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Table of Contents

Well, as it says above, I am new to this wonderful sport of PAINTBALL. In fact, I've only played ONCE. But I still recall the time I planned to go paintballing for my first time. I wanted to go during the beginning of March, but never went until early April. But I just didn't sit and wait, I went out on the WEB to do some research. The problem was, they all said the SAME thing. I decided to make this, so anyone interested in playing for the 1rst time would know what to expect. I have some answers to many of the questions that just aren't explained to full detail, or are not answered at all.


Question #1.......DOES GETTING SHOT HURT?

Well, NO. STORY: When I played my first game ever, I was one of the people who had to stay back and guard the flag with another person I didn't know. (It rainded the WHOLE day, and the highest temp was 40 degrees.) I was back there, just wanting to fire because I never fired one before. Then I heard shots fired. Sounded pretty wierd. Like a POPPING noise. I just wanted to fire one shot, but it would give away where I was hiding. (Teams were 5 on 5) Then, up on the hill, I saw the enemy approaching. I popped up and autotriggered the Trracer (pump) I rented.

**autotriggering is holding down the trigger and every time you pump, it fires (this gives you a higher rate of fire, but you loose ACCURACY and SPEED.)

Boy, my aim wasn't that hot. I then had my sight locked on that approaching enemy, until I remembered what someone from #PAINTBALL told me: NEVER GET TUNNEL VISIONED.

**getting tunnel visioned means that you are only concentrating on that certain person or area, not paying attention to anyone else.

I looked to the right, and saw another in an open area. I fired at him, but went back down, because that guy to the left was firing at me. I the aimed at the guy on the left, and just when I was about to fire at him, the guy from the right fired at me, finding its mark about 1 inch above my mask. I didn't actually feel pain, but I did fell it. It's sort of like the feeling when you bump into a table w/ your knee. I stood up, and called myself out, even though it might not have been broken on me. END OF STORY

So actually, it won't hurt, because you're not really expecting it, and before you find out what happened, the sting is gone. After getting hit once or twice, the fear is gone. Also, if you've got your adrenalin pumpin up, there ain't no way you're going to feel that shot. You're just SO PUMPED UP, that you just loose feeling in your body.

Question #2.........How much does it cost to play?

Well, at most fields in the US, you pay an entrance fee. At the place I play (if you want to know, look up SUDDEN IMPACT in Webcrawler, and click on SUDDEN IMPACT, INC. Though there's nothing special there.) it costs $20 for admission (which is always a full day, unless you want to leave earlier), a pump gun (Trracer), 100 round hopper, a barrel plug, 100 rounds of paint, and free CO2 refills. (you get 7 oz tanks w/ the gun, that will fire about 400 shots before needing a refill.) I ended up $60 total. But, you might spend more or less depending on how much paint you use (which also depends on how large the teams are) (we had teams of 20 on 20 later on that day.). If you use a lot, like I did (the paint there costed $6 for 100 rounds), you'll spend a lot, and the lees you shoot, the less you pay.

***a hopper is that black container above the gun that hold all of those paintballs

Question #3...........What are some of the STUPIDEST things I could do on the the field?

Question #4...........What are some of the SMARTEST things I could do on the field?

  • 1......Filling up your hopper till it's full before starting another game.
  • 2......Communicating w/ your team.
  • 3......Using your ammo only when you need to.
  • 4......Check to make sure you're out before leaving the field (maybe the ball(s) didn't break.
  • 5......Being aggressive.
  • 6......Making sure that your speed is closer to 280 fps (feet per second) rather than 150 fps.
  • 7......Help eachother out.
  • 8......Don't be a wiper!!
**A WIPER is a person who was shot, marked out, but wipes off the paint so he/she can continue to play in the game! THAT'S CHEATING!!!!!

  • 9......Don't be one of those people who are marked out, but stand out by the sidelines and tell their teammates the location of the other team.
  • 10.....Don't be STUPID!!!

