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Redz Comfort Gear Press Release


RE: Press Release
 a) The Redz Comfort “System”
 b) New Retail Packaging

Redz Comfort Gear is happy to announce what we feel is a quantum leap in pack technology.  Not only are Redz Comfort Packs the most comfortable on the market, they are now the most versatile.

Redz Comfort Gear has gone MODULAR! The popular Redz pack now comes in a PATENT PENDING “System” consisting of 3 parts that are each sold separately.  The first part is the “Pack” itself.  It is available in 21 different configurations to suit just about any players needs.  The second part is the Elastic Support Belt.  The Comfort Belts are available in 3 waist sizes.  Small (26-34), Medium (35-45), and Large (46-55).  They have, of course, retained the superior comfort factor.  The third and final part is the universal Elastic Shoulder Straps that are removable and are able to fit on any pack configuration. You will literally forget these are on!  The price for the whole system has not changed from when it came as a complete unit.  Which is nice!

The advantages of this System are outstanding for the Customer and the retailer. The consumer now has the ability to own multiple pack systems without spending the full retail amount for multiple packs.  A player can switch his/her pack by easily removing the belt from a small pack for speedball to a larger pack or remote system for longer or “Big Games”.  The shoulder straps can easily be removed from the lighter packs and reinstalled for the heavier or remote system if necessary.  If the player out grows his/her belt, they won t have to buy the whole system over again. They just buy the belt and attach it to his/her favorite Redz Pack.  Redz will also be available in colors in the near future, so the consumer can switch from camo to a bright color in seconds.

For the Retailer, Redz Comfort Pack “System” is an inventory dream.  Not only is the System dressed up in exciting and bright retail packaging, the System is easy to stock.  Retailers can stock the packs that they want and an amount of each size belts they are comfortable with.  If the retailer gets low on a particular pack they can restock it at a lower cost because the belts are sold separately. The same goes for low stock in the belts and the shoulder straps.  Retailers can remain flexible in how much inventory they need to carry.  Keeping the customer happy is the most important thing and Redz Comfort System will help you make the sale.

The System has gone through heavy testing in competitions over the last 10-12 months.  “Red”, himself, has been using one that had been disguised as to not cause a frenzy of excitement amongst the players. Redz has increased the ruggedness and durability of the packs, belts, and shoulder straps and continues to stand by the policy of “If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it”.  The design is simple and installing or changing the pack is a breeze.  You gotta love Velcro!  This is a Patent Pending design, so don’t look for this idea to show up anywhere else but at Redz.  No one knows Comfort like we do!

Prices for the new System as well as the rest of Redz products are just about the same as before.  Customers new and old should call soon for info.  Please check our web site for updates on all Redz Comfort Gear.

Redz Comfort Gear can be reached @ 1-609-456-2600 or on the web

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