben Toricelli introduces a slightly more famous Ben - Ben Tippmann.

"Famous" Ben Tippmann.

Sgt. Splatter (left) talks with a friend while Jabba and Blue catch up on old times.

Guarding the village tower.

"Hey ref, did that break?"

"Woohoo! We came, we played we won prizes!"

"And then we had our picture taken!"

The Evil spectre of death.

The UNCLE command made no bones about their strict base security.

Diane "Mother" McKinnon came out from Texas with Team Blitzkreig to join in the fun.

Team MIB's captain "Snake Eyes" supporting team sponsor, Diggers.

Judge Dredd - note the eagle on his shoulder made from paintball masks.  Isn't that cup meant to go on the inside?

One of the "Rasta Crew" from the costime contest.

"Gome" from the Mayberry Marauders unlocks the UNCLE base security intercom.

"Hey Goob, you been assasinated yet?  No? 
Well our phone must be doing its job."

Evening gown or sinister robe? You be the judge.

Jabba won a Tippmann Model 98.

Michael Meyers tried a new hairstyle for the costume contest.

The Distinguished panel of costume judges.


"Cat" from Team PostMortem as Lara Croft of Tomb Raider fame.

Lindsay DeVane from PMI Southeast draws prize winners from a hat.

Marty Tripes of Scott USA and Tim Schloss of Pursuit Products take a stogie break.

Boo! Scary!

Filling out a medic card to get a player back in the action.

Team MIB in action.

What are the best dressed scenario game players wearing this season? WARPIG t-shirts.

Hanging out at the raffle.

UNCLE General "Goob" with "PacMan" from Blitzkreig.

Bill Mills shooting a Nova 700.

Still shooting.

Around the corner with a VM 68.

That's a ghillie hat, not hippie hair.

The player's tent offered shade and a place to rest.

Into the action.

Assaulting the blue base with a, um, er, muzzle brake.

The game refs - Team VooDoo.

"Goob" picks up a radio message.

The scenario refs from Team SyNRG wore blue.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa blocks Brodie Brockman of USA Performance Products out of the picture.

Marty Tripes as "the ultimate good guy" - Santa Claus, bringing paintball toys to the good girls and boys.

"Gold Dust" the costume contest winner.

Those WARPIG shirts really do look snappy, trust us, we're not biased.

Ben Tippmann throws a WAPRIG t-shirt out to the crowd.

The crowd dives for a WARPIG t-shirt.

One of the evil henchmen from SPECTRE.

Those guys from Air Assault were everywhere!

Chip "noluck" Luck's pyrotechnics included some pretty amazing smoke screens.

Hauling down the field.

"Take that you bad guy!" webmaster, Squeegee always spots the camera.

Taunting the opposition.

Thomas Ghee from Tippmann Pneumatics taking names with his Model 98.

Tim Schloss from Pursuit Products revived a DAC barrel he hadn't used in some time.

Tim uses Bill Mills for cover.

Thomas Ghee providing tech support for a customer with a Tippmann Mini-Lite

(l to r front to back) Dawn Mills, Bill Mills, Pete from Scott, Tim Schloss, Thomas Ghee and Bob from Scott.  Photo by Marc Dollack of Skirmish Whitewater photography.

Same group - photographers switched places.

"Oooga! Booga!"

Wayne Dollack passes the secret staff of the Illuminati to "Mother".

A contest winner.

Brodie Brockman awards a Viper M1 raffle prize.

Not only did this player win a Tippmann Model 98, but he got to shake Ben Tippmann's hand.

The costume contest was fun, but this strange man dressed in black held up this device and we don't remember what happened next.

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