Question #5.............What are some of the WORST things that could happen to me?

  • 1......Getting shot right where it counts..
  • 2......Getting hit in the ear
  • 3......Getting hit in the neck
  • 4......Getting hit on any part of your hand
  • 5......Getting hit on your gun. (CHEAP SHOT!!)
  • 6......Getting hit by friendly fire! (Even worse if they did it on purpose!!)
  • 7......Falling down while running
  • 8......Running out of ammo
  • 9......Ball breaking in your HOPPER
  • 10.....Ball breaking in your barrel

** Note: Getting hit on places like the hand ear, or other soft parts of the body isn't a problem if you are well protected (wear a cup, goggles with a full mask, and gloves).

Question #6.............How do the people that play there act towards newcomers?

Well, when I went for my first time, the people there were VERY friendly. A group of 8 came up to my friend and I to shake and and introduce themselves. That was their 2nd time playing, so they were beginners also. I asked what it's like to play, and he said that it's the craziest thing ever. He said that playing paintball is the BEST thing he had ever done! Everyone there is friendly, and welcome newcomers. There wasn't any conflicts between people any of the people playing there, so we were all like friends out there, even though you don't even know them. At the place where I played, the refs were all about the age of 25 or less. But, don't worry, they are all nice.

Question #7.............What do I do when I get there?

Well, what I did first was pay my $20 for the equipment and admission. It was raining out, and I didn't see many people there. About 15 minutes later, the group of 8 that I was talking about came, and we talked with them for a while. Now we had enough people to play teams of 5 on 5. (That's when I was hit in the head) We all when to a little roofed area and had a meeting and go over the rules and firing the gun. After that, we were off.

Question #8.............Is the cost of playing paintball for a day worth it?

ABSOLUTELY!! After playing, even if you were out w/in 5 minutes, you'll still say that was the best time you have EVER had (unless you skydived before) Just the THRILL of playing and dodging enemy fire. I like the noise of the paintballs hitting the wood barrier that I was behind. It was a cool sound. Playing paintball is an expeirence that you'll NEVER forget!!

Question #9.............Do you have to be physically fit or something like that to play?

NO WAY! But, it wouldn't hurt being faster. On my team was this guy who had to weigh close to 400 pounds! But let me tell you, he was one of the best people there. It takes a lot more precision and thinking instead of running and diving. (But, this also depends on how big the teams are, or how big the field is. If you are playing 5 on 5, hiding and running alot is required in large to medium sized field. If teams are like 20 on 20, then there's no reason to hide, because no matter where you go, at least one person will spot you; unless the field you play on is large.) So even though you're not in top notch condition, you'll still have a great time.

Question #10.............Can you go by yourself, or do you have to bring a group along?

SURE! You can go by yourself (even though taking some friends along would be better, so you'll know someone there, and someone to talk to.) At the place me and my friend went to, we just all met in the little roofed picnic area. And from there, we picked teams. Later on, a group of 30 came out, and the refs just got 15 red and 15 blue ribbons, and let each person take one. The color you got was whose team you were on. So you don't have to worry about sitting out because no one will take you, because once you arrive, you are just placed on a team.

Question #11..............What are some paintball terms?

Well, here are a few:

QUESTION #12..........I'm VERY interested in conintuing playing PAINTBALL, but what type of gun and equipment should I buy?

As you see an MANY web pages, they say the first thing you should buy isn't a gun, but a full mask. Not just goggles, but a mask that protects your WHOLE face. In purchasing a mask, I'd consider getting a THERMAL mask. A thermal mask has 2 lenses instead of 1 that you rent from a field. Between these 2 lenses is air, which makes it anti-fog, or close enough. That's one of the biggest problems I had when I used their masks. It was rainging, which made it worse, but about ever 5 minutes (!!!) my goggles were fogged up, and since you can't just take it off and clean them on the field, I had to shove my hand in front of my eyes between me and the mask to wipe it off. (NOT FUN!!!) Thermal cost about $60 while regular ones cost about $30 to $40. But believe me, you'll be better off with thermals.

