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Diablo Direct

Toxic Performance


Diablo Direct to Distribute Toxic Performance

Diablo Direct Paintball Business Supply recently purchased Toxic Performance, a small manufacturer of paintball accessories and aftermarket parts.  This is a move that will allow Diablo Direct to be more flexible to their customers by being able to manufacture exactly what they want, instead of waiting for another company to produce an item so they can get it to the consumer.  It is also very good for Toxic Performance, because it will allow their employees to focus on the design and manufacturing process and not on sales and distribution end of things.  

The Toxic Performance staff have moved into the newly opened Diablo Direct offices in New York and have started work getting integrated with Diablo’s organization.  “I went down to World Cup and met most of the Diablo staff, they all seemed to be into our products and were pretty excited about working with Toxic Performance in general” said Toxic head Dave Rotunda.  He also added “I’ve always been impressed by the way Diablo presents itself and by their dedication to the sport of paintball in general, so it’s tough for me to express how happy I’m am to be part of their company now.”  

Toxic Performance has been producing accessories and apparel for paintball for the past year, making such items as drop forwards, double triggers, and harnesses.  Their most recent product, the Toxic Impulse was received very well at this years World Cup event in Orlando, FL, and has in fact sold out in stores in less than five days.  This was Toxic’s first real attempt at creating a custom gun from the ground up, and until now they had concentrated solely on manufacturing aftermarket parts for paintball markers.  

Toxic Performance’s designers believed in the Impulse so much that they wanted to put their put their mark on a few of them. “ The Impulse’s design and popularity both make it an obvious choice for us to want to work on them,” said Toxic’s Dave Rotunda.  He adds, “We all love the way they shoot, and how easy they are to work on, but we knew that it wouldn’t be too hard to make them a bit nicer looking.”  Toxic expressed interest in doing a custom gun to Smart Parts and they received wholehearted support from them, so much so that Smart Parts would be willing to produce the Impulses they designed for Toxic.  This allows for the best of both worlds for the customer, a custom Impulse with all of the latest upgrades, with a full factory warrantee and the knowledge that the work is being done by people who know the markers better than anyone on the planet.

The Toxic Impulse has all of the milling features that a player could ask for, sweeping curves, exciting angles and of course weight reduction. Toxic’s only goal wasn’t appearance though, performance and usability were the top priority, and so they added their own completely adjustable trigger, along with a vertical mounted Max Flow regulator.  Another feature on the Toxic Impulse is the use of the Freak Factory bolt, the best main bolt on the market for the Impulse, it allows for greater airflow, and efficiency, along with a shorter overall length. The Toxic Impulse features the new style 14 inch All American barrel, which has a removable front section which can be interchanged with any Freak barrel front, this barrel is much better than the stock Teardrop barrel that come with standard Impulses.  All of these features added together with the fact that it is one of the nicest looking markers released this year make the Toxic Impulse a package well worth checking out.

Another new product line for Toxic is apparel, including items such as gloves and pants, both of which have been designed for comfort, durability and appearance.  All of Toxic Performance’s products should be filtering into the Diablo Direct warehouses before the end of the year, and should be available to retail outlets very soon.  For more information about Toxic Performance or Diablo Direct products please contact your local Diablo retailer or check out or 


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