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Pictures and commentary on what was new at the

1997 Zap International Amateur Open

Rocky Grizmore

Click on the thumbnails for full size pictures
See the Tournament Section for Zap 97 Team Rankings
The front entrance to 3-Rivers Paintball, home of the Zap International Amateur Open. The vendor's tent is visible in the background.
Bad Dream - my team (I'm on the right)

our scores (div. e - novice)

Sportsmanship Award - woohoo! :)
As in past years, Air America provided the High Pressure Air fills for both 3000 and 4500 psi systems
Rather than using compressors as in the past, Air America now uses their Genesis booster pumps to take lower pressure gas from a bank, like the pictured trailer and boost it to the needed pressure
Allen Paintball Products showed their new Magnum pack/pod units as well as the rest of their line.
Bob Long excelling at his public relations skills. He went one on one with Ryan Aeschliman of our team after the big game on Friday. Ryan is 12 years old and shoots a 'ray. Ryan won and was gloating about it in the 2nd pic. (Bob even made it look like he was trying to win too...<wink, wink>.....)
The new leader mask affectionately known as the tie fighter pilot helmet. I was actually impressed with it.
Note, for more information see the article about Brass Eagle's 1997 product line unveiling in February of 1997 under News in the News/Commentary section.

Also, the new Brass Eagle electronic gun called the rainmaker.
Check out the typhoon with the real tree finish. Glenn Palmer said its a new film application process. Dan Bonebrake of phantom force did something similar to a TS1. Its done by Viewloader but not perfected yet. Note the custom 'cocker, that's also from Palmer's.
In the first picture, the small kid in the very front of the bunker/spool is Ryan again. The undisputed king of the speedball arena. Everyone kept saying he was going to get creamed when they saw a 12 year old with a stingray.
No one volunteered to pair up with him. No one could hit him either, hehe. He came home with a boatload of prizes; I love it when an underdog creams the guys with the $1200 auto-bazookas, etc. When he was finally eliminated, the *ENTIRE* audience stood up and booed loudly.
We all joked later that the reason they couldn't hit him was because they couldn't see him behind any of the spools because of his height. lol
Tagline's Booth and an experimental short bodied version of the TS1 done by Paul Sedler of Tagline. The VL mod for the clip is AWESOME! Available now until the Magnum Loader arrives this spring.
AWESOME piece of hardware (of course I'm biased). Few bugs...not all of the sensors in place but the first working close-to-final prototype works great anyhow.
Will have smoother body when done.
Players Party on Friday night where Keely Watson was crowned Ms. Zap Paintball International 1997.
Kingman's Target shoot range next to the speedball court. (up to 150ft)
Kingman International, manufacturer of the Spyder and Hammer paintguns, ACI manufacturer of numerous paintgun accessories and the new F4 Illustrator, and Tracerball glow in the dark paintballs from RCI.
Tagline/ATS and Exotic Sports
Combat Vision and Airgun Designs.
Bad Boyz Toyz, DYE, Unique
Smart Parts (very impressive!!!!)

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