Now for the guns. First of all, I have one thing that I suggest that you DON'T do. And that it: DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM U.S. CALVARY!! By talking to players that owned guns from there, or seen them, they say that U.S. CALVARY has the WORST guns selling. I'd suggest going for a used PUMP gun, so if later on you decide that you don't like the sport (I doubt that, but anyway..) I won't be a TOTAL loss. I would ask around and see if you can get a package that includes a SQUEEGIE, BARREL PLUG, GUN, 7 oz or better CO2 TANK, and at LEAST a 100 ROUND HOPPER. If the goggles that come with are good, then take them. There are MANY types of guns out there, but from what I heard, a BEGINNER should try purchasing a TIPPMAN, STERLING, PHANOM, or a TRRACER (the most beginner friendly gun out!) There are MANY other guns, so don't take my word for it, do some research, and see what's in your price range. You can post ads about wanting to buy a gun at the 2 newsgroups that I put in the beginning, or AIR AMERICA FOR SALE PAGES, or WARPIG classified ads. There are many other places, but these 4 places are where you're most likely to get the MOST responses! Also, get a gun that has parts that you can buy at stores just in case you break something.

QUESTION #13..............What should I wear?

Well, camo is nice, but not necessary. Remember, camo helps you the most when you're not moving. So, unless you're planning on camping out behind a bush, it's not really mandatory to have some. (I would recommend it though) Camo would be good to wear, so you don't the impact of a paintball on you won't be as bad. Aslo, I'd recommend wearing gloves, just in case you get shot in the hand, or you're going through thorns. Also, wear BAD clothes and shoes w/ ANKLE support. You don't want to twist something do you?

Question #14.............What types of games do you play, and what are the rules?

There are MANY games that you can play, but the 3 MAIN ones are CAPTURE THE FLAG, CENTER FLAG, COMBAT (SPEEDBALL).

In CAPTURE THE FLAG, there are 2 teams and 2 flags. The object is to get the other team's flag (which isn't open, but on a post) and bring it back to your own flag. Do this, and you win the game! Games are between 15 and 20 minutes.

In CENTER FLAG, there is only 1 flag, that is placed in the CENTER of the field. The 2 teams have to battle for it, and after getting it, you have to bring it to your OPPOSING team's startoff point (NOT YOUR OWN!!)

In COMBAT (also known as SPEEDBALL) there are two teams (usually 5 on 5) and the object is to eliminate ALL the players on the other team. Do this and your team wins!! This is done in a regular field, for bigger teams, or a SPEEDBALL field (the size of the field where I play was 180 x 360 ft). The rules are the same, but the action never stops since there is so little room.

Question #15.............What does playing paintball feel like?

I've done MANY, MANY fun and exciting things, but believe me, PAINTBALL is the BEST! It beats CAMPING, HIKING, BB-GUN WARS, and whatever else is fun to do. It is just SOOO FUN!!!!! It's so crazy and it makes your adrenalin sky-rocket! While playing in big teams, try running across the field (not towards you enemy, but to the other side parallel to your line front.) It gives you even more of a rush, because you see paint wizzing by you and them splattering on trees by you!! After playing, believe me, you're HOOKED!! There's no way you couldn't be! Even if you aren't that good, you find the NEED to come back and play.

LAST Question #16............I like to read stories about playing. Could you tell me a few about some good/bad situations you've been in?

Well, let me remember..........ahhh, I've got a few.

THE END.........

If you have ANY question at at that I didn't cover, please e-mail me at


Remember, I'm only a beginner, so if you find something wrong in the file, please write to tell me! If you have any tips, comments, or complaints, please e-mail me. I'll gladly fix the problem, or add whatever needs to be added in here.

Remember, everyone was a BEGINNER once, so give US a chance. It takes time... Have FUN and GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!


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