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Boxwood Green:
Scenario game players who attended the June 1997 Florida Paintball Productions Without Remorse 24 hour scenario game will remember the name John Clark. In the Tom Clancy novel, John Kelly was a former Navy SEAL in 1968, at a time when the existence of the SEALs and their arsenal was still a well kept secret. The scenario game, which followed the first half of the book traced Kelly after he became his girlfriend was killed by a group of drug dealers who had been distributing heroin smuggled from asia in the coffins of US service men killed in the Vietnam conflict. Turning vigilante, Kelly evaded police while working to bring down the drug traffickers from outside the system.

Boxwood Green followed the second half of the book. On October 3rd and 4th, 1998, Florida Paintball Productions will presented, a Wayne Dollack 24 hour scenario game at Wayne's World in Ocala, FL.

The event was sponsored by Scott, Worr Game Products, Kingman International, USA Performance Products, PMI/R. P. Scherer and J & J Barrels, who all provided products to be given away through door prizes after the game.  Once again, the growing industry support was shown by the generosity of the sponsors.

The game picked up where the first left off. In Washington DC, Admirals Greer and Pudulski reviewed a surveillance photograph of Colonel robin Zacharias in a POW camp that supposedly did not exist. To repatriate the POWs they needed the best, and they called upon John Kelly.

The US forces had to face The People's Army of North Viet Nam, led by their general, Chester Bombriand.  Also on the field were KGB agents.  The attempt to rescue Colonel Zacharias was made by a "Black Ops" group of Navy Seals and recruits from the CIA.

At the orientation speech, there were the usual safety and rule briefings.  Chip "noluck" Luck, the field pyrotechnician explained about the charges that would be providing added surprises.  "Gizmo" was introduced with a large briefcase.  He opened the case to revial the diabolical device inside.  It was a time bomb.  Once it was placed and the countdown started, a team would either need to bribe Gizmo to defuse it, or they attempted themselves.  Disconnecting the right wire would defuse the bomb.  Disconnecting the wrong wire however....  Attached to the outside of the case was a steel tube with a grating on each end.  Inside, a small "flash" charge, which made quite a band when the bomb was detonated, but was harmlessly contained in it's cage.

There were a few new features that made their debut during this game.  Out on the field, a helicopter at the landing strip on the south end, and a missile base, complete with missile nosing up out of the silo added to the many buildings and props already on the Wayne's World field.  In the staging area, yet another medium was unveiled for WARPIG.  The WARPIG-TO-GO touch screen information center provided an interactive field map where players could select key map locations to hear breifings about their importance in the game, and to see photographs of those points.

A full moon provided quite a bit of night action.  In an interesting ploy, a group of Americans tried to trail behind a helicopter to the NVA base.  The way helicopters work in a Dollack game is pretty simple.   A helicopter pilot has a rope, and a flag.  Each helicopter can hold a maximum number of players (usually 6-8).  Players holding onto the rope, are considered to be inside the helicopter, and can not be eliminated when it is flying. The players on board may not fire at targets "on the ground" either.  The only thing to take the helicopter out of the game would be an SRP LAW with the apropriate surface to air missile card handed to a referee before it is fired.  Unfortunately the American plan did not work.  Team Air Assault had their full force out defending the NVA base, along with at least a dozen other players.  As the line of nearly 30 Americans tried to walk nonchalantly past them, paint errupted in all directions, and the NVA base was secure.

Sunday morning things would not go as well for the NVA.  The American troops massed a giant assault, completely overrunning the NVA command post, tossing in smoke grenades while running up and over the walls.

Danny, the American General said that it "was a hardcore game.  The sportsmanship was excellent."  He went on to say that "The game depends so much on the individuals playing.  I admire a team that goes out and plays fair more than a team that wins everything without playing fair.  What does that show?"

Team NRG, who has become synonymous with scenario games at Wayne's World this season once again provided referee support.

Chester Bombriant, the NVA general was ribbed that NVA stood for Not Very Agressive.  After taking a beating in a previous game, he played with extreme caution and tight security, only being eliminated by a secret agent.  Chester chose not to revive his "boston prostitute" character which brought him the trophy in the original Without Remorse game's costume contest.

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