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WPF & Raven produce the WPF Referee Corps

NASHVILLE, TN: May 14, 2001: The World Paintball Federation announced today that they have joined forces with Raven U.S.A. to produce
paintball's most progressive development program and referees'
association. The WPF Referee Corps represents the culmination of 16
years of generating and refining referee rules, regulations, and
techniques for the sport of paintball. This comprehensive system is
based on officiating programs in other professional sports, and sets
a new standard for expertise in both tournament and recreational
paintball officiating.

As paintball continues to increase in popularity and perpetuate
mainstream recognition as a safe and viable extreme sport, the World
Paintball Federation and Raven U.S.A. have taken the initiative in
setting a new model of safety, professionalism, and sportsmanship for
paintball. The objective of this multi-level program is to recruit,
educate, and train a large population of highly-skilled referees in
the new WPF format so that any field operator or tournament producer
has at his or disposal, the very best persons available, and to
ensure that these high standards of professionalism are maintained
throughout the sport.

Emphasizing safety, strict adherence to the rules of the game,
fairness, and customer service, the WPF Referee Corps was designed to
prepare referees for any paintball event, whether it is a tournament,
a big game, a scenario game, or just recreational play. Additionally,
this system allows for graduates of basic levels to progress into
more advanced levels of training. Similar to other professional
courses, applicants will be required to pass extensive classroom
instruction and testing before receiving field training. Once the
instruction phase of this course is completed, the graduates must
then work for credit points before receiving their diplomas.

To implement this program, the WPF has established a schedule of
classes, open to any applicant and distributed across the U.S.A. and
Canada. Some classes will be taught in conjunction with the WPF/ZAP
Tour events while other independent classes will be scheduled upon
request by clients such as field operators, tournament producers, or
to meet the demands of a particular region or league. Finally, the
WPF has begun establishing Official Training Centers. These are
primary field operations, selected by the WPF to host and teach this
program because they best exemplify the WPF ideals of safety and
professionalism. These centers will independently schedule their own
classes, as well as teach the program to their applicants. However,
the Training Center instructors are trained directly by the WPF.

As part of the overall training and support system, the WPF Referee
Corps will offer a line of referee products to it's graduates that
includes standardized uniforms, protective gear, and other
accessories. Manufactured and distributed by Raven U.S.A., these
products will bear the distinctive WPF logo while also featuring the
Raven style that has become so popular.

Upon receiving their diplomas, graduates will be members of an
exclusive community, a corps, consisting of fellow referees that,
like themselves, have made the grade to become one of the elite and
truly professional referees in the sport of paintball. With the
demand from teams for more qualified referees continuing to increase
with every season, tournament producers and directors are under more
pressure than ever to field the most qualified persons available to
officiate their events. The WPF Referee Corps has been designed to
meet these needs. 

For more information about the WPF Referee Corps, contact the WPF at
615.383.6533 or go online to


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