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NWTS Announces Diablo Paintballs & Diablo Direct International as Circuit Sponsor

       "2001 looks to be a year filled with choices for teams in the NW. This has forced the local tournaments to present a higher quality series to the teams," says Dan Bonebrake, Partner/Diablo Direct West. 
       "That is ultimately why we chose to fully support the NWTS. Respected players and successful business owners have created this series. A quick look at what they have accomplished in and out of the paintball industry shows a solid track record for success built on the principles of honesty and      integrity. Sounds like a win win for everyone involved in paintball in the Northwest to me." 
       The NWTS is extremely excited with our new partnership with Diablo that allows us to be an exclusive Diablo series by providing our customers what we believe are the best paintballs in the world today. 
       Our pricing for three different varieties of Diablo Paintballs are among the lowest prices offered at tournaments in the Northwest. 

       Paintball Prices at all NWTS events for the 2001 Season: 
       Blaze: $70 per case. 
       Inferno: $75 per case. 
       Hellfire: $85 per case. 

       In addition to Diablo and, the NWTS has secured sponsorships from the following companies: Game on Gear, the Pan Am Circuit, Redz, Dynaflow, Custom Products, Bonebrake Pro Series, Planet Paintball, V Force, Matrix and Coca Cola/Powerade. 
       With the addition of these sponsors, we are now able to announce our minimum prize packages at least one week before each and every event. 

Prize Packages for the NWTS at Paradise Paintball on February 3rd: 
       1st Place: Free Entry to a future NWTS Tournament (good for one-year after issue including championships) 
       5 - Case of Diablo Blaze 
       5 - CP Barrels (Angel and Autococker assortment) 
       5 - V-Force Shields (Goggle System) 
       1 - Case of Pods 
       5 - NWTS 1st Place Shirts 
       5 - 1st Place Plaques 
       1 - Trophy 

       2nd Place: 
       5 - Redz or Planet Packs 
       5 - Diablo Jerseys 
       5 - Warped Macroline Kits 
       5 - Game on Gear Shirts 
       1 - Trophy 

       3rd Place 
       5 - V-Force Shields (Goggle System) 
       1 - Case of Pods 
       5 - Diablo Hats 
       5 - Diablo Shirts 
       1 - Trophy 
      (The above prize packages are for both the Rookie and Novice divisions.) 

       Additionally, the NWTS will have a prize raffle at the end of each tournament allowing all participants the chance to take home something for their efforts. 

       Additional Date Added to the Schedule 
       We have scheduled a new date-Saturday, May 19th at Weekend Warriors in Marquam, OR. This date is subject to change (with proper notice) because the NPPL has still not scheduled all of their dates. 
       We have it on good authority that this weekend is not being considered for an NPPL event, but that doesn't mean they won't change their minds. We will let each and every one of you know for sure as soon as we do. 

       Amateur Division 
       An Amateur division will be provided if there are enough Amateur teams (8) pre-registered by the event deadline. Amateur division prize packages will be decided when and if there are enough Amateur teams pre-registered. If there isn't an Amateur division, Amateur teams will be allowed to play in the 
       Novice division for no points, placing or prizes. The NWTS will waive the team entry for Amateur teams playing in the Novice division, but they will still be required to buy event paint and air.  Amateur teams will not be required to show Pan Am ID in the NWTS when there is no Amateur division.
We may grant some leeway for ID cards in an Amateur division, since the only disqualification is having 2, current, professionals on the roster. We'll provide more detail on the web site as we decide our course of action. 

       Pan Am Identification Cards 
       If you haven't sent away for your Pan Am ID yet, do so ASAP. You can download the form at the NWTS web site: You will be able to purchase a temporary ID at the event, but it is $25 (instead of $15) and only good for that event. Then you still need to send it in with a picture to get a permanent ID. Don't delay, get yours now! 

       Other NWTS features: 
       * Our entry fee prices are the lowest in the region for 5-man events-still $100! 
       * The NWTS is a Pan Am affiliated tournament series. Participation points for the Pan Am Series (up to 75) are earned by participating in select NWTS events (more to follow). 
       * At every event, the NWTS will have dedicated photographers and video personnel that will capture the experience of the tournament. The pictures will be published on various web sites and in major paintball magazine publications. Videos will be sold at future NWTS events, and a cumulative video will be sold at the end of the year with all of the previous event's footage. 
       * If you know of players and/or teams that are interested in the NWTS, but do not have internet access, let us know so we can contact them by phone. We don't want anyone to miss out on what will be a tremendous tournament experience! 
       * If you haven't been by the web site for awhile, make sure you visit it soon at 
       * We've added an Online Registration Form for your convenience and are updating the site with new information every week. 
       * We've also set up a voice mailbox for you to contact us, if you prefer that method. The number is 253.905.0656. Feel free to give this number to anyone who needs it and make sure you leave your phone number, with area code, when you leave a message. 
       * Team Ravage's 10-Man Amateur B Team, who will not be playing in this series, will provide consistent and unbiased reffing. 
       * Ed Woodd from Paradise Paintball will be providing 4500 psi compressed air fills all day long for $10 per person. 
       * The NWTS schedule is as follows: 

       Paradise Paintball (Port Orchard, WA) - Saturday, February 3 
       TriCities Paintball (Richland, WA) - Saturday, April 14 
       Weekend Warriors (Marquam, OR)- Saturday, May 19 
       TBA - June (waiting for NPPL dates) 
       TBA - August (waiting for NPPL dates) 
       Operation Paintball (Graham, WA) (Championships) - Sat., October 6 

       For more information regarding the NWTS or to register for an event, please feel free to contact us through our website at 

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