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Zap Skyball 2001 Success

Rapid Fire Red wins Amateur Competition
Jesters win Novice Competition
Chaos Blue wins Rookie Competition

TORONTO, ON, March 15, 2001: ZAP SkyBall 2001 ended Saturday, March 10th with a deluge of praises and thanks from players, spectators, and
staff to ZAP Paintball and W.P.F. Comments like "The best SkyBall ever",
"Great paint, an amazing venue, fantastic prize packages, outstanding refs,
and totally professional management" rang throughout that evening's player's bash. Post-event feedback also indicates a very high degree of satisfaction
from participants, with comments like "Thanks again for the best tournament
I have ever been to. ZAP and WPF have built a strong reputation in the eyes
of our team" and "SkyBall 2001, as far as I'm concerned, it was a major
success! You guys did a terrific job in organizing the event, and we are
extremely excited. We look forward to SkyBall 2002."

Attracting almost 2000 spectators from the U.S.A. and Canada, one
hundred ninety-three 5-player teams descended on Toronto's SkyDome to compete in 3 classes for cash and prizes valued at more than $100,000 USD. Rapid Fire Red from New Jersey took the Amateur Class competition by outscoring 2nd place team Scorpions Black, while Jesters from New Hampshire won the Novice Class competition and Chaos Blue from Michigan won the Rookie Class competition. SkyBall 2001's most coveted prize, The ZAP Sportsmanship Award, was presented in all three classes as well.  Northern Force from Ontario received the sportsmanship award in the Amateur Class, while Riptide from Michigan received the Novice Class sportsmanship award, and The Entrust Cyclones from Ontario received the Rookie Class sportsmanship award. The ZAP Sportsmanship Award is awarded to the team or teams that best exemplify ZAP Paintball's ideals of good sportsmanship and fair play. Because the winners are elected by the SkyBall staff, referees, and players, and with a purse that rivals even the 1st place prize packages, these awards have come to be the most coveted of all.

For their efforts and success, Rapid Fire Red took home $7500 cash
USD, a custom ZAP SkyBall Team Trailer, team jerseys from National Paintball Supply North America, one of this year's major supporting sponsors, free entry into any W.P.F. regional tournament on the 2001 WPF/ZAP Tour, and free entry into ZAP SkyBall 2002. Jesters also walked away with a custom ZAP SkyBall Team Trailer, 5 W.D.P. Angels, 5 W.D.P. Air Systems, J & J Performance Full Tilt barrels, Redz Comfort Pacs, Airgun Designs Warp Feeds, gift certificates from Scott U.S.A., team jerseys from National Paintball Supply North America, as well as free entry into a W.P.F. regional tournament and SkyBall 2002. Chaos Blue received 5 Worr Game Products STO Autocockers, a gift certificate from Sandridge Paintball Products for airsmith services, Airgun Designs Warp Feeds, Redz Comfort Pacs, Paintball Planet Gear Bags, Air America Guardian Regulators, and free entry into both a W.P.F. regional tournament and SkyBall 2002.

As recipients of the sportsmanship awards, Northern Force received 5
W.D.P. Angels, 60 cases of ZAP Performance Plus Tournament Paintballs, ZAP team jerseys, gift certificates from A.C.I. Sports, National Paintball
Supply North America team jerseys, and free entry into Brimstone
Entertainments "Ultimate Madness". Riptide received 5 Indian Creek Design
Bushmasters, 60 cases of ZAP Performance Plus paintballs, ZAP team jerseys, gift certificates from A.C.I. Sports, National Paintball Supply team
jerseys, as well as free entry into "Ultimate Madness", and The Entrust Cyclones took home 5 Smart Parts Impulse Markers, 60 cases of ZAP Performance Plus paintballs and ZAP team jerseys, National Paintball Supply North America team jerseys, and free entry into "Ultimate Madness." Every player received complimentary barrel plugs from Allen Paintball Products.

This year's SkyBall offered a fantastic trade show with over 30 major vendors present, including Winchester Paintball, Kingman International, and Tippmann Pneumatics.  As well, there was a Paintball Midway featuring the Winchester Paintball Marksmanship Competition and Wasaga Beach Paintball Fast Shoot and Target Shoot competitions sponsored by The Jack Frost Mountain and Big Boulder Company. Rich Goodspeed and Aaron Bell won the Marksmanship competition, Steve Turco turned in the fastest time to win the
Fast Shoot competition, and Nathan Moody won the Target Shoot competition..

To top it all off, W.P.F. Ultimate Referee Bill Bryant led the finest staff
of referees ever developed for a major paintball competition through this
2-day marathon. Each were interviewed and hand-picked before the tournament for their experience and dedication. From more than 80 Canadian and American referees on hand, a record 10 were singled-out in the awards ceremony for their exemplary performance. "These men and women far exceeded our expectations in both dedication and performance," states Jim Lively, president of the W.P.F. "From everyone with the W.P.F. and ZAP
Paintball, I would like to thank Bill and his staff of the best referees in the
world for a job well done."

"Zap Paintball was extremely pleased with its decision to bring W.P.F.'s
experience to Skyball.  Their professional management was instrumental in
delivering a world-class event," says Alan Masson, director of Sales &
Marketing at Zap Paintball.  "Zap Paintball would like to take this opportunity to thank Jim Lively and his organization for their tremendous efforts."

For more details and results of SkyBall 2001, contact Zap Paintball at
1.800.265.6555 or the World Paintball Federation at 615.383.6533, or
go online to  See the following attachments for a complete list of vendors and teams for this year's event.

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