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EMR Paintball


Castle Conquest IX
by Dave - Clifton, NJ

Castle Conquest IX took place this weekend on Saturday April 29th at EMR Paintball in PA. The weather, which wasn't supposed to be the best, turned out to be sunny and in the mid 60's. Another perfect day for paintball, although isn't every day? The Castle was to be defended by Joint Fury, Knightmare Tango, PA Brew Crew and a several of other teams. The attackers would consist off all the other teams and registered players, out numbering the defenders about three to one. The referees would do a fantastic job controlling the action, one of the best jobs I've ever seen. These EMR refs were definitely not afraid to get in the middle of the action. The defenders started by sending out a squad into the village, located in front of the Castle, consisting of Team Knightmare Tango and several members of Joint Fury. This slowed the attackers from making a concentrated assault early on in the game. The attackers attempted to surround the Castle and launched assault after assault breaking into  the Castle on a few occasions only to be thrown back almost immediately. Several of the attackers reached the wall only to be picked off one by one as they crowded up against the outside. Throughout the day the air was full of  paintballs, paint grenades and smoke going in every direction but when it all cleared all the flags in the Castle still flew and the walls were all held. The defenders would go on to set the record as the only team to ever hold the castle for the entire time limit and even more venture out to retake part of the town in front and control some of the heights behind. I think, speaking  for all the players that took part, it was an enjoyable day.